The 7 Steps of Business Process Development

Rahul Roy
November 16, 2022
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March 21, 2024
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Business process development is vital for companies who wish to create an order in their business and get their day-to-day work done quickly. Read to know more. 
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Business process development has been in the news recently, and many businesses have been using them to make their day-to-day process efficient. Several large organizations require business process development to manage their individual activity. However, not every business knows what process development is and how to develop a business process. So let's look into this topic in detail to get a better understanding of business process development.  

What is a business process?

A business process is a structure or system that organizations implement in their day-to-day operations to get specific outcomes. What is process development? You may ask and answer that question; process development is a development process that consists primarily of developing and designing, and analyzing the cost and efficiency of the process. A business process outlines all the steps that every employee must undertake to achieve the goals of the company. 

All the tasks of a business process are recorded in an SOP or Standard Operation Procedure. To plan out all of these steps, companies require the help of all the employees who will be operating the system. Once a company has developed an effective business process, its employees become more productive and require less management. 

Why does a business need a business process?

The process of business development is important for every business owner as it is important in creating a progressive business model. It involves creating a well-documented and repeatable business process which is important for the rapid growth of a business. Some of the reasons why it is so important for businesses are as follows - 


Automating the business process allows business owners to take breaks from day-to-day business operations. The automation process simplifies the day-to-day work of a company and also frees up more time which can then be utilized to manage big tasks. 

Attracts investors

Every business requires investors to fund its operations and develop effective mechanisms in a business. And if you want to sell off your business and exit it permanently, then you should have an efficient mechanism in place while selling to make the most out of the sell-out. This is because most investors want to invest in or buy a well-oiled business and do not want to be a part of failing or outdated businesses. If you have the process of running your business in your mind, then you probably won't be able to sell it so easily. 

Consistent experience 

Business process development is essential to give a consistent experience to your customers while using your product and services. If you want to add value to all your product and services, it is essential that you automate this process. For instance, a welcome email whenever a new subscriber or customer joins your company’s network and a thank you mail to everyone who buys a product will give a uniform experience to all the consumers. And you can also develop these business processes to create a more personalized experience for users. 

It helps set a process in organizations

Once you figure out how to develop a business process, you can create a gold standard for how things need to be carried out in your organization. And as a business owner, you do not need to approve each and every task in the organization, and employees feel empowered and complete important tasks by themselves and take responsibility for the completion of that tasks. 

And once there is a process in place, the management of the company does not need to spend time policing the employees, and they can spend time improving the management process, such as planning, implementing, goal setting, and executing activities to get a positive return on investment. 

How to build a business process in 7 steps

You can build an effective business process for your company by following these steps.

1. Set your goal

Define the goals of each task, and then you need to decide what you want to achieve. Your goal can be to streamline operations or free up management clutter and improve performance to grow your business. 

2. Plan the process

Once you have finalized all the goals, it's time to start the planning of the business process. In this phase, companies conduct group discussions with all the employees. This is to decide who will be responsible for what operation and how that work is supposed to be carried out. Furthermore, it is also decided which software is required to achieve a particular goal. 

3. Make a blueprint

Once you have laid down the process, then you can create a map of the workflow. Write down all the required resources and determine who will do what and what are the essential tools and important elements. Now you need to analyze each and every step of the process and determine what can be improved and which process takes up more time. Furthermore, include examples to simplify your business process. 

4. Assign tasks

To implement the business process, you need to delegate tasks to each employee. You can also choose to automate some tasks and assign others to your employees. 

5. Run the final test 

After the business process development, you need to test the entire process. This test will also allow you to determine the mistakes and discrepancies in the process. And once you have located all the errors, adjust the business process immediately. 

6. Implement the process

Now that you have created the entire process, you can now move to implement the process in your business. 

7. Review the process

After the implementation of the process, it is important that you pay attention to the process. Observing the process in its implementation helps in optimizing it better for the business. If a process is not optimized, businesses lose money and resources and waste their precious time. This can also lead to missed deadlines and a bad brand image in front of clients. 

You should check with your teams and take their suggestions seriously and try to modify the process to meet their expectations. And thus, you can develop a process that is efficient and helps employees, and in turn, you will get better results. 

Make your business processes faster & more efficient 

There are several ways by which you can increase the efficiency of your business and make it more productive. Here are a few ways that you can follow to develop your business. 

Determine your requirements 

To increase huge gains and improve the effectiveness of your business, you must first know what your requirements are. Try to talk to different people who are into the business for a long time and know about its competition. Such people can suggest certain requirements that must be fulfilled in order to make your business productive. 

These meaningful insights will make your product value, and your business will be streamlined. This way, you will come across the pitfalls, benefits, and key problems in your business. 

Prepare a rough plan

Once you have decided on your business goals, you must not delay things. And to make things effectively faster, you are required to start implementing your strategies to achieve your business goals. To do so, you can first create a rough roadmap of things that need to be done. Also, try including the key features and important points that cannot be ignored. This way, you can avoid the last moment alterations and can work on it streamlining the entire time-taking process.  

Continue taking feedback

Once you have developed a business process, you can work to improve its manifolds. And to do this, you need to develop an extensive plan to collect feedback from your team members. Oftentimes, businesses declare their mission accomplished after rolling out the process, but that's not the end. 

An essential component of building an effective business process is creating an environment in which teams feel comfortable delivering honest feedback about the process. And to do this, declare that the software is not the final one and that you are up for reviews and are willing to make improvements. 

Automate what you can

The process of business development becomes a lot easier when you automate some of the processes. You can use software like Scribe to make the business process efficient, engaging, and will be fulfilling for your team. Scribe is a process document generator that writes your SOPs for you. In seconds, you can turn any workflow into written instructions, complete with text and screenshots. Like this one:

According to a McKinsey report, 60 percent of all occupations have at least 30 percent of activities that could be automated.

For instance, if your team is working on small tasks such as setting up a mailers list or sending out campaign emails. Bots can be used to automate processes such as attendance and recording meetings, and distributing memos to employees.

This will make the process efficient, and your employees can focus on other productive tasks. 

The business process does more than just impact the working of an organization. It helps the organization present a better of itself in front of clients and potential employees. At the end of the day, you will find that the growth after creating a business process outweighs the efforts you put in to create an efficient business process for your company.

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