How a growing startup uses Scribe to future-proof their business

Meg Zabrowski
December 11, 2023
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December 11, 2023
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From scaling customer training to hiring new employees, learn how the team at BILLIONS uses Scribe to document all company processes and lay the foundation for future growth.


Starting a business is really, really hard (just ask our co-founders!). With so many things to do and so few people to do them, we tend to fly by the seat of our pants and worry about documentation later. 

The problem? If you don’t document your processes from the start, you’ll wind up losing time, revenue and even employees. 

Luckily, the founding leadership team at BILLIONS isn’t making that mistake. They’ve prioritized documenting processes from day one, setting them up to scale without any hassle. 

“Everything we do is to prep us for future growth. Scribe enables us to make sure everything we do is documented - without taking extra time — and put us in a good spot to grow the business.”  - Amber Milks, COO

From day one of starting her business, Amber was determined to:

  • Train customers in a scalable yet high-quality way. 
  • Document internal processes for easy transition to new team members.
  • Keep documentation up-to-date as the product evolves. 

And she did all of this with Scribe. Let's dive into the details.


BILLIONS is an operations platform that enables real estate teams to increase productivity and revenue by managing the entire client journey - from lead management to transactions and analytics. BILLIONS has a modular approach that gives teams the freedom to "Bring Your Own Apps" by partnering with the best-in-class systems or leveraging a suite of native features to achieve a 360° view of their business.

The documentation challenge

As a new company in build mode, there are always too many things to do and not enough time. 

Amber Miller, COO, and Andrew Becker, CEO, knew prioritizing process documentation from day one would be the key to future success. 

With the company gearing up for fundraising and anticipating a surge in customers, they knew they needed to streamline:

  • Internal documentation for future hires AND
  • External documentation for customer support.

However, spending hours taking screenshots and writing down instructions required way more time than they had to spare. They knew they needed to find a better, more time-efficient way to document their workflows. 

This is when they found Scribe. 

How does BILLIONS use Scribe? 

Here's how Amber and Andrew use Scribe to future-proof their business.

Training and supporting customers 

As the main point of contact for all 200 of their customers, Amber quickly realized she didn’t have the time to offer everyone high-level customer service. 

“As a small company, we have no choice but to deliver the best customer service possible to our customers. Scribe helps us do that at scale.”  -Amber Milks, COO

Now, with Scribe, Amber is building a library of guides that answer her client's questions, increasing satisfaction and saving her hours of manual work. 

Here’s a breakdown: 

  1. Amber uses Scribe to quickly build visual guides and FAQs.
  2. She easily stores these guides in a customer-facing help center built on Kajabi.
  3. She empowers her customers to go to the help center and find Scribes to answer their questions. 

The best part? By giving her customers a high-quality self-help resource, she frees herself from having to answer questions all day long. 

“I don’t want to be the only hub of information and spend my entire day getting pinged. Now, when someone asks me a question I can quickly share the Scribe link I’ve already created and get back to my work.” 

When on a live training with a customer, all Amber has to do is turn on Scribe. By the end of the session, she has 15+ guides to share with the customer. 

“It’s so easy for a customer to forget everything they’ve learned during our live training. By creating Scribe guides during my training, I ensure I have custom documentation to share with the client after.” 

Supporting teammates and future hires 

At BILLIONS, Amber covers Product and Customer Success, while Andrew covers Sales and Marketing. 

As a team of only two, you can imagine how detrimental it might be if someone took a vacation! With Scribe, Amber and Andrew can document and share their processes so that the other can quickly learn how to take over the other’s responsibilities. 

“I basically Scribe my entire day. It requires just a little extra work on the front end to offload a lot of work later on and ensures my business partner and I have each other’s backs.” 

As the team grows, Amber and Andrew feel confident knowing that future hires will have a quick and easy ramp-up time due to the documentation they’ve built. 

“Our first hire will be an Onboarding Specialist, and from day 1 that person will already have all the documentation needed to provide excellent support to our customers. That’s the best scenario for the new hire, me and the customer.” 

Keeping up with the fast pace of product releases 

The only constant — in life, but also in software — is change. While customers love seeing new features and improvements, they don’t love seeing outdated documentation in the help center. 

Because Scribe makes it so easy to capture new steps, Amber and Andrew are motivated to keep everything up to date. They’ve baked documentation updates into their release process so they always know that every guide is relevant and valuable.  

“We are constantly going through documentation to replace and refresh outdated documents, and Scribe makes it super quick and easy to do this. Because all our Scribes are embedded via iFrame links, any changes are automatically pushed to everywhere I’ve shared the Scribe.” 

The results: Laying a solid foundation for future growth 

Andrew and Amber made it a priority to document as they build — and Scribe’s easy and automatic guides have made it all possible. The team’s proactive approach to documentation ensures they can do more with less, work quickly and grow with confidence. 

“A lot of startups are moving too quickly to realize the importance of documentation. Scribe has enabled us to not fall into this trap. With Scribe, we’re able to document everything we do AND keep moving quickly.” 

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