Unleashing Creativity: 68 Inspiring ChatGPT Examples

Abhijeet Kumar
June 3, 2023
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September 19, 2023
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Explore the true potential of AI with these ChatGPT examples. From writing songs, code debugging, to sales, see how ChatGPT tackles a range of tasks and challenges.
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ChatGPT has been an absolute game-changer. And right now, people are experimenting with its capabilities and testing its limits. ChatGPT tools are writing jokes, transforming customer service and creating role-playing games. One user even bought groceries with the help of ChatGPT and a plugin.

‎Let’s dive into the world of ChatGPT examples and ideas that you can steal.

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Funniest ChatGPT examples from Twitter

To kick us off, here are some funny ways that Twitter users are experimenting with ChatGPT:

1. Telling jokes

ChatGPT can double as your personal stand-up comic. It can be absolutely sArCaStiC.

ChatGPT Twitter Jokes
(Source: Twitter)

2. Celebrity stories

You can ask ChatGPT to role-play and come up with some fun celebrity social media ideas.

(Source: Twitter)

‎3. Committing a robbery

Thinking about committing a crime? (To be clear—we suggest you don't!) ChatGPT gave this user some ideas.

(Source: Twitter)

4. Go viral on LinkedIn

Want to write viral LinkedIn posts? ChatGPT is at your service. Here's how you can become a LinkedIn influencer—just by ordering a coffee.

(Source: Twitter)

‎Craziest ChatGPT examples from Reddit

Next, let’s look into some real-life examples of ChatGPT prompts from Reddit.

5. The OG of AI jokes

ChatGPT might be the Bing of the AI world. Chandler Bing that is. If you need a good dad joke, ChatGPT has your back.

(Source: Reddit)

‎6. Skynet, here we come

Users are creating their own fantasy storylines. Here's a new one that the writers of the Terminator movies can use.

(Source: Reddit)

‎7. Shakespeare, it's not

Want to write a poem about your brother? ChatGPT knows the bro code.

(Source: Reddit)

‎8. Draw me like one of your French girls

This user was caught off-guard when it asked ChatGPT to picture itself. Would you have guessed that ChatGPT wears purple glasses?

(Source: Reddit)

9. Where's your sense of humor?

ChatGPT can tell you a joke, but when breaking down humor, it's not very funny.

(Source: Reddit)

ChatGPT chatbot writing examples

Let’s dig into ChatGPT's productive side with these AI examples for writing-related tasks.

10. Yada, Yada, Yada

ChatGPT writes a Seinfeld scene where Jerry struggles to learn the bubble sort algorithm. Could this be a new spin-off?

(Source: Twitter)

‎11. The dreaded subject line

ChatGPT is an ideal assistant for brainstorming. If you've got writer's block, tap it for some subject line ideas.

(Source: Screenshot by Abhijeet)

‎12. Dear valued customer

ChatGPT can roleplay and act as an email copywriter. Check how it wrote an email to describe a new feature for an eCommerce product.

Source: Blusteak

‎13. Quoth the raven

Need to write some targeted content? ChatGPT can give you some quotes to get you started.

Source: Blusteak

‎14. Grandmother, what big ears you have

And here’s an example of ChatGPT telling a story. It tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood, using ChatGPT as a virtual personal assistant. Decent job, no?

Source: Reddit

‎15. Your essay is due in 5 hours

ChatGPT can give you ideas for essays, too. Give it the topic and it'll give you a place to start your research.

Source: ZDNet

‎ChatGPT Python programming examples

If you're a programmer, ChatGPT can help you make coding easier. Here are a few ChatGPT Python coding examples.

16. Solving coding problems

ChatGPT excels in solving Python coding problems. All generated codes passed the test effortlessly.

‎17. Fixing code bugs

Here’s ChatGPT fixing bugs during a competitive code challenge. The fixed code passed all test cases successfully, again.

‎18. Writing Django framework code

See how ChatGPT was able to generate a Django view calculating the cumulative quantity for a given product.

(Source: Twitter)

‎19. Performing data analysis

This user got ChatGPT to build a machine-learning model for data analysis. The code analyses customer churn patterns and predicts their behavior.

Source: Plain English

‎20. Performing data visualization

ChatGPT even coded a program to analyze and visualize datasets. The code below creates different visualizations to get insights from the data.

Source: Plain English

‎ChatGPT AI art examples

AI art generators can create images, videos or music based on your prompts. Here are a few examples AI art from ChatGPT.

