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Generate effective training manuals in seconds with our ChatGPT Training Manual Generator.
Generate training manuals with ChatGPT!
Generate training manuals with ChatGPT!
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Create training manuals in seconds!
Try for free today!
Try for free today!

Create Manuals in Seconds with ChatGPT

Simplify manual creation and build effective training materials in seconds with Scribe's ChatGPT Training Manual Generator.

Scribe is an AI tool that uses ChatGPT to capture any process — so you can easily generate training manuals and user manuals in seconds.

Training manual on how to get started with Slack: ChatGPT training manual generator
Training manual on how to get started with Slack

‎Here's where Scribe stands out from generic ChatGPT tools: you can automatically create training manuals based on your company-specific processes.

Whether you're onboarding new team members, educating users or handling customer support requests, Scribe streamlines your manual creation process.

Scribe: The Ultimate ChatGPT Training Manual Generator

With Scribe, you can do so much more than use ChatGPT to generate human-like text.

"I work at a rapidly growing tech company. We're hiring dozens of people every week, and Scribe has made our onboarding, ramping up, and training processes significantly faster and better. I don't know how I ever lived without this thing! This is a must-have for anybody trying to scale a business!" — Brennan Biddle

Here's why millions of teams love this AI tool:

1. Automate training manual creation

Scribe's powerful tool captures your screen while you go through any process. In seconds, you'll have an auto-generated instructional guide complete with:

  • Auto-generated titles and text for each step.
  • Annotated screenshots for each click or double click.
  • Links to any site.

Capture any process with Scribe
Capture any process for your training manual

Scribe's AI-powered platform pairs ChatGPT's powerful language model with your specific processes — simply:

  • Use Scribe to record any process.
  • Scribe auto-generates text and titles with GPT-4 AI and captures annotated screenshots.
  • Select the guides you want to include.
  • Ask the AI to create your training guide with a few simple prompts.

... and in seconds, Scribe will create a training manual specific to your company's processes and tools. ‎

Automate your training manual creation — in seconds, you'll have comprehensive training material that's straightforward and easy to understand.

2. Improve user experience

Generate training manuals that boost user experience and improve learning outcomes.

  • Informative and engaging: Create training manuals and interactive tutorials with rich media like images, instructional videos, links to resources, GIFs, and more to improve the quality.
  • Generate creative content in seconds, then use Scribe's AI features to create training guides, reusable templates, outlines and custom instructions in seconds.
  • Standardize your training material for a seamless user experience. Scribe generates guides with a consistent layout that can be customized to match your brand and preferences.

User manual on getting started with Asana made with ChatGPT Training Manual Generator
User manual on getting started with Asana

With just a few prompts, you can quickly generate training manuals and any other kind of document, including:

  • User manuals.
  • Answers to common questions and help centers.
  • How-to guides for specific tasks.
  • Training manuals.
  • Informative and engaging training material customized to job roles.
  • Process overviews.
  • Customer support request documentation.

3. Update & improve over time

Training methodologies and best practices evolve over time. It's a good practice to gather feedback and update training manuals based on user experience.

Scribe empowers you to gather feedback from trainers and trainees, incorporate their experiences, and continuously improve your training manuals.

  • Up-to-date manuals: With Scribe's universal updates, your users will always have access to the latest information.
  • Improve user engagement: Generate clear, easy to understand, interactive tutorials.
  • Incorporate suggestions and user experience to answer questions, help with customer support requests and continually improve the quality of your manuals.

How to give and receive feedback on a Scribe: ChatGPT training manual generator
Ask for feedback to improve user experience

Stay updated, ensure the effectiveness of your training programs, and enhance your learning outcomes.

Get Started with Scribe’s ChatGPT Training Manual Generator

How to get started with Scribe’s ChatGPT training manual generator

Step 1: Capture Your Process

Sign up for Scribe and get the Chrome extension or desktop application.

