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Create seamless onboarding experiences with Scribe. Craft comprehensive guides, save time, and customize to fit your unique needs.
Generate onboarding guides!
Generate onboarding guides!
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Make onboarding guides in minutes with Scribe

Looking for a reliable tool to create effective onboarding guides for new employees? Look no further than Scribe!

With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Scribe makes it easy to create comprehensive guides in half the time.

From company policies and procedures to helpful resources, Scribe helps you present everything in a visually appealing and easy-to-follow format.

Make sure your new employees have a seamless and engaging onboarding experience, so they can adapt to their roles and start contributing!

Why choose Scribe as your onboarding guide maker?

  1. Time Savings: Scribe automatically makes onboarding guides by following along as you work. In seconds, it'll create a visual how-to of any process.
  2. Customization: Scribe offers customization options, so you can build onboarding guides to fit your organization's unique needs. Easily capture specific policies, procedures and resources relevant to your company, creating a personalized onboarding experience for each new employee.
  3. Engaging Visuals: Scribe lets you incorporate visual elements such as images, videos and interactive elements into your onboarding guides. This enhances engagement and comprehension, making onboarding more enjoyable and effective for new hires.

How to Use Scribe’s Onboarding Guide Maker

How to create step-by-step guides with Scribe: Onboarding Guide Maker

Step 1: Capture Your Onboarding Process 

To create a quick onboarding guide using Scribe, install the tool and open the relevant process or task.


Launch Scribe and click the Capture button to capture your actions and screenshots.

Start Capturing with Scribe

Step 2: Stop capturing

Click the "Stop Capture" button on the extension after completing the process. Scribe will generate a quick onboarding guide automatically using the captured screenshots and actions.

Stop captureing to generate a guide - Onboarding Guide Maker

Step 3: Collaborate And Improve 

Share the onboarding guide with your team to collect feedback and suggestions. Collaborate with them to refine the guide based on their insights. Incorporating their input ensures accuracy and effectiveness in conveying the necessary information.

Edit your Scribe: Onboarding Guide Maker

Step 4: Publish and Share 

After reviewing and approving the content, finalize the onboarding guide and make it available to new staff members.

Publish it through various channels, such as online platforms, documentation systems, or printed materials. Ensuring easy accessibility allows your audience to benefit from the valuable information provided in the guide.

Share your Scribe with one click - Onboarding Guide Maker

Discover the convenience and efficiency of using Scribe to create an effective onboarding guide. With Scribe, you can effortlessly produce a comprehensive guide that enhances clarity and delivers valuable instructions.

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With Scribe's user-friendly onboarding guide maker, you can create custom onboarding guides, step-by-step tutorials, templates, SOPs, and so much more — in minutes!

Build employee onboarding guides in half the time!