21. A whole new (wolf) world

This user used Midjourney to generate images of a wolf in an alien world setting.

(Source: Twitter)

‎22. Acting like a pro photographer

Here’s another Midjourney-generated image. ChatGPT turned this user’s simple prompts into classically-inspired art.

(Source: Twitter)

‎23. Generating dreamy art

This author used Midjourney to create a version of a beautiful village on Christmas covered by snow.

(Source: Towards AI)

‎24. Turning descriptions into art

This author used ChatGPT prompts in Midjourney to generate and refine this image. The original prompt was, "an illustration of a viking sitting on a rock, dramatic lighting, wide-angle."

(Source: MLearning)

‎25. Making advanced Midjourney prompts

Here’s an example of how ChatGPT can be used to create AI art. The AI tool generates a better prompt for an auditorium-style classroom.

(Source: Forbes)

‎Cool ChatGPT examples for music creators

ChatGPT can also help you generate melodies, chord progressions and lyrics for your music. Let’s check out some cool chatbot example prompts for the music industry.

26. Programmer, programmer, sitting at the screen

Need help crafting some lyrics for your song? ChatGPT can give you some, ahem, interesting results.

(Source: Metaverse Post)

‎27. Working from home, no need to roam

Need help putting together chords and lyrics? Look no further.

(Source: Beebom)

‎28. All you need is... scrambled eggs?

This user asked ChatGPT to write a song in the style of the Beatles. Scrambled eggs, anyone?

(Source: MusicTech)

‎29. Rock me Amadeus

With ChatGPT, you can also take inspiration from a master piano composer like Mozart. ChatGPT copies the musical style and reproduces it with ease.

(Source: Twitter)

30. The road not taken

And here’s ChatGPT generating fresh music for a Robert Frost poem. Maybe it’s time to upgrade our nursery rhymes!

(Source: MusicTech)

‎Best ChatGPT examples for social media

It can be tough to keep up with the pace of social media. Luckily, ChatGPT can generate tailored content for your posts. Here are a few ways ChatGPT can help with social media.

31. Instagram story ideas

ChatGPT helped this user create ten Instagram story ideas within seconds.

(Source: Twitter)

32. Social media marketing copy

Here’s ChatGPT helping a business create on-brand social media copy.

(Source: Twitter)

‎33. Advertising campaign ideas

It can even generate a full-fledged advertising strategy. Fill in your brand details and see how quickly ChatGPT creates a campaign.

(Source: Blusteak)

‎34. Become a LinkedIn influencer

Here's ChatGPT giving career coach-style suggestions for how to reach your goals.

(Source: Blusteak)

‎35. Planning content strategy

There are so many things to think about when planning social media campaigns. Ask ChatGPT to help you lay out a strategy to get started.

(Source: Twitter)

‎ChatGPT email marketing examples

If you're an email marketer, ChatGPT is a great tool to help you write emails faster for your campaigns. Here are a few ChatGPT examples for email marketers and newsletter creators.

36. Creating a newsletter landing page

ChatGPT is quicker than any page builder. Use it to help you quickly generate ideas for your newsletter landing pages.

(Source: Fresh van Root)

37. Ideas for your content topics

And what about looking for topics relevant and interesting to your audience? ChatGPT is pro at it.

(Source: CleverReach)

‎38. Create a publishing calendar

Here’s one example of ChatGPT suggesting a publishing schedule for a newsletter that avoids all U.S. holidays.

(Source: EmailToolTester)

39. Email sequence ideas

Creating a welcome email sequence for new buyers and subscribers can be a headache. Here’s how you can use ChatGPT to create it.

(Source: Screenshot by Abhijeet)

‎ChatGPT finance examples

ChatGPT can help the finance industry in many ways. Here are three examples of how users are leveraging it.

40. Accounting gains and losses

Here’s an example of ChatGPT explaining how to treat gains and losses arising from a cash flow hedge.

(Source: Unstop)

‎41. Learn more about finance legislation

This user asked ChatGPT for California's finance legislation statements (note: these may not be up to date).

(Source: HES FinTech)

‎42. Finacial modeling

Here’s one of the many ChatGPT Excel examples that shows how "excel-ent" this AI bot can be.

ChatGPT examples for business

Businesses are using ChatGPT to transform their operations. We share a few examples of how you can in your business:

43. Generating business ideas

ChatGPT can understand your business requirements and give you ideas. Based on its analysis, here’s one suggestion for a social media marketing agency.

