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Effortlessly create engaging employee handbooks with Scribe's AI-powered employee handbook builder. Customize, collaborate and share in minutes.
Generate employee handbooks!
Generate employee handbooks!
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Scribe: Your AI-Powered Employee Handbook Builder

Employee handbooks don't have to be dull, outdated or hard to understand. Make the process more efficient and engaging with online tools and professional employee handbook templates.

Sick of spending hours on tedious, manual documentation? Build detailed employee handbooks in seconds with Scribe's employee handbook builder. It's simple, free and an absolute game-changer.

What’s an Employee Handbook Builder?

An employee handbook builder is a digital tool that helps businesses craft comprehensive and personalized employee handbooks.

Employee handbooks are a valuable resource for employees, laying out important company information like:

  • Mission statement and company core values.
  • Company policies.
  • Company culture.
  • Employee benefits.
  • Workplace conduct.
  • Disciplinary procedures.
  • Termination and resignation procedures.
  • Leave policies.
  • State and federal policies.
  • Legal obligations including overtime pay, pay schedules, timekeeping, breaks, and bonus compensation.

Employee handbook software saves you time and effort while keeping your content updated with the latest policy changes or legal updates. Offer online access to your digital employee handbook, empowering your organization to access the information anytime, anywhere.

Using employee handbook software is a great way to streamline the onboarding process, keep everyone in the loop and maintain a positive work environment with clear expectations.

Why Choose Scribe's Employee Handbook Builder?

1. Quickly Generate Customized Handbooks

Scribe’s easy-to-use employee handbook creator uses the power of AI to generate step-by-step guides and instructions for your employees in minutes — and then add those guides into fully-fledged handbooks.

Simply hit the "Capture" button and walk through your process. Scribe generates a comprehensive document with crystal-clear instructions and screenshots. Then AI can do the rest!

With Scribe, you've got the power to customize your handbook just the way you want it. Easily tweak content, add or remove sections, and tailor the handbook to reflect your organization's branding and requirements.

2. Add Visually Appealing and Interactive Content

Scribe helps you take your employee handbooks to the next level. Create visually appealing content by adding screenshots, images and multimedia elements to improve employee engagement.

By incorporating visual elements, the employee handbook becomes a powerful communication tool, fostering a sense of connection and understanding of your company's values.

And here's the best part: you can add multiple Scribes to a single document, (or as we like to call it, Pages) along with other text and embeds. You can share your entire workflow as one document. 

With clickable links and smooth navigation, Scribe creates an interactive user experience that helps them better understand procedures, workflows and company policies. With visual guides, employees can follow along with your on-screen actions and quickly grasp complex processes, making learning about your company a fun experience.

3. Communicate, Collaborate & Share with One Simple Tool

Scribe is all about boosting collaboration among team members. With its centralized platform, Scribe makes it quick and simple to create and manage your employee handbook effectively. Multiple users can collaborate in real time, ensuring your online employee handbook includes ongoing updates. After crafting your employee manual, share it with your team through links, PDFs or embedded HTML.

Use Scribe's document insights to see who viewed the handbook, whether they completed it and when they last viewed it.

Scribe gives your employees on-the-go access to your handbooks, ensuring everyone has the knowledge they need at their fingertips.

How to Use Scribe’s Employee Handbook Builder

Install Scribe's browser extension

Download the Scribe web browser extension or desktop app (Scribe Pro) and install it.

Step 1: Capture Your Process

Once you've installed Scribe, all you need to do is go to the process you want to capture and find the Scribe icon in your Chrome toolbar. 

Click on it, and hit the "Start Capture" button.

Click "Start Capture" to build your employee handbook

Scribe will work magic in the background as you go through the process, automatically capturing screenshots and documenting every step.

Step 2: Stop Capturing

After completing your process, click "Stop Capture." Scribe will stop the recording and create an automated step-by-step guide using the captured screenshots and text.

Click the "Stop Capture" button to generate your guide

Step 3: Personalize Your Guides

Give it a once-over to ensure everything's on point, and add more information, revise or clarify steps as needed.

Get creative by updating individual steps, annotating screenshots and adding more text to fully customize.

You can also build a comprehensive handbook by blending multiple guides, adding text and video and creating Pages that outline your policies and procedures to effectively communicate information in an engaging way.

Edit and customize your handbook

Step 4: Combine Your Guides & Use AI to Build Your Handbook

Open up Scribe Pages and add your Scribes. Scribe will use AI to build out the rest of your handbook. Easily edit each Scribe or add additional images, videos and more. Or use a ready-made template and customize it for your specific needs!

Use Scribe
Ask Scribe's AI to write your employee handbook

Step 5: Share It With Your Team

Once your employee handbook is fully customized, share it with your team to collect feedback and refine it based on their suggestions.

When you're ready, invite your new and existing employees to join your Scribe workspace, and share the handbook with them using a link.

If you prefer, you can also embed employee manuals directly into your documentation, company wikis, software or LMS for seamless distribution. You can also export your guide in formats like HTML, PDF, or Markdown.

Easily share your employee handbook with one click

Craft comprehensive and engaging employee handbooks and share your workplace policies in minutes with Scribe.


Who Prepares the Employee Handbook?

Employee handbooks are typically prepared by the Human Resources (HR) department in collaboration with legal counsel. Here is a breakdown of the process:

  1. Policies and practices: The employer first updates and formalizes the company's policies and common practices.
  2. Legal review: The finalized policies are reviewed by legal counsel to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  3. HR development: The HR department uses the approved policies to develop the employee handbook. They organize the essential information, create a clear and concise format, and ensure that the handbook reflects the company's values and culture.
  4. Distribution and updates: Once it's complete, HR will provide a handbook to all employees. Regularly review and update it to reflect any changes in policies or practices.

Can ChatGPT Write an Employee Handbook?

Yes, ChatGPT can assist you with writing an employee handbook. Scribe's AI simplifies the process of developing your employee handbook. With Scribe's ChatGPT feature, you can ask AI to write a comprehensive employee handbook with a simple prompt.

Scribe offers a library of pre-built templates to get you started. Then, use Scribe's ChatGPT tool to add custom policies and important resources based on your company's policies and culture.

Learn more about what you can do with Scribe:

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With Scribe's user-friendly employee handbook builder, you can create custom onboarding guides, employee handbooks, step-by-step tutorials, templates, SOPs, and so much more — in minutes!

Build an engaging employee handbook in minutes with Scribe