8 Benefits of Help Desk Software & Ticketing Systems

Rana Bano
December 20, 2022
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January 15, 2024
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Getting overwhelmed with all the business hustle and bustle? Don’t worry, a Help Desk can sort it out for you! Read on and see how Help Desk benefits your business.
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Running a business can be an overwhelming task where you will constantly need to be involved in getting things up and running.

There will be so many things to address, customers to reply to, and to sort out that you and your employees can start spiraling down at one point. However, we are in the age of technology, and as you might have guessed, there’s a good technical solution for that problem — help desks! 

For all the people who are new to the concept of a Help Desk, we have your back! Here, we will quickly understand what a Help Desk is before moving on to our main topic: how having a Help Desk benefits your business. So, shall we get started?

TL;DR: Helpdesk benefits

  • Help Desk software streamlines business processes and increases efficiency.
  • It ensures that the right issues are assigned to the right team members, saving time and effort.
  • Help Desk eliminates overlapping of work and keeps everyone in the loop with notifications.
  • It promotes internal collaboration and supports remote operations.
  • Help Desk automates manual tasks, offers self-help options, and provides insights into employee performance.

Defining help desk

Your business is always customer oriented, and simply making a sale does not sever your connection with your customers. There are a lot of things to take care of, and a Help Desk can help you sort them out in a non-complicated process. 

Help Desk, simply put, is software that converts all support-related requests and queries into tickets for your agents to address them systematically. It, thus, helps you streamline your work, increase IT efficiency, and get rid of manual processes. It offers you one platform that centralizes all your information for a smooth, easy way of processing workflows. 

Now, a Help Desk can be used within and outside the company. Within the company, the Help Desk can help resolve technical issues faced by the employees. All they will need to do is submit a ticket regarding the issue, and the technical team can take it forward from there. 

Outside the company, Help Desks are like a help center for customers. If they have any queries, they can create a ticket for the issue. Your team can then look into the matter and offer a concrete solution to the customer by addressing the ticket. 

So, in short, a Help Desk helps ease communication both within and outside the company while ensuring that it all happens in an easy, non-complex flow. But, we are just getting started because a Help Desk can do so much more, so let us tell you all about it!

Help desk benefits

Helps Desks are truly beneficial tools that, when used right, can help make your business processes so easy. But before we jump on to how to use a Help Desk efficiently, let us make ourselves familiar with how a Help Desk can be beneficial. We mentioned how a Help Desk could be used both within and outside the company. But truly, a Help Desk can be used in any manner you want as long as you understand the need for it and know how to implement it. Let’s take a look.

1. Right issues go to the right member

A business can face a lot of issues daily, be it within the organization or outside. But your go-to action here would be to resolve them quickly and write them off. You can do that only when you create a system where it is easy to understand which problem will be handled by whom. Help Desk does that easily by introducing the ticketing system. 

What it does is allows you to create tickets, and let you decide who will be accountable for them. Say a customer wants information on a product and creates a ticket. The system will understand what type of ticket it is and forward it to the employee in charge of product information. From this, you get three benefits:

  • The right person with the required skills gets the right ticket.
  • The issue is solved faster.
  • Everyone saves time and effort by operating efficiently.
  • Accountability is created.
  • You never miss a ticket and address them all.

2. No overlapping of work

Because the system follows a point-to-point flow of operations, no two people will be looking at the same issue. Even if they do end up addressing the same issue, both of them will be alerted about it. Therefore, you can efficiently avoid any overlapping of work. This way, you can save time and also avoid embarrassing situations where one customer receives more than one reply from the company. 

3. Everyone stays in the loop

One fantastic feature of the Help Desk is that it keeps everyone in the loop. By everyone, we mean both your employees and your customers. Help Desks offer notifications from the moment a new ticket is created till it is resolved. 

So, when a new ticket is created, the relevant employee will get notified of it. In the same way, the customer who created the ticket will get to know when the ticket is being addressed and when a reply is sent. This helps improve customer services by leaps and bounds. 

