The 6 Best Customer Service Chrome Extensions for Enhanced Support (2023)

Lauren Funaro
February 1, 2023
September 19, 2023
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Best Customer Service Chrome Extension for Advanced Support
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Customer service is essential to any business, and the right tools can make a big difference in the way you support clients.

Chrome extensions are a great and inexpensive way to offer white glove service. These tools come with various useful features and integrations that can help you better manage and respond to customer inquiries.

Let's take a look at some of the top customer service chrome extensions that can help improve your customer service process and provide a better experience for your customers.

The top customer service Chrome extensions

  1. Zendesk Quicktab
  2. HelpScout Plus
  3. Hiver
  4. WAPlus
  5. Bonus Tool: Scribe

What is a customer service Chrome extension?

A customer service Chrome extension is a tool that helps improve the customer service, success and support processes — directly from your browser.

These extensions offer a range of features, like the ability to manage and respond to customer inquiries, track customer interactions, and integrate with other customer service tools.

What is customer service?

Customer service refers to the assistance a business provides to its customers, from the purchasing process to post-purchase support. This can include:

  • Providing advice and information about products and services.
  • Answering customer questions.
  • Offering troubleshooting resources.

The goal of customer service is to deliver on the promises made by a brand and to grow brand loyalty by providing a positive customer experience.

What are the features of a customer service Chrome extension?

Typically, teams are using a customer service Chrome extension to make one of the following possible.

  • Manage and respond to customer inquiries.
  • Integrate with other customer service tools.
  • Track customer interactions.
  • Provide personalized responses to customers.
  • Offer real-time support.

The best customer service Chrome extensions of 2023

1.‎ Zendesk Quicktab

Chrome Store Rating: 5/5

Zendesk Quicktab allows you to manage and respond to customer inquiries from within the Chrome browser.

It's a must-have Chrome extension for Zendesk agents who want to enhance their productivity and streamline customer service operations.

This extension opens Zendesk ticket links in the already open Zendesk tab, rather than opening a new tab, which makes it easy for agents to keep track of their tickets and provide faster and more efficient customer support. With its well-behaved browser tabs, Zendesk Quicktab helps agents avoid the hassle of juggling multiple tabs and provides a smoother, more streamlined customer service experience.

If you're a Zendesk agent looking to boost your productivity and improve your customer service skills, Zendesk Quicktab is an essential tool to have in your toolkit.

Zendesk also offers integrations with other customer service tools and allows you to track customer interactions and provide personalized responses.

2. He‎lpScout Plus

‎Chrome Store Rating: 5/5

HelpScout Plus is designed for users of Help Scout who want to streamline their workflow and prioritize their customer conversations.

With HelpScout Plus, you can easily bring certain priority smart folders to the top of the list by simply clicking the red Help Scout icon in the top right and typing in the priority names you want to float to the top.

This ensures that you never miss an important customer conversation or inquiry. Additionally, the extension moves the New Conversation button to the top, allowing you to easily create a new conversation and get in touch with your customers more efficiently. If you're looking to improve your customer support process, HelpScout Plus for EP is a great tool to consider.

3.‎ Hiver

Chrome Store Rating: 4.5

Hiver offers multi-channel support to manage customer emails, live chat, knowledge base, WhatsApp and voice.

What's unique about Hiver is its integration with Gmail, allowing teams to use advanced analytics and automation features without the need to learn new software.

With Hiver, teams can assign, track and collaborate on customer emails, loop in teammates using @mentions and get inputs when needed.

Hiver offers round-robin assignment of emails for faster responses, SLA management and a customer satisfaction survey to measure feedback. Hiver is designed for simplicity, easy to use, secure and comes with 24x7 support across all plans. It's an excellent customer service solution that can help deliver a better customer experience.

4.‎ WAPlus

Chrome Store Rating: 5/5

WAPlus is a fantastic customer service Chrome extension for small to medium-sized businesses that rely on WhatsApp as a primary communication channel with their customers.

With conversation management, smart reply, note-taking, reminders, full-screen mode and scheduled messages, businesses can stay on top of conversations with buyers, save valuable time, record customer information and send messages at specific times.

The free embedded WhatsApp CRM tool is lightweight and simple enough for businesses of all sizes to use, making it an excellent tool to help businesses ac‎hieve effective lead management and double their transaction rate.

5. Bonus Tool: Scribe

‎Chrome Store Rating: 5/5

Scribe isn't your typical customer service solution — but it's a powerful Chrome extension that can revolutionize how you support clients.

At the click of a button, you can turn any process, feature or workflow in your tool into a step-by-step guide — complete with text and screenshots. Use this to train your teams, build client-facing SOPs, answer FAQs, respond to tickets and so much more.

Here's how it works.

Save over 20 hours a month by creating instant process documentation. You can quickly edit, store, share, export or embed your Scribes in any other platform.

Plus, with Scribe Pages, you can combine Scribes with images, video and more to create visual training manuals, templates or any other process documentation you can think of. Check out our Scribe Gallery to pull from ready-made expert customer service docs now.

‎With Scribe, you can save time, spread knowledge, and increase success by boosting your customer-facing team's productivity. Its enterprise-grade security and controls make it a safe and reliable option for businesses of all sizes. With Scribe, you can efficiently document and share processes with your team, no matter where they are.



Customer service is an essential aspect of any successful business. By utilizing the right tools, such as the customer service chrome extensions mentioned in this article, companies can improve their communication with customers, resolve issues more efficiently, and ultimately provide a better overall experience for their customers. Whether you're looking for a live chat tool, a chatbot, or a way to manage customer data, there are a variety of customer service chrome extensions available to help your business succeed.

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