Automate Decision-Making In Your Business With Business Rules Engine

Rahul Roy
March 22, 2023
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September 19, 2023
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Maximize Efficiency and Consistency: How a Business Rules Engine Can Streamline Your Decision-Making Process
Create Step-by-Step Guides in Seconds


For a business, a lot depends on its daily decisions. While some decisions are made occasionally, most must be made daily, to the point where some are repetitive. Automated decision-making options are a boon in such cases because your tools would know what decision to make during certain predetermined situations. Hence, you save time, effort, and money.

With that in mind, we will introduce you to Business Rules Engine or BRE today. We will discuss how it can help automate your company's decision-making processes and increase productivity.

Later, we will introduce an easy-to-use tool, Scribe, a process documentation software to record complicated processes and save time easily. 

About the Business Rules Engine 

Business Rules Engine or BRE is software that allows you to automate decisions in your company that can range from monotonous and repeated ones to ones that may change depending on various predetermined factors. 

The core purpose of BRE is to automate decisions that can be made without human intervention and avoid any business bottleneck. BRE offers you to teach both simple and complex decision-making factors for various circumstances, which it then uses to carry out decision-making actions.  

In short, you use BRE to make quick automated decisions while reducing error percentages and increasing productivity and execution rates. Companies in different industries, including insurance, health, and finance, actively use BREs.  

Understanding the operations of BRE

BREs are, as we have come to understand, applications that allow businesses to make automated decisions based on predetermined rules, logic, and factors. These rules are fed into the software, which then helps it make automated operational decisions. But how do you feed these rules into the application? From here on, we will take a quick look into understanding how BREs work to give you a basic idea. 

For starters, you need to feed the data into the software for it to produce desired results. These data can be provided into the system from multiple sources but must be in a format the application can understand. BREs can pull information from sheets, business playbooks, and databases. Once it can decipher what you want it to do, it will take the data set, process it, execute it, and produce the output in the desired format that users can understand. Now, there are different types of BREs based on the design of instructions that they can accept:

  • Rule-based: Perfect for all employees, these types accept simple rules even non-professionals can issue. These are easy to use but need help to handle complex instructions. 
  • Declarative: These are difficult types perfect for large enterprises and do not require frequent user involvement. 
  • Script-based: These use programming languages to operate but are suitable for simple rules. 
  • Coding-based: These, too, use programming languages but are ideal for more complex instructions. 
  • Hybrid: Hybrid BREs cross between declarative and script-based and offer an easy-to-use graphic interface. You may also use programming language and coding here. 

How can BRE benefit your business? 

So far, we have understood what BREs are and how they work. Next, we will see the direct effects of BREs on your business and how they can help you. As we mentioned repeatedly, BREs are software that helps automate decision-making processes and help you boost your company's performance. Let us see how:

Precise & improved decisions

BREs work based on thorough and detailed instructions that you set up for it. The software will re-check that all set conditions are met before making decisions. It thus promises a drastic fall in the error percentage down the lane. 

Also, as BREs strictly follow predetermined instructions, it offers quality decisions backed by logic and reason. Also, as an application, it keeps reviewing its decisions through reports over multiple systems to make better decisions in the future. 

Hence, thanks to BREs, your company can create precise and error-free decisions while having scopes for continuous improvement.   

Boost in efficiency & productivity

BREs efficiently take responsibility for tasks that are otherwise repetitive and monotonous. Therefore, you are getting it done efficiently and quickly, sparing your employees the time they would have needed to spend behind those repetitive tasks. But now, your employees can invest their additional time in assignments and projects that have more excellent value to the company. Hence, you are boosting both your efficiency and productivity with BREs. 

Highly flexible & versatile 

You constantly learn, adapt and change your ways while running a company. Therefore, you need tools that are just as flexible and versatile to allow your company to grow and re-adjust with time and experience. Thankfully, BREs are highly flexible in that regard. 