4. Internal collaboration at its best

Help Desk Support Services offer impeccable collaboration options that help your team come together and work like a well-oiled machine. It provides internal communication tools that allow employees to chat within the software. It also offers characteristics such as tagging, commenting, or offering requests for collaboration. There can be cases when an employee is not able to handle a ticket by themselves. These are the moments when the collaboration tools shine the best. 

5. Say yes to remote operations

Office culture is changing, and going to the office is no longer the only way of running a business. With COVID-19 bringing some life-changing turn of events, working from home has become the new norm. 

Thankfully, the Help Desk is a tool that can easily support such a structure. As it is a cloud-supported tool, any of your employees with a laptop/computer, the software, and a stable internet connection can work from anywhere they like. You can also access the software from multiple devices, including your mobile. 

Not only that, but it also allows you to widen your reach for employees. Meaning — with the aid of Help Desks, you can hire remotely, bringing in new resources and talents on board.  

6. No more manual tasks

More than one task in your daily workflow is monotonous and needs to be repeated over and over again. It is not something you can avoid or overlook, but it also eats away a lot of time and effort. But what if we told you you could avoid the hassle of these monotonous tasks and yet get them done? 

Help Desks have amazing automated actions that can help take over repetitive manual tasks and get them done through automation. One example is Help Desk templates. For the same kind of questions, Help Desks offer you to create templates that your employees can use to reply to the same type of questions instead of having to manually do them each time.  

7. Offer self-help 

More than often, multiple customers have the same type of questions. So instead of going through the laborious task of replying to the same kind of queries every day, Help Desks allow you to create a question/knowledge base. 

This knowlege base can contain frequently asked questions along with their answers, how-to blogs, information articles, and so on. So, every time a customer has a common question, they can refer to the knowledge base. As for you, your workload diminishes by leaps and bounds. 

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8. Keep an eye on employee performance 

There is one more awesome feature that Help Desk allows you, and we believe it is one of the most important ones. It helps you keep track of workflow and gives you an overall insight into the company. 

Therefore, at the end of the day (week or month), you can get a report from the software informing you about the various metrics of the workflows. What's more, it allows you to keep track of employee performance. Hence, you can: 

  • Recognize the faults in your working mechanism and improve them.
  • Reward employees who are performing well.
  • Train employees who are not performing well. 
  • Bring more efficiency to your workflow. 

Enhancing help desk effectiveness

We hope you can now understand the scope that Help Desks offer you. But Help Desks are golden only when you know how to implement them properly. So we will take the initiative to tell you a few tips and tricks on how you can optimize your use of Help Desks and make the most out of it.

1. Understand the need for help desks

A need will arise where there is a deficiency, and a solution will come only where there is an issue. What we mean by this philosophical line is that to understand how you can use the Help Desk, you will first need to know where you can implement it. So, your first task is to set some goals for yourself and define your needs. When you do that, you will get a better idea of what you need the Help Desk for and set it up accordingly.

2. Train your employees well

A tool, no matter how advanced, will only do you so much good if you don't know how to use it well. So another step in the process is to train your staff. Familiarize them with the features and train them in the way of the software while encouraging them to make use of the features.

Use Scribe to automatically capture processes - helpdesk benefits

‎One great tactic here is to use an AI helpdesk documentation tool like Scribe to automate process documentation. Not only does it create fantastic guides, but it also makes sharing easy. 


3. Let the customers know

Lastly, let your customers know about the way you operate. If you have just introduced the ticketing system via a Help Desk, inform your customer about the changes. Communicating with them about how you do things can infinitely increase the effectiveness of your tools while allowing your customers to have a clear-cut view of why you operate the way you do. 

So, that is all there is to know about Help Desks and how you can benefit from them. So once you have familiarized yourself with the Help Desk Service support and how you can use it effectively, it's time for you to take your business to new levels and beyond!

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