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Step Recorder Software

Free AI-powered step recorder software that turns any process into a step-by-step guide in seconds.
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Easily create step-by-step guides and tutorials with Scribe's Step Recorder Software
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Scribe: The perfect Window Step Recorder Alternative

Record your web browser or desktop to create visual step-by-step guides for any process.

Scribe is a free step recorder software that captures your screen activity, so that you can easily:

  • Troubleshoot a problem.
  • Train teammates or customers.
  • Respond to tickets and build FAQs.
  • Create process documentation like SOPs, training manuals and more.

This 5-step process was made in 5 seconds with Scribe's step recorder

What is Step Recorder Software?

Step recorder software, also known as screen recording software or screen capture software, records your screen while you go through a process, then auto-generates a visual guide complete with:

  • Auto-generated text for each exact step.
  • Links to any site or future window.
  • Annotated screenshots for each click or double click.

Capture any process with step recorder software

Scribe is a secure, powerful step recorder tool that lets you record the activity by capturing your mouse movements, key-strokes and on-screen process steps.

Any team can benefit from screen recording tools, especially:

  • IT support teams.
  • Operations teams.
  • Customer Support.
  • Software developers.

Really, a Step recording software is perfect for anyone who needs to show others how to do something on a computer.

Scribe vs. Windows Step Recorder

Now, Scribe isn’t the only screen recording tool on the market. Other tools, like the built-in Microsoft Window Steps Recorder (previously known as Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7), offer similar functions to record actions.

Like Scribe, The Windows Step Recorder is a screen recording tool used for troubleshooting purposes.

Here's why Scribe is the best MS Window Step Recorder Alternative:

1. Work Seamlessly on Multiple Operating Systems

Scribe works as a browser extension and desktop app (for Pro users), allowing full screen capture across Windows, macOS and Linux.

On the other hand, the Windows Step Recorder is exclusive to Windows and Window accessory, and won't function on different operating systems.

The Window Step Recorder is also limited to newer and future Windows versions, meaning legacy systems wouldn't be able to access the screen recording feature.

Scribe is a flexible solution that can work across several different systems and even screens.

2. Capture, Document and Edit Any Process

There's a reason the Windows Step Recorder was once called a "Problem Step Recorder;" Its primary function is to help teams record technical problems.

The product is focused on having users record problem steps to then send to a support professional who can diagnose the problem for them.

Scribe offers so much more than its screen recording feature. With this flexible, AI-powered tool you can:

  • Record problem steps and share.
  • Build a troubleshoot guide.
  • Create training manuals and train course material.
  • Give feedback, add comments and save documentation.
  • Assign verifications and approvals.
  • Add additional steps, tips and a table of contents.
  • Combine steps into moving GIFs.

Do more than record problem steps. Create and customize process documents.

... and so much more.

Along with its limited scope, the Window Step Recorder is more limited in its editing capabilities.

While it accurately captures actions, you can't directly edit or modify the record problem steps.

3. Share with Team Members and Customers

There are several ways to share your tutorials and guides, depending on your needs. You can share your step recorder documents via:

  • Adding teammates directly to your workspace.
  • A quick link and permissions.
  • Embedding HTML into one of thousands of integrated tools and platforms.
  • Using a free template or AI-powered pages to combine several guides into a longer procedure.
  • Export to PDF file name or Markdown (Pro)

Share your guides in several ways

The Window Steps Recorder only lets you record problem steps and then download them into a zip file, which could be limiting and lead to confusion as you navigate version history and file names.

Disable Step Recorder by Windows and get started with your next favorite tool at the tap of a button.

Getting Started with Scribe’s Step Recorder Software

Capture any process with Scribe - step recorder software

Step 1: Download and Install the Browser Extension or Desktop App

Scribe offers both a browser extension and a desktop capture app. Download the extension for free on the Google Chrome Store to get started!

Tap Scribe's browser extension to start

Step 2: Capture Your Process

After installing Scribe, head to the process you want to record and click on the Scribe icon in your Chrome toolbar to pull up the start menu.

Scribe icon in your browser extension - step recorder software

Tap "Start Capture" in the start menu. The software will work its magic to capture and record steps as you go through your process.

Start Capture with Scribe
Click Start Capture to record your steps

Scribe's step recorder software will capture your onscreen actions, including:

  • Mouse movements and clicks to show users how to navigate a software program or website.
  • Keystrokes to show users how to type text or enter commands.
  • On-screen changes to show users how to make changes to a document or image.

Step 3: Tap Stop Capture

When you finish your process, click "Stop Capture."

Stop Capture with Scribe
Click Stop Capture to auto-generate your guide

In seconds, Scribe will auto-generate a step-by-step guide, complete with text, links and annotated screenshots.

Scribes include auto-generated text, steps and screenshot annotations.

Step 4: Edit & Customize

As soon as you stop recording, Scribe will create an auto-generated guide using the screenshots and text it captured.

Take a look at your document to note any steps that need additional context or clarity.

Customize your guide with Scribe - step recorder software
Edit and customize your recorded steps

Get creative and add tips, update steps and annotate screenshots to personalize your guide.

Take things up a notch by combining multiple guides and using the power of AI to create long-form process documentation.

Scribe getting started with Slack - step recorder software
Scribe - Getting started with Slack

Step 5: Share With Your Team Members

Instead of just creating a zip file, you can share your completed guides in several ways.

  • Adding team members to your Scribe workspace.
  • Sending a link with a quick tap.
  • Embedding HTML into a knowledge base or other platform
  • Exporting into PDF or Markdown formats. (Pro)

Share your Scribe with one click - step recorder software
Share your Scribe with one click

Scribe offers several collaborative features that let teammates:

  • Record problem steps and guides.
  • Make edits (with permissions).
  • Collaborate and add feedback in real time.
  • Browse training course materials in your work space.
  • Approve and verify documentation with a single tap.

Start free with the web browser extension and unlock even more features with the Pro Teams subscription benefit, including the:

  • Desktop recorder.
  • Various editing tools, like screen shot annotation and redaction.
  • Company branding and logos.

Create Automated Guides and Tutorials Using Scribe’s Step Recorder Software

Scribe's step recorder software lets you build efficient step-by-step guides and more to:

  • Create step-by-step tutorials for software programs, websites or other procedures.
  • Document workflows and streamline processeswith step-by-step documentation, like how to create a customer account, secure your device process a refund.
  • Troubleshoot problems: Use Scribe to document troubleshooting steps, record technical problems, record steps to reproduce a problem, or ask and answer questions.

Learn more about what you can do with Scribe step recorder software:

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