Top 8 Microlearning Chrome Extensions in 2023

Wuraola Ademola-Shanu
November 1, 2023
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November 17, 2023
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Looking for software solutions to support your microlearning activities? Discover the top 8 microlearning Chrome extensions in 2023 to help you create microlearning content.
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In today's fast-paced world, learning new skills and acquiring knowledge have become more crucial than ever. However, finding the time and resources to engage in traditional learning methods can be challenging.

This is where microlearning comes in. Microlearning focuses on delivering small, bite-sized learning units that are easy to digest and integrate into our busy lives. To further enhance the microlearning experience, Chrome extensions offer a convenient way to create and access valuable learning content directly from your browser.

If you’re a team leader, trainer or educator looking to evaluate microlearning Chrome extensions, this is the only post you need. 

Dive in! 

TL;DR: Microlearning Chrome extensions

  1. Scribe
  2. Kami
  3. Loom
  4. Wisdolia
  5. Pocket
  6. Diigo Web Collector
  7. Grammarly
  8. Explain Everything

What is a microlearning Chrome extension?

A microlearning Google Chrome extension is a software add-on or plugin that integrates with the Google Chrome web browser to provide users with enhanced microlearning capabilities.

8 top microlearning Chrome extensions (2023)

1. Sc‎ribe

Scribe - Microlearning Chrome Extensions

Scribe is a popular microlearning Google Chrome extension that helps deliver learning content in small, digestible units that can be easily consumed and retained. The Scribe Chrome extension turns any process into a step-by-step guide, complete with text, links and annotated screenshots. 

With Scribe, you can easily create engaging microlearning content simply by clicking on the extension as you work.

Key features:

  • Create microlearning content with one click.
  • Use Scribe's AI features to automatically create how-to guides with text and screenshots—simply by capturing your screen as you work.
  • Upload a variety of multimedia elements, such as videos, interactive quizzes, infographics, and screenshots.
  • Add your team to the Scribe workspace to give them instant access to the microlearning material or share them in the flow of work with the Scribe Chrome extension. 
  • Seamless integration with your favorite apps.
  • Real-time collaboration and sharing.
  • Analytics and reporting.
  • Sensitive data redaction (Pro users).
  • Powerful privacy and security features.
  • Robust organization features.
  • Custom branding (Pro users).
  • Shareable links and PDF export.
  • The free plan offers rich functionality and quick customization.

2. Ka‎mi

Kami - Microlearning Chrome Extensions
(Source: Kami)

Kami is a microlearning Chrome extension designed to accommodate every possible learning style. Users can use Kami to create multimedia or interactive content to accommodate students’ needs and assist with their learning.

Key features:

  • The dictionary feature highlights words with Oxford Dictionary definitions.
  • Features like stickers, eraser, freehand highlighter, graphic organizer, hand tool, read-aloud, shapes, and screen capture features are designed to increase engagement and accessibility in learning.
  • Annotation bank.
  • Split and merge features.
  • Voice and video comment features.
  • Equation editor for adding mathematical symbols or formulas.
  • Customizable drawing.
  • Assessment mode for enabling due times and dates for assignments.
  • Features control for turning on/off for collaborators/students.
  • Grade multiple assignments at the same time, all in one place.

3. Lo‎om

Loom - Microlearning Chrome Extensions
(Source: Loom)
Loom is a Chrome extension that allows users to record and share screencasts, which can be useful for creating microlearning content, such as tutorials and demos.

Key features:

  • Screencasts can include audio narration, text annotations, and webcam footage.
  • Automatically generates transcripts for all videos.
  • The Loom Chrome extension offers a variety of basic video editing tools, such as trimming, cutting, and adding text and images. 
  • Recordings can also be shared with others via a link or embedded in websites and learning management systems (LMSs).

4. Wi‎sdolia

Wisdolia - Microlearning Chrome Extensions
(Source: Wisdolia)

‎Using AI, Wisdolia's microlearning Chrome extension automatically generates smart flashcards from any article, PDF or YouTube video. You can use Wisdoalia to turn notes, study guides, research papers, slides, and more into flashcards to help measure learners' progress.

Key features:

  • Use AI to generate smart flashcards tailored to your individual learning needs. 
  • Flashcards include personalized feedback to help you understand the material better.
  • Create quiz questions and personalized feedback on your answers.
  • Gamification elements, such as badges and rewards, make learning more fun.

5. Po‎cket

Pocket - Microlearning Chrome Extensions
(Source: Pocket)

Pocket is a widely used extension that lets you save articles, videos, and other web content to view later. It provides an efficient reading experience by removing ads and other clutter from saved articles.