(Source: Twitter)

44. Business plan checklist

ChatGPT can help you prepare a business plan checklist to guide you with launching your new business.

(Source: Twitter)

‎45. Kickstart your market research

Here’s ChatGPT at work preparing the ideal buyer persona. It's a great place to start if you need a jumping-off point for market research.

(Source: Screenshot by Abhijeet)

46. Outlining brand guidelines

Need to work out your brand perception? ChatGPT comes to the rescue. From typography to color palettes and even brand messaging, it can help you brainstorm ideas for your new brand or relaunch.

(Source: Screenshot by Abhijeet)

‎47. Cold emails? No problem

Want to approach prospects? You get your message in a blink (well, maybe five). Tailor them to be personal or generic.

‎48. Creating business agreements

Ah, legal forms. Every business needs them, but where to start? Whether you’re forming a long-term partnership or signing up a contractor, you can use ChatGPT to quickly outline agreements.

‎Best ChatGPT eCommerce examples

If you've got an eCommerce business, ChatGPT can help. Here are a few examples of how users in the eCommerce industry have adopted ChatGPT:

49. Create the perfect Shopify theme

Got a product on Shopify? Use ChatGPT for Shopify to generate snippets of codes. It comes in handy for performing slight tweaks and enhancements.

(Source: EastSide Co)

‎50. Take product descriptions from ordinary to engaging

You've got a great product, but you're drawing a blank when trying to describe all of the features. Use ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas for your next product launch.

(Source: Screenshot by Abhijeet)

‎51. SEO-friendly product descriptions

Whether you need keywords for SEO or PPC, ChatGPT can help you widen your scope.

(Source: Altamira)

‎52. Let your readers know what you do

If potential buyers don't understand what your product is, how can they buy it? ChatGPT can help with crafting meta descriptions for your pages that include your target keywords.

(Source: Reddit)

‎ChatGPT examples for customer service

Customer service is one area where ChatGPT shines. Here are three ways the industry is using ChatGPT to support customers.

53. Onboarding new customers

The customer onboarding process is an important part of creating brand loyalty. ChatGPT can assist with creating content and onboarding flows.

(Source: Document360)

‎54. Generate responses to customer inquiries

Tired of handling angry customers? Put ChatGPT on the job. It will generate the type of replies you’re looking for.

(Source: TechTarget)

‎55. Generating multilingual responses

The chatbot can even do away with occasional multilingual support. It can translate all support responses into the languages you need.

(Source: AIMultiple)

‎ChatGPT examples for user experience

You can also use ChatGPT to improve the user experience. Here are a few examples of how UX designers are leveraging ChatGPT.

56. Not your everyday error message

When you want on-brand and lit display messages, play with ChatGPT. Put in your prompts and see its flickering magic.

(Source: UX Planet)

‎57. UX for design challenges

Is ChatGPT as UX designer? It sure is! Use it to generate design inspirations.

(Source: UX Planet)

‎58. Understanding the user journey

Feel like you're hitting the wall when trying to design app flows? Don’t. Ask ChatGPT to prepare a list of steps and take it from there.

(Source: Prototypr)

‎ChatGPT examples for sales

We could write a whole blog about how you can use AI in sales—and we did! Here are a few examples of how sales leaders are applying ChatGPT in sales.

59. Sales objections? No problem

Use ChatGPT to understand and tackle common sales objections.

(Source: Salesflow)

‎60. Sales scripts in seconds

Looking for an intern who can prepare a sales script? ChatGPT has you covered.

(Source: LinkedIn)

‎61. Weekly sales reports

And what about when you have to present sales reports? Ask ChatGPT to generate an outline and get the job done, fast.

Source: LinkedIn

‎62. LinkedIn request messages

ChatGPT even works for LinkedIn connection requests. See how this sales leader is generating ideas for connecting with new prospects.

(Source: Salesflow)

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(Source: Scribe)

‎ChatGPT examples for documentation

documentation needs:

63. Preparing user manuals

You can create nifty user manuals with the help of ChatGPT. It can guide you to the best way forward for your users.

(Source: Screenshot by Abhijeet)
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64. Writing software documentation

And you can ask it to comment the entire code, too. A mighty assistant to supercharge your productivity, no?

(Source: Tyler Von Harz)

65. Documenting processes

ChatGPT can even prepare outline sample documentation for all kinds of processes. You can create process maps, SOPs or whatever else you need.

Source: Screenshot by Abhijeet

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