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Use Scribe to create AI-powered marketing documentation.
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Your AI-powered marketing process generator

Welcome to Scribe, the advanced AI-powered Marketing Process Generator designed to simplify your marketing process documentation. Scribe leverages the power of AI to help you create comprehensive and efficient documentation for your marketing workflows.

Why choose Scribe as your marketing process generator

1. Efficient & simple documentation

Build marketing process documentation to share with your team in half the time. All you have to do is go through a process, and Scribe will identify the key steps to generate structured content, allowing you to document your workflows effortlessly.

2. Standardization & best practices

Establish standardized marketing processes and incorporate best practices. With predefined templates and industry guidelines, you can ensure consistency across campaigns, optimize efficiency, and drive better results.

3. Team alignment

Facilitate team stronger team collaboration. With real-time feedback features and universal updates, team members can contribute to and review the documentation, ensuring everyone is aligned and working towards common goals.

Get started with Scribe's marketing process generator

how-to guide generator

Step 1: Capture your processes

Identify the marketing processes and workflows you want to document. Think about the tools you use and trainable activities.

SOP Generator

Scribe automatically captures screenshots and logs steps as you navigate through the process.


Step 2: Stop recording & create

Each time you complete a process, click 'Stop Recording.' Scribe will create guides with screenshots and text for each step you took!


Step 3: Review & incorporate feedback

Collaborate with your marketing team to gather their input, review the documentation, and incorporate their expertise. Leverage Scribe's collaboration features to gather feedback, resolve queries, and ensure accuracy.


Step 4: Take advantage of AI features & templates

Apply predefined marketing templates or use AI to build new process documentation that's structured and easy to read. Establish standardized processes, incorporate industry best practices, and ensure consistency across campaigns.


Step 5: Share & refine

Publish your documentation to any tool or CMS. Don't forget to regularly review and update your marketing process documentation to reflect changes and evolving strategies. Encourage feedback from your team and incorporate insights to optimize your processes for better outcomes.


Use Scribe's marketing process generator to ensure consistency and alignment, and drive better results. Embrace the power of AI to simplify your marketing documentation journey with Scribe.

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