Once you’ve installed Scribe, log in and navigate to the process, product or service you want to document for your training guide. Click on the Scribe icon in your Chrome toolbar or open the desktop app.

Click Scribe
Click the browser extension to start

Then, click "Start Capture". Scribe will automatically capture screenshots and text.

Click Start Capture to record with the ChatGPT training manual generator
Click Start Capture to record with the ChatGPT training manual generator

The app or Chrome extension follows along as you:

  • Scroll the page.
  • Select any element and drag the cursor.
  • Add text or any combination of keystrokes.

Step 2: Stop Recording

Once you’re done with your process, click "Stop Capture". ‎Scribe automatically saves an easy to navigate step-by-step guide, complete with text and annotated screenshots.

Click Stop Capture to generate your guide in the ChatGPT training manual generator
Click Stop Capture to generate your guide

Once you're done creating guides, go to your Scribe workspace.

Step 3: Edit & Customize

Use the side button to edit, make changes and elevate the quality of your guides.

  • Add AI-powered descriptions, titles and subheaders.
  • Edit, remove or add text.
  • Clarify any steps or add additional information.
  • Upload an image.
  • Add or duplicate a full screenshot.
  • Merge regular screenshots to create GIFs.
  • Insert tips, alerts or a table of contents.

Customize your guide with in the ChatGPT training manual generator
Customize your guide

With Scribe Pro and Teams Pro, you can directly edit your screenshots to improve the user experience:

  • Annotation tools: Add text callouts, pointers, and captions to provide context and explanations.
  • Highlights: Draw attention with various highlighting options, such as arrows, shapes, and freehand drawing.
  • Redaction: Use Smart Blur to redact sensitive information.
  • Customize: Add your logo and brand colors.

Step 4: Create Your Training Manual

When your guides are finished, you can use Scribe Pages to:

  • Combine multiple guides.
  • Auto-generate training manuals.
  • Add instructional videos, images, GIFs and more.‍

All you have to do is select the guides you want to use in your manual. Then, let AI do the rest!

Use Scribe
Use ChatGPT to create training manuals in seconds

‎You can also use the AI features to rewrite training manuals and improve the user experience. Ask it to:

  • Improve writing.
  • Fix grammar.
  • Make professional.
  • Make friendly.
  • Summarize.
  • Expand.

Click the save button or share with teammates to collaborate.

Step 5: Share with Your Team

Once you're satisfied, you can easily share the training manual or user manual with your team.

  • Send a quick link for easy access.
  • Export your guide in multiple formats, including PDF, HTML or Markdown.
  • Use Scribe's platform to distribute your AI training manual.
  • Embed your guide into your preferred platforms for seamless integration.

Share your training or user manual with one click
Share your training or user manual with one click

Add teammates to your workspace so they can take advantage of our amazing Team features, like Scribe Sidekick.

Scribe Sidekick lets your teammates pull guides for any tool

Sidekick has a slide switch that lets users pull up instructional guides for any tool and then follow along side-by-side as they work.

According to the LinkedIn Learning Report, 2020, "94 percent of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development."

With Scribe, you can quickly and easily create manuals that improve teamwork, create a positive user experience and invest in learning and development.


Can ChatGPT Write Training Manuals?

Scribe, a tool powered by ChatGPT, can create training manuals with a consistent structure and format — in seconds.

Use Scribe's GPT-4 to generate creative content, create user manuals, elevate the quality of your training materials, and more.

How Do You Make a Train the Trainer Manual?

To create a "train the trainer" manual, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the scope of the manual.
  2. Define the structure of the manual.
  3. Collaborate with HR or your product team to design a template.
  4. Develop the content for the manual.
  5. Use AI tools like Scribe to automate manual creation and save time.
  6. Distribute your manual to staff through your internal knowledge base.
  7. Collect and incorporate feedback from users.

Learn more about what you can do with Scribe:

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Generate comprehensive training manuals in seconds with Scribe's ChatGPT Training Manual Generator.