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Work Breakdown Structure Maker

Boost your team's productivity with our WBS Maker, which generates work breakdown structures in seconds.
Generate Work Breakdown Structures!
Generate Work Breakdown Structures!
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Generate work breakdowns — in seconds!
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Try for free today!

Ensure effortless project planning with Scribe's Work Breakdown Structure Maker

If you want to break down and simplify your projects, use Scribe's Work Breakdown Structure Maker.

It's designed to illustrate and divide your project's moving parts into smaller, manageable jobs, making it convenient and easy for your team.

With the power of ChatGPT, this tool auto-generates instant work breakdown structures, complete with annotated screenshots. You'll also have the option to customize the look to ensure it matches your brand and maintains a professional feel. 

Give it a try and experience the benefits for yourself!

Why choose Scribe for building work breakdown structures

  • Maximize time efficiency: By leveraging Scribe's Work Breakdown Structure Maker, you can automate the time-consuming process of creating structures, saving you valuable hours that can be allocated to more critical tasks.
  • Ensure consistency and standardization: Scribe's tool guarantees uniformity and adherence to standards across all your work breakdown structures. This minimises errors and ensures a smoother workflow, boosting overall efficiency. And the best part? The visually appealing layout further provides a pleasant user experience.
  • Supercharge team efficiency and productivity: Experience a surge in efficiency and productivity within your organization as Scribe's streamlined creation process and centralized platform streamline project management. Your team can focus more on execution and achieving goals rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

Getting started with Scribe’s AI-powered work breakdown structure maker
Step 1: Capture your process

SOP Generator

Tackle even the most significant and complex projects easily using Scribe's step-by-step approach. First things first, install this powerful tool. Once it's up and running, you only need to open the screen you want to record and document. Then click on the Scribe icon in your Chrome toolbar.

When you're all set, hit 'Start Capture,' and watch the magic of Scribe unfold. Scribe will automatically capture screenshots and text as you progress through your process, turning your steps into an engaging visual journey.

Step 2: Stop Capture

Once you've flawlessly executed your process, simply click 'Stop Recording' and see how Scribe transforms your actions into a well-organized document — all without requiring additional inputs. Yes, it's as simple as that!

Step 3: Edit and customize 

Now behold your freshly generated step-by-step guide created by Scribe. 

Take a moment to review it and ensure it accurately reflects your process.

Want to add more flair? Customize it like a pro! Sprinkle in expert notes as tips, update steps to add more detail and annotate screenshots to make it truly stand out.

Step 4: Create a comprehensive Page (if needed)

Ready to take it to the next level? Scribe's Pages feature has you covered!

Use Pages to create an all-inclusive work breakdown structure that covers your project's critical components in detail. Combine multiple Scribes with text and videos to craft impressive Pages. Easily add your existing Scribe to a new or existing Page for more context.

Step 5: Share with your team 

After your work breakdown structure undergoes its final review and approval, it's time to share it with your team and elevate their productivity to new heights!

Invite your teammates to the Scribe workspace, send them the guide via a link, or embed it in your documentation. And if you prefer a hard copy, exporting it to PDF, HTML, or Markdown is a breeze.

Voila! You've now unlocked the potential of stunning work breakdown structures that supercharge your team's productivity and efficiency — with minimal effort on your end.

Say hello to streamlined, visually engaging project management with Scribe. Get started for free. 

Happy documenting!

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