How a Customer Success Leader Answers Client Questions & Updates Internal Process Documentation with Scribe

Meg Zabrowski
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September 19, 2023
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Crexi’s Customer Success team uses Scribe as their standard to answer ad hoc client questions and quickly update internal training documents. Even though processes and product change frequently, the team is motivated to regularly update and send out documentation because of Scribe’s ease of use.


The team

Crexi is a marketplace for commercial real estate listings. The Customer Success team is responsible for their clients’ success on the Crexi platform, which fuels the company’s recurring revenue growth. 

The challenge

Because Crexi releases new product features every two weeks, both internal and external help documentation grows stale almost immediately. Crexi’s Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are currently creating videos to answer client questions, which take too much time to update and send out. Internal process documentation gets outdated quickly, and keeping Sharepoint up to date is a tall task. 

The solution

Crexi’s Customer Success team uses Scribe as their standard for answering ad hoc client questions and to quickly update internal training documents. Even though their processes and product change frequently, the team is motivated to regularly update and send out documentation because of Scribe’s ease of use.

The results: What would’ve taken hours to re-record videos or re-write text documentation to clients now only takes three minutes with Scribe. Crexi CSMs are able to quickly document a process and send it to a client or upload it into their internal Sharepoint. The Customer Success Team now knows that they can rely on accurate and up-to-date documentation.

The story

Rachael manages a Customer Success team at Crexi, a marketplace for commercial real estate listings. Rachael initially found Scribe when she was tasked with overhauling her team’s training resources. She found so much value that Crexi’s CSM team now uses Scribe to answer client questions, in addition to updating their internal process documentation. 

Use case 1: Answering client questions

Rachael’s team of Customer Success Managers are tasked with maximizing their clients’ adoption and value of Crexi’s platform, and spend a majority of their day receiving and answering ad hoc client questions. Rachael’s CSMs each manage a territory of clients, so not having a quick and scalable way to answer these questions really impacts their productivity. 

Additionally, CSMs have to take the time to create a new document for every client question in order to personalize answers to each client’s account, which takes 5-10 minutes per question. With an entire territory of clients per CSM, this time adds up. 

Before using Scribe, CSMs would record videos walking a client through their question, which took too long and sometimes were not comprehensive enough. The CSMs have received positive feedback from their clients that the Scribes are comprehensive and easy to follow, increasing client satisfaction and value from the platform.

“Scribe has not only helped me tremendously, but our clients as well. Scribe allows our team to create walk-throughs for clients automatically and has been a huge time saver.”

Now, with Scribe, CSMs can quickly spin up new client documentation in the same time it takes for them to log in to their client’s dashboard – only 3 minutes. By reducing the time it takes to answer client questions by 70 percent, Crexi’s CSM team has more time to focus on their territories, ensuring all clients receive great customer support and recognize value on their Crexi investment.

Use case 2: Internal training documentation

Rachael, Manager of Customer Success, was recently tasked with updating her team’s training resources via Sharepoint, which her team uses as its internal wiki to house training and documentation. Because Crexi is constantly iterating its internal processes on Salesforce and other tools, the Sharepoint gets outdated fast. She had originally estimated that this project would take two months of her time to update and add documentation. 

With Scribe, Rachael is able to capture a process in the exact same time as it takes her to do the process. No more taking screenshots, manually writing text or adding animations - what used to take her 15 minutes now takes only two. 

“Before Scribe, we were doing screenshots in Word docs. Scribe is amazing because it takes my clicks for me.”

After capturing a Scribe, Rachael is able to use the Smart Embed feature to directly embed the Scribe into Sharepoint – allowing the rest of her company to easily follow the steps without ever leaving their flow of work in Sharepoint. 

“With Scribe, updating a document now only takes two minutes.” 

Armed with Scribe, keeping the Customer Success Sharepoint up-to-date is no longer a daunting task. Rachael can quickly capture new processes and update existing Scribes as Crexi rolls out new product and process updates. 


Crexi’s CSM team is able to use Scribe to reduce the time they spend answering ad hoc client questions by 70 percent, which gives them time back to provide exceptional service to their clients. Internally, Rachael now uses Scribe to keep Crexi’s Sharepoint updated with the latest and greatest process and product documentation, despite Crexi rolling out new product updates every two weeks. Scribe has decreased the time it takes Rachael to create documentation by 90 percent. 


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