Key features:

  • Text-to-speech feature for listening to articles.
  • Save articles, blog posts, tutorials, and other online resources.
  • Synchronizes across devices for access to saved content.
  • Saved content can be accessed later, even offline, building a personal library of microlearning materials.
  • Pocket provides a distraction-free reading experience by removing ads, sidebars, and clutter from saved articles.
  • Tagging and organization for easy retrieval of microlearning resources. 

6. Di‎igo Web Collector

Diigo Web Collector is a versatile extension that allows you to save, annotate, and organize web pages, PDFs, and other online resources.

Key features:

  • Annotation features for highlighting important passages.
  • Supports highlighting, sticky notes, and collaborative features, enhancing your microlearning experience.
  • The bookmarking system enables you to curate and tag content, making it easy to retrieve and reference later.
  • Organization features for categorizing and tagging saved content and creating personalized folders or tags based on topics, subjects, or projects related to your microlearning endeavors.
  • Collaborative learning features.
  • Offline access.
  • Synchronization across devices.
  • Has a community for discovering new content based on what other users have bookmarked and shared, exploring resources related to your areas of interest, or following users who share valuable microlearning content.

7. Gr‎ammarly

Grammarly - Microlearning Chrome Extensions
(Source: Grammarly)

While Grammarly is primarily known as a writing assistance tool, it can also be used as a microlearning Chrome extension.

Grammarly can help both teachers and students improve the quality of their writing.

Key features:

  • It’s free.
  • Improves your writing skills by providing real-time grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style suggestions. 
  • Offers vocabulary suggestions and synonym recommendations.
  • Contextual explanations.
  • Plagiarism detection.
  • Improves written communication. 

8. Ex‎plain Everything

Explain Everything is a whiteboard animation app that can be used to create microlearning content. Use Explain Everything's Chrome extension to create custom animations directly from your browser.

Key features:

  • Collaborate on whiteboard projects in real time with other users.
  • The Chrome extension provides users with an infinite canvas to work on, so you can create large and complex whiteboard projects.
  •  Integrates with Slack, Slack files to your canvas.
  • Record your whiteboard projects as videos or presentations.

Features to look for in microlearning Chrome extensions

Microlearning Chrome extensions typically offer a range of features and functionalities to support microlearning activities. They may include:

Content aggregation: These extensions can aggregate learning content from various online sources, such as articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, and more. They gather relevant resources and present them in a curated and organized manner.

Learning tools: Extensions may include tools like flashcards, quizzes, note-taking features, or language learning modules, enabling users to actively engage with the learning material and reinforce their understanding.

Bookmarking and saving: Users can save and bookmark specific learning resources for future reference, creating personalized libraries of educational content.

Progress tracking: Many microlearning tools provide progress tracking features, allowing users to monitor their learning achievements, completion rates, or time spent on different topics.

Notifications and reminders: Microlearning Chrome extensions may offer notification systems to remind users to engage with their microlearning content regularly, fostering a consistent learning habit.

Integration with learning platforms: Some extensions can integrate with popular learning platforms or management systems, making it easier to import and access content from those platforms directly within the browser.

What are the types of microlearning?

Microlearning refers to a learning approach that delivers small, focused, and bite-sized units of information to learners. It breaks down complex topics into easily digestible modules, allowing learners to acquire knowledge or develop skills quickly and efficiently. 

Common types of microlearning include:

  • Video-based microlearning: Short instructional videos covering specific topics or concepts.
  • Interactive quizzes and assessments: Brief and targeted tests to reinforce learning and provide immediate feedback.
  • Infographics and visual summaries: Visually appealing and concise presentations of key concepts and facts.
  • Micro-simulations and scenarios: Condensed real-world situations for practicing decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Podcasts and audio-based learning: Short audio episodes or recordings on specific topics for convenient learning on the go.
  • Mobile apps and games: Interactive and gamified microlearning experiences accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Social media and microlearning communities: Platforms for brief discussions, resource sharing, and collaboration among learners.

Why use a microlearning Chrome extension?

Microlearning Chrome extensions provide learners with a seamless and efficient way to access educational content and tools without interrupting their browsing experience.

  • A user-friendly and streamlined approach to learning.
  • Bring learning resources and tools directly to your web browser, making them easily accessible.
  • Support various learning formats, catering to different learning styles and preferences.
  • Consolidate learning resources from multiple sources, saving time and effort in searching for relevant materials.
  • Use features like reminders, notifications, and progress tracking to support continuous learning.

Wrapping up

These top microlearning Chrome extensions can greatly enhance your learning experience by providing quick access to relevant information, organizing resources, improving writing skills, and visualizing ideas. Give them a try and see how they can transform your microlearning journey.

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