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Stop writing your own procedural text. Use Scribe to document workflows, instructions and training materials — in seconds.
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Generate procedural text in seconds with Scribe!
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Simplify work With Scribe – Your new procedural text generator

Procedural text generation can happen in seconds. Use Scribe to effortlessly create clear and comprehensive procedural text — in seconds. Generate SOPs, manuals and more by using AI do capture and document your workflows, complete with screenshots. 

Scribe is your #1 procedural text generator

  1. Ease of Use: Scribe offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to create procedures without the need for extensive technical knowledge or training.
  2. Visual and Interactive Elements: Scribe allows the inclusion of visual aids, screenshots, and interactive elements in procedures, enhancing clarity and understanding for users.
  3. Version Control and Updates: Scribe allows for version control, tracking changes, and updating procedures as needed, ensuring that documentation remains up-to-date and accurate.

Get started with Scribe’s procedural text generator

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Step 1: Start capturing your procedure

Begin by installing Scribe and capturing the procedure that you wish to narrate. 

SOP Generator

Then, choose the 'Record' option. You can easily proceed to run through each procedure.

Step 2: Auto-generate your procedural text & screenshots 

Once you have completed each procedure, simply click on the 'Stop Recording' button, which will pause the recording process in Scribe and automatically generate the corresponding procedural text, with annotated screenshots.

Step 3: Review & improve 

Carefully examine each procedural text to ensure accuracy, clarity, and comprehensiveness. Make any required revisions to enhance the content, guaranteeing that the procedure aligns with the desired learning outcomes and provides an optimal training experience.

Step 4: Combine & document with AI

Use the ChatGPT feature to build brand new procedural text that includes your own unique processes — or build new ones from scratch. 

Step 5: Share the text with your team 

Share the procedure with your team members by publishing and distributing it. You can utilize Scribe itself to share the procedures or explore alternative methods such as email, embedding it on digital platforms, or leveraging learning management systems. By ensuring easy access to the procedure, you equip your team with the essential resources they need to learn and thrive in their respective roles.

Experience the ease and effectiveness of Scribe. This AI-powered tool enhances clarity and understanding, and empowers learners. Let Scribe revolutionize your procedure generation today, and witness the transformative impact it has on your training.

Free, fast procedural text generator!