You need not rewrite the whole code to improve specific processes and methods. Instead, BREs allow you only to make certain changes to your need. Hence, you may change, modify, or even add new features to the process without disrupting the rest of the existing process. Quite impressive. 

Improved agility in your business

BREs can be a powerful tool if you build them correctly. Given its scopes and benefits, a well-built BRE will help you rise to opportunities in the market as and when they appear.

BREs are constantly improving to make better decisions and allow quick changes for instant application. Hence, it also allows your business to react quickly to various market scenarios, offering you the benefit of grabbing on to opportunities quickly. 


Lastly, without a doubt, BREs help bring down your overall business cost. It helps cut down manual labour costs while increasing productivity. Also, its ability to automate and enhance the decision-making processes helps generate revenue for the company.  

Use Scribe to document processes

Now that we have understood what BREs are, let's move on to a tool that further amplifies the activities of BREs.

Scribe is an application that allows you to document simple to complex procedures and share them with the desired individuals. It also offers some great features that we'll quickly look into next.  

Scribe lets you record your screen to turn your workflow into a how-to guide. In seconds, you can build process documentation for complex systems that are easily understood.

All you need to do is click record and go through the process yourself on, say, any of the SOP applications.

Scribe will record your process for you, tracking where you click and scroll to create a neat step-by-step how-to visual guide that is easy to follow and understand. 


Scribe features to look out for

Let us quickly look at a few of Scribe’s unique features that can take documenting processes to a whole new level:

Auto-generate guides

Scribe allows you to document different types of processes with just one click. All you need to do is hit the record button and go about your way through the process.

Scribe will follow your cursor and its movements to develop a ready-to-share step-by-step guide for the procedure. 

Easily edit your documentation 

It also allows you to edit your Scribe easily, with several editing options. You can:

  • Update text (universal updates)!
  • Crop images.
  • Add steps or additional tips.
  • Blur or redact sensitive information
  • Add GIFs and more.

Easy sharing & embedding

You can easily share your documentation with just one click. Scribe also allows for easy embedding so that you may use the documentation of various platforms for multiple purposes. 

Scribe Pages

If you need multiple procedures for one purpose, stack them together to form Scribe Pages. These are particularly useful when there are numerous procedures or you want to group similar functions. 

How can Scribe help you?

We've taken our time to understand what Scribe is and what features it offers you. Now, let's dig into how Scribe can help you.

Let’s take a closer look:

Saves time & effort

Scribe is a fantastic platform that can help you save tremendous effort and time. Instead of gathering people or showing the live demo for any procedure, you can use Scribe to record your screen as you go about the process yourself. Scribe will follow your mouse clicks, scrolls, and movements to create visually informative how-to guides that anyone follows and understands. 

Easy to share 

You can record your procedures easily and share said guides without having the hassle of going through a lengthy process. You may share the guides in several formats too! Scribe, hence, is a great tool that makes sharing easy and promotes collaborative efforts. 

No manual documentation

You will never have to think of manual documentation ever again. With so many features and options, Scribe makes process documentation easy. Once you have completed a process, you can save it for future reference. Even if there is a change in the process, instead of going through manual documentation, you can use Scribe again to update the process.

Versatile in nature

You can use Scribe for practically everything! But mostly, Scribe is famous for training new employees, introducing new rules or systems to the team, guides for customers and clients, and so on! It helps maintain clarity on the regulations, instructions, and processes so that errors are reduced and everybody is on the same page. Scribe can work it out for you as long as you require it. 

Wrapping up!

Businesses can benefit immensely from using the right tools and software in our technological and AI-driven world. Two such software are BREs and Scribe, as discussed in this blog. But rather than simply reading about it, experience Scribe for yourself and change how you document processes forever.

As Daniel Owen from the Quality Assurance Team at Learning Pool describes his experience with Scribe:

“Time-saving is the most important thing for us… I can record 150 steps in five minutes with Scribe.”

So, try it out today for a one-on-one experience!

Ready to try Scribe?

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