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In just seconds, transform any process or strategy into a visual, editable roadmap—complete with annotated screenshots.
Generate roadmaps fast!
Generate roadmaps fast!
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Try for free today!

Streamline project planning and management with Scribe’s Roadmap Maker

If you're looking for an easy way to customize roadmaps for your team, you should check out Scribe's Roadmap Maker. It uses AI to help you outline project scope, expected outcomes, and timeline, which will keep your team on track and communicating smoothly. Plus, with faster work speeds and better efficiency, you're sure to see higher success rates.

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Why choose Scribe for building project roadmaps

  • Unlock more time and boost efficiency: Let Scribe handle the heavy lifting! No more wasting hours building roadmaps manually. Just go about your process and watch Scribe work its magic to generating a comprehensive roadmap. Scribe's foolproof system ensures no more overlooked tasks or pesky errors—only efficient and accurate planning.
  • Create stunning roadmaps with ease: Say goodbye to confusing interfaces! Scribe's user-friendly platform welcomes everyone, from tech pros to beginners. Now your whole team can craft visual and detailed roadmaps effortlessly, making collaboration smoother.
  • Organize, collaborate and conquer: Centralized roadmap storage? Check. Easy sharing, updating, modifying and reusing of roadmaps? Check, check and check! Scribe ensures your project planning is streamlined like never before. Say hello to improved task management and productivity with consistent and customizable roadmaps at your fingertips. Keep everything in sync, ensuring consistency and skyrocketing productivity!

Getting started with Scribe’s AI-powered roadmap maker
Step 1: Capture your process


Get ready to document your genius strategies and seamless processes with Scribe. Installing this powerful tool is your first step to success. Once it's up and running, open the screen you want to record and document — and hit that Scribe icon in your Chrome toolbar.

Then click on 'Start Capture,' and let Scribe work its magic. As you glide through the process, it automatically captures screenshots and text, turning your steps into an engaging visual journey.

Step 2: Stop recording your screen

roadmap maker

Once you've flawlessly executed your process, click 'Stop Recording,' and watch as Scribe transforms your actions into a well-organized document — without additional inputs from you.

Step 3: Edit & customize your scribe

roadmap maker

Behold your step-by-step guide, freshly generated by Scribe. Take a moment to review it and ensure it beautifully reflects your process.

Want to add more pizzazz? Customize it like a pro! You can sprinkle in some tips and tricks, update steps, and annotate screenshots to make it truly stand out.

Step 4: Create a Page

Ready to take it to the next level? Scribe's got you covered! 

Use Scribe's Pages feature to create an all-inclusive roadmap that covers every milestone and process in glorious detail. Combine multiple scribes with text and videos to craft impressive Pages. Simply add your existing Scribe to a new or existing Page for a touch of finesse and context.

Step 5: Share with your team

After your roadmap's final review and approval, it's time to put it on the big stage. Publish the roadmap and share it with your team to boost their productivity to new heights!

roadmap maker

Now comes the fun part — sharing is a breeze! Add your teammates to the Scribe workspace, send them the guide via a link, or embed it in your documentation. And if you prefer the classic way or want a hard copy, export it to PDF, HTML, or Markdown.

You're all set now! Say goodbye to the old-fashioned way of doing things and say hello to stunning documents that supercharge your team's productivity and efficiency. Try Scribe today for free.

Save hours in a week with Scribe's free roadmap maker.