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Lean PRD Template

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A lean product requirements document (PRD) is a concise, high-level summary of the key requirements for a product or feature. It's an approach to product development that emphasizes agility, experimentation, and customer feedback, and helps teams prioritize and validate product ideas quickly and efficiently. Use this template to build your own.
Last updated:
January 31, 2023

A lean product requirements document (PRD) is a concise, focused version of the traditional PRD that outlines the essential details of a product idea. A lean PRD template can help you bring your ideas to market more quickly and with less waste by streamlining the PRD process and focusing on the most important elements of your product. Whether you're an entrepreneur, product manager, or part of a development team, a lean PRD template can be a valuable tool for accelerating your product development process.

With a Lean PRD template, you can:

  • Identify the purpose: Clearly define the problem the product is trying to solve.
  • Target the right audiences: Outline and define the target customer and user personas, and ensure that the product solves key issues and meets market standards.
  • Discuss the product: Document details of the key features and benefits of the product, and identify any gaps.
  • Communicate goals: Clearly define and document product KPIs, measurements for success and milestones.
  • Align stakeholders: Easily edit, store and share the product vision and direction
  • Streamline processes: Distribute and allocate efforts across the PRD creation process to save time and resources.

A lean PRD template provides a focused and efficient approach to documenting the key details of your product idea. With its streamlined format and emphasis on essential information, this template can help you communicate your vision to stakeholders, validate your ideas, and bring your products to market more quickly. Whether you're a seasoned product professional or starting out, a lean PRD template is essential for successful product development.


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