Best Screenshot Apps for Mac (2023)

Top 10 Screenshot Software for Mac (2023)


The built-in screenshot tool for Mac is great and easy to use. But that is as far as it goes. You cannot edit, grab high-resolution images, or annotate for professional use. Well, there’s a screenshot software Mac that completely matches your requirements.

A third-party snipping tool for macOS is the solution for you. One that allows you to crop and edit, document, save in multiple formats, and share with ease.

Screenshots are ideal for creating well-structured documentation and presentations with examples. They allow you to explain the given information in the best way possible, making it effortless for the reader to understand.

So, what is the best software for screen grabbing, saving, and sharing requirements? This roundup of the top 10 screenshot tools for the Mac operating system 2023 has your answer.

Top 10 screenshot tool/software Mac of 2023

  1. Snagit
  2. Scribe
  3. Cleanshot X
  4. Snappy
  5. Skitch
  6. Nimbus Capture
  7. Droplr
  8. Shottr
  9. Monosnap
  10. Capto

7 must-have features for screenshot tools for Mac

When choosing the best screenshot software for Mac, ensure it has all the essential features. You don’t want to download multiple tools for one job, do you? This list got you covered!

  1. Annotation: Hands down, one of the most crucial features. Adding lines, arrows, shapes, or text in a screenshot will let you make it more descriptive.
  2. Image editing: Simple image correction and editing features like adjusting the contrast, brightness, color, and tone will help make the screen grab more presentable.
  3. Multiple format support: Some interesting tools offer options for saving a screenshot in different file formats like JPG, PNG, and GIF. Such software can come in real handy while creating documentation and presentations.
  4. Shortcuts: If the tool has keyboard shortcuts to grab screens, it can help save time.
  5. Cropping: Many screenshot software don’t have the cropping option, but it is one of the most important ones.
  6. Different capture options: Capturing the entire screen, a part of the screen, or recording the screen are a few other options that your tool must have.
  7. Saving and integration: If the tool directly saves the screen grabs and recordings in the cloud, it’ll help save space and make sharing easy.

While you may not get all seven features in most software, choosing a tool with at least 5-6 of these is best.

5 Reasons why you need screenshot tools for Mac

Screenshot tools can help you create tutorial videos, take screenshots for blogs and social media posts, or add presentations. Here are five reasons you might need one for your next project:

  1. Presentation: Whether you're working on a college project or a work presentation, adding a screenshot can help you explain the concept easily. Moreover, images always add extra flair.
  2. Documentation: Nothing better than screengrabs for a step-by-step breakdown to document a process for your team or clients. It also helps with tutorial videos.
  3. Social Media, blogs, and web pages: Attaching a screenshot is the best way to give proof, and it works great in blogs and social media posts. Plus, you can also add user-generated content to your web pages and build credibility.
  4. Troubleshooting: When you receive error messages or experience application flaws that require fixing, screenshots are super useful for communicating with the support team.
  5. Sharing: Screenshots are the best rescuers when you quickly want to share information or a piece of news with your friends and colleagues.

Top 10 screenshot tools for Mac to use in 2023

When you visit the Appstore, the endless list of tool options can be confusing. It’s always best to do your research in advance by taking references from multiple sources—that’s exactly what the below list is.

It is a compilation of the best tools rated highly by the top tech websites like G2 and Capterra that rate the software according to hundreds of real user reviews. Dive in!

1. Scribe

Capterra Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Scribe Pricing: Free basic version, $23/user/month for a Pro version, and custom pricing for the Enterprise version.

Scribe Overview

Scribe is the perfect tool if you want to take a series of screenshots to document a process. All you have to do is turn on the extension or desktop app, then go through your process.

Scribe works by following along as you work to turn every click and keystroke into written instructions and annotated screenshots. Here it is in action.

It lets you annotate, redact, edit and improvise screenshots to make them all the more descriptive. Once you’re done editing, automatically create a guide and share it with your team instantly.

‎You can share Scribe as a PDF, copy it into an XML document or embed it in existing tools. It’s simple to use, saves time, and has multiple features to make your documentation processes a breeze.

And with Scribe's newest feature, Pages, you can combine Scribes with video, images and more. Create beautiful, visual documentation using screenshots — in half the time.

2. Snagit

G2 rating: 4.6 out of 5
Capterra Rating: 4.7 out of 5
Snagit Pricing: Free trial + $72.4 for one-lifetime license + first year of Maintenance
Snagit Overview

Snagit has all the features you can expect a screenshot software for Mac. You can save the screengrab or recording in multiple formats, including a GIF and save it to the cloud library. The tool also lets you annotate shots, add shadows, change the text's colors, and much more.

Apart from capturing a part of your screen, you can also take scrolling screenshots – perfect for documenting a process. This feature especially comes in handy when you want to capture long chat messages or infinite web pages horizontally and virtually.

What makes Snagit unique is that you can also extract text from a screengrab and paste it into another document or location. Additionally, the tool integrates with countless third-party apps like Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, Gmail, Slack, and more, so you can share directly.

3. Cleanshot X

G2 rating: 5 out of 5
Capterra Rating: N/A
Cleanshot X Pricing: App + Cloud Basic version for $29, App + Cloud pro version for $8/month/user
Cleanshot X Overview

With its 50+ features, Cleanshot X is a screenshot tool Mac users like you will love. It’s a seamless tool that you can use to take screen grabs, scrolling captures, and recordings. Plus, you can also add your webcam to make the grabs even more attractive.

