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From onboarding new employees to managing performance evaluations and implementing HR policies, Scribe enables you to create accurate and professional HR process documents effortlessly.
Generate HR docs for free!
Generate HR docs for free!
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Use Scribe to create stunning HR process documentation in seconds.
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Try for free today!

HR documentation generator

Build fast and easy process documentation that empowers your HR department to onboard, train and support employees. Scribe harnesses the power of AI to automate the generation of HR process and training documents, revolutionizing the way you handle employee development.

Why choose Scribe for HR process documentation

1. Effortless time savings

Scribe eliminates the manual effort required to create HR process documents, saving you valuable time and freeing up HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement.

2. Consistency & precision

Scribe ensures that your HR process documents are consistent and error-free. Its AI-powered algorithms maintain a standardized format, language, and structure across all your HR process documents, ensuring accuracy and avoiding inconsistencies.

3. Tailored templates for every need

Scribe provides a comprehensive library of customizable templates for various HR processes. Whether it's crafting an employee handbook, composing an offer letter, or designing performance review guidelines, Scribe offers a range of templates to suit your specific requirements.

Getting started with Scribe’s AI writing generator for Ops

how-to guide generator

Step 1: Develop your documents

Identify the HR process for which you need to create a document (e.g., employee onboarding, performance evaluation, policy guidelines). Choose the appropriate template from Scribe's library or create a new document from scratch by activating the extension.

SOP Generator

Scribe automatically captures screenshots and logs steps as you navigate through the process.

Step 2: Stop recording

Stop recording. Scribe will create your document in seconds. Review the generated step-by-step guide and ensure its accuracy.

Step 3: Customization & editing

Personalize the document by adding relevant details, such as employee names, departments, or specific policy information. Modify the content to align with your organization's HR policies, procedures and distinctive branding.

Step 4: Build larger process docs with AI

Use Scribe AI to combine your guides in training manuals, onboarding documentation and more.

Step 5: Finalization & distribution

Finalize the document by reviewing it for accuracy, grammar, and formatting. Distribute the HR document to the relevant stakeholders, such as employees, managers or legal departments.

And that's it! It's time to take advantage of AI to strengthen your HR operations, maintain consistency in HR processes and effortlessly create professional and customized HR documents that you can use to onboard and train. Experience the power of AI to elevate your HR document creation and management with Scribe.

Create HR documentation fast with an AI-powered documentation generator.