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This free and super-simple step recorder captures your computer processes and turns them into editable guides with text and screenshots.
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Easily create step-by-step guides and tutorials with Scribe's Step Recorder Software.
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What is a step recording software?

Step recording software, also known as screen recording software or screen capture software, is a nifty tool that lets you record all your actions and activities on your computer screen. It captures every little detail on the screen, from mouse movements and clicks to keystrokes and on-screen changes.

This software captures each step you take during the recording session and creates a video file or a series of screenshots, usually as a slideshow presentation.

This feature makes it perfect for creating tutorials, training materials, documentation, and troubleshooting guides.

Step recording software is a go-to for educators, software developers, tech support teams, content creators, and anyone who needs to show others how to do stuff on a computer. 

Create automated guides and tutorials using Scribe’s Step Recorder Software to streamline your workflows

Efficient step-by-step guides and tutorials are a must to train employees, streamline workflows, and troubleshoot problems properly. But these things can be time-consuming, especially when you want to include screenshots. This is where Scribe comes in to save the day. 

Scribe’s Step Recorder Software simplifies the process by instantly capturing any process you do on the computer, turning them into easy-to-follow guides. Just hit record, perform your task, and voila! In seconds, you'll have a well-organized process document with clear written instructions and screenshots.

While it's super smart and generates precise guides, Scribe allows you to edit the instructions and add or swap screenshots. Once your tutorial is ready, you can share it with your team in multiple ways—generate a unique URL, download a PDF, export it as HTML, or upload it to a knowledge base. 

And that’s not all—you can add multiple tutorials to a single document (known as a Page) along with other text and embeds. This way, you can share your entire workflow with several smaller tasks as a single guide without overwhelming anyone. Plus, if you update your Scribe anytime, everyone with the link will get updated with the latest version.

Why choose Scribe over similar step recording software like Windows’ Steps Recorder?

Now, Scribe isn’t the only tool of its kind in the market. Other tools, like the built-in Windows’ Steps Recorder (previously known as Problems Steps Recorder), offer similar functions for computer actions documentation.

Like Scribe, it is a screen recording tool used for troubleshooting purposes. Then, what sets Scribe apart?

It's incredibly user-friendly. Unlike its competitors, Scribe doesn't require any programming knowledge, and the recording process is fully automated. Plus, it comes with the extra benefits that outshine the Windows tool like:

1. Captures all sorts of audio and video

Scribe lets you record audio and video for up to two minutes and easily include them alongside your text instructions.

You can even download these files separately whenever you need them. On the other hand, Steps Recorder lacks video and audio capture, which might be limiting for those who need audio-visual explanations or descriptions.

2. Works seamlessly on a bunch of different platforms

You can either download Scribe as a browser extension or a desktop app.

The best part is it works smoothly on various platforms like Windows, macOS and Linux, so everyone can use it hassle-free.

However, Steps Recorder is exclusive to Windows systems, meaning it won't function on macOS or Linux, making it less versatile for users with different operating systems.

Plus, it may not even work properly on older Windows versions. So, if you want a flexible tool that works across platforms, Scribe is the way to go.

3. Customize your Scribes to your heart's content

With Scribe, you can customize your recordings to your heart's content. Add steps, tips, alerts, headers, GIFs, and anything else you need to make your guides shine.

Comparatively, Steps Recorder is more limited in its editing capabilities. While it accurately captures actions, you can't directly edit or modify the recorded steps within the tool.

4. Plenty of options to share your recordings with others

Share your tutorials and guides with team members via links or in-app, and easily embed them on other sites using HTML. You can even download a PDF version if you need one.

On the other hand, Steps Recorder can share your recorded steps only as a .ZIP file, which includes screenshots and comments but lacks the versatility of Scribe's sharing options.

Getting Started with Scribe’s Step Recorder Software
Step 1: Download and install the browser extension or desktop app

Scribe offers two download options: a browser extension and a desktop app.

You can download either of them from their website.

Step 2: Capture your process

After installing Scribe, just head to the process you want to record, and click on the Scribe icon in your Chrome toolbar. 

Then, simply hit 'Start Capture,' and the software will work its magic. As you navigate through the process, it'll automatically capture screenshots and text, documenting everything as you go along.

Step 3: Stop Capture

When you finish your process, click 'Stop Capture.' It's that simple! Scribe will automatically generate a step-by-step guide for you.

Step 4: Edit and customize

As soon as you stop the recording, Scribe will create an auto-generated guide using the screenshots and text it captured. Take a close look at the guide to make sure it's spot-on, and feel free to edit it if you want to include more info or make things clearer. Get creative and add tips, update steps, and annotate screenshots to personalize your guide. Take things up a notch by combining multiple guides, and add text and video to create Pages that uniquely showcase your expertise.

Step 5: Share it with your team members

Add your team members to your Scribe workspace, share the guide using a link, or embed it into your documentation. Besides, you can also export your guide to HTML, PDF, or Markdown formats.

Whether it's step-by-step guides, SOPs, software documentation, or knowledge-base articles, Scribe is here to automate your digital knowledge-sharing needs.

Start free with the browser extension and unlock even more features with the Pro account, including the desktop recorder. 

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