The tool lets you annotate in multiple ways, including text, cropping, doodles, and shapes. As soon as you capture, quickly drag and drop the file to any app you’d want to share the content at. You can also upload the screenshots to the Cleanshot Cloud and get a link instantly. If you want to keep it for reference, pin the screenshot at the top of your screen like a floating image.

4. Snappy

G2 rating: N/A
Capterra Rating: N/A
Snappy Pricing: Free
Snappy Overview

Snappy is one of the top high-quality screenshot tools for Mac. The best part about this software is its user-friendly interface and organizing features. The software organizes all your snaps (screenshots) neatly at one place, so you can easily access your content within seconds.

Once you grab a snap, it stays at the top, pinned to the screen. You can now edit the grab all you want. Add annotations, or just keep it at the top for reference while working. When it comes to collaborating, share the unique URL of a snap with your team, which you can also protect with a password for higher security measures.

5. Skitch

G2 rating: 4.5 out of 5
Capterra Rating: 5 out of 5
Skitch Pricing: Free
Skitch Overview

With Skitch, you can simplify the process of drafting and sharing ideas through content, making team collaborations extremely easy. It includes a set of features to help reduce response times between collaborators. Whether you are a creative designer, colleague, team leader, or friend, you can start designing with a blank page.

Once you’ve begun, invite others to contribute to images or PDF files created by you instead of starting from scratch. Skitch has annotation options like text comments, arrows, highlighter, and approval stamps. It has a save and share feature that stores files after completing a project.

The best part is this tool synchronizes results with other apps and remembers frequently performed tasks for future use.

6. Nimbus Capture

G2 rating: 4.5 out of 5
Capterra Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Nimbus Capture Pricing: Free basic version, $4/user/month for the Pro version, $5/user/month for Team, $6/user/month for Combo pro, and $8/user/month for the Business version.
Nimbus Capture Overview

Nimbus Capture is one of the best Google Chrome extensions to record and grab visuals for collaboration and documentation. You can crap, annotate, and make your screengrabs attractive and expressive. Adding tables, texts, and files makes a screengrab a highly-informational deliverable in itself.

One of the best features of this software is that you can record your audio and video while explaining the process during a screen recording. Share the file in different formats like MP4 and GIF.

Another cool feature that you won’t find in a lot of screenshot software for Mac is real-time conversations. With Nimbus Capture, you can make comments, chat, and edit with the team.

7. Droplr

G2 rating: 4.5 out of 5
Capterra Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Droplr Pricing: Free basic version, $6/month for Pro version, $7/user/month for Team version, Custom pricing for Enterprise version
Droplr Overview

Droplr makes capturing and sharing screengrabs and recordings with your team effortless, thanks to its third-party integrations. The tool has a built-in editor to let you annotate your grabs with text, color highlights, shapes, and more.

The software also lets you capture the screen through high-quality videos and GIFs. The best part is you can also add your webcam to make the recording personalized.

Once you’ve created the final screenshot or recording, it’ll automatically be saved to your Doplr cloud account and the link will be copied to your clipboard. Share this link with your team in seconds!

8. Shottr

G2 rating: N/A
Capterra Rating: N/A
Shottr Pricing: Free
Shottr Overview

Shottr is an all-in-one tool for capturing and designing screenshots, parsing text, and editing within seconds. It’s a tiny native app that lets you annotate grabs by adding text, highlights, colored shapes, and also images to the screengrab itself. Plus, you can also take scrolling screenshots!

It comes with additional cool features like Screen Ruler to measure different objects on your screen. Use its pixelate feature to hide or remove parts of your screen and the Text Recognition feature to extract text from images.

Pin screenshots that float on your screen irrespective of what you surf – perfect for taking reference. 

9. Monosnap

G2 rating: 4.3 out of 5
Capterra Rating: N/A
Monosnap Pricing: Free basic version, $2.5/month for the Non-commercial version, $5/user/month for the Commercial version.
Monosnap Overview

Monosnap is a screenshot and screen recording software that covers all the features you may need to modify your screengrabs and share them with your team.

Capture shots and videos of high quality or create GIFs using hotkeys – super easy! Next, you can add text, shapes, and also hide unrequired information using the Blur Tool. The best part is you can store the images and videos in the Monosnap Cloud Storage or a service that your team uses.

10. Capto

G2 rating: N/A
Capterra Rating: 5 out of 5
Capto Pricing: Free 15-day trial, $29.99/user for the Premium version.
Capto Overview

Capto is a highly-intuitive screenshot tool for Mac users. It allows you to capture screengrabs, record, edit, annotate, organize, and much more.

Capture screenshots, add text clouds, shapes, colors, highlights, blur, and shadows to make the shot look attractive. Record the screen along with computer audio or your audio by connecting the microphone. With Capto, you can also annotate, crop, and compile video clips and create professional, high-quality videos.

Take screenshots on Mac effortlessly

Screenshots are more than just mere images. They help you convey information through self-explanatory visuals in a simple manner. But to make the most of these screengrabs, you need additional features like annotation, cloud storage, cropping, editing, and integration.

This list of 10 screenshot software for Mac comprises all the top tools with most of the must-have features and more.

With tools like Scribe, you can do more than just take screenshots and screen recordings. It’s ideal for compiling your screengrabs and recordings into a perfect step-by-step guide that you can share with your team and clients. Explore the app to learn more about its cool features!

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