Free Browser Screen Recorder

Browser Screen Recorder

This powerful, free browser screen recorder records your screen to create step-by-step guides.
Record Your Browser for free
Record Your Browser for free
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Record your browser and create guides in seconds.
Try for free today!
Try for free today!

Free, Secure Browser Screen Recorder

Scribe's AI-powered browser screen recorder can save you hours by recording your screen directly from the browser to build powerful visual guides.

This easy-to-use screen capture tool and online recorder lets you record screen activity at the click of a button, auto-generating a step-by-step guide with:

  • AI-powered text and descriptions.
  • Clickable links.
  • Annotated screenshots.

The Ultimate Browser Screen Recorder

With Scribe, you can do so much more than simple screen recordings. This powerful screen capture tool is the best on the market and loved by millions of teams.

Review from a Scribe raving fan

Here's why:

1. Easy to Use and Capture Your Screen

Why is Scribe the best screen recorder for Chrome, Edge and more? It's simple — with Scribe, you can capture and share visual guides fast. With zero learning curve.

At the click of a button, Scribe records your browser screen as you go through your process. All you have to do is turn it off when you're done and Scribe will generate your step-by-step guide.

Record your browser while you work to make a guide in seconds.

2. Create Customized Documents

Scribe's free screen recorder tool creates guides that you can easily update and customize. Take advantage of awesome features like:

  • AI-powered descriptions.
  • Editing text and steps.
  • Adding tips, alerts and more.
  • Merging steps to create GIFs.
  • Combining guides with AI-powered tools and templates to build training manuals, SOPs and more.

Customize your guides in seconds

3. Share with anyone anywhere.

Scribe's free online screen recorder empowers anyone to record, edit and share browser activity in seconds.

With the help of Scribe's user-friendly and intuitive interface, you can transform your screen recordings into easily shareable content for teammates, customers and even family members.

Share your browser screen recording with links, embed or export
Share your browser screen recording with links, embed or export

‎Record screen activity and share through:

  • A quick link.
  • Easily embedding HTML into a knowledge base or other platform.
  • Exporting into PDF or Markdown (Pro).

How to Use Scribe's Browser Screen Recorder

Getting started with Scribe
Getting started with Scribe's online recorder

Step 1: Record Your Browser Screen

Install the Scribe browser extension, then choose the process you want to record.

Once you're ready, click on the Scribe icon in your browser toolbar to launch Scribe's user-friendly interface.

Click the Scribe icon in your browser

Click "Start Capture" and go through your process as usual.

Start recording with Scribe
Click "Start Capture" to start screen recording

‎Scribe will automatically capture screenshots and text based on your browser activity.

Step 2: Stop Capturing

Once you’ve finished, click "Stop Capture" to auto-generate your content.

Stop recording to generate a guide - Browser Screen Recorder
Click "Stop Capture" to generate a guide

In seconds, Scribe creates a step-by-step guide with links, text and annotated screenshots.

Click "Start Record," and capture your workflow.

‎Step 3: Edit & Customize

Now that you've recorded your screen activity, you can customize your guide.

Use the side bar to:

  • Add AI-powered descriptions and a table of contents.
  • Edit, remove or add text.
  • Add additional alerts, tips and tricks.
  • Merge steps to create GIFs.

Customize with Scribe
Customize your guide

With Scribe Pro and Teams Pro, you can directly edit your screenshots:

  • Annotation tools: Add text callouts, pointers, and captions to provide context and explanations.
  • Highlights: Draw attention with various highlighting options, such as arrows, shapes, and freehand drawing.
  • Redaction: Use Smart Blur to redact sensitive information.

Step 4: Use AI to Build Larger Docs

Want to build out a more extensive guide? Use Scribe Pages to combine multiple guides with text, video and GIFs. Then, let AI do the rest!

Use Scribe's AI to build larger docs

Step 5: Share With Your Team

You can easily share the visual guide with your team.

  • Send a quick link for easy access.
  • Export your guide in multiple formats, including PDF, HTML or Markdown.
  • Use Scribe's platform to distribute your guides.
  • Embed your guide into your preferred platforms for seamless integration.

Share your guide - Scribe
Share your document with one click

Add teammates to your workspace so they can take advantage of some amazing Team features, like Scribe Sidekick.

Scribes browser screen recorder has a sidekick feature which lets users easily pull and use guides
Scribe Sidekick lets your teammates pull guides for any tool

Sidekick has a slide switch that lets users pull up guides for any tool, and then follow along side-by-side as they work.

Why use Scribe's Browser Screen Recorder

With Scribe, you can quickly and easily transform your full screen recordings into visual guides.

Here are just a few ways you can use your browser screen recordings:

  • Answer a "How do I..." question.
  • Show a less technical family member how to do something.
  • Record walkthroughs of websites and web apps.
  • Create tutorials for online courses or training materials.
  • Demo new features or product walkthroughs.
  • Build troubleshooting guides for common problems.
  • Train customers and create a customer support knowledge base.
  • Capture issues and bugs encountered on websites.
  • Provide visual feedback on design proposals.
  • Record your experience for usability testing.
  • Provide remote technical support.
  • Create step-by-step guides for procedures.

Scribe's key features

Use Scribe's powerful screen recording tools to:

  • Capture any browser or desktop process with one click.
  • Blur and redact sensitive information from screenshots (Scribe Pro).
  • Start recording to automatically generate step-by-step guides with annotated screenshots and text.
  • Auto-generate text and titles with GPT-4 AI.
  • Easily edit to add alerts, tips and tricks, and update steps.
  • Use Pages to combine multiple guides with text, video, images and more.
  • Capture your entire screen with the desktop application.
  • Share guides with a single click or embed them into your documentation; Scribe integrates with 1000s of tools like SharePoint, Notion, Confluence.
  • Export to PDF, HTML or Markdown.
  • Add your team to the Scribe Chrome extension to give them access to Scribe guides as they work.

Browser screen recorder FAQs

Can I Capture My Entire Screen?

Scribe Pro and Teams Pro users can use the Scribe desktop version to capture full screen processes across applications and even computer screens.

Use Scribe's desktop screen recorder to capture your full screen across tools like:

  • Excel
  • Zoom
  • Legacy software.
  • Various operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux.

The desktop application allows you to capture any action on your computer screen desktop.

Does Scribe Record Video?

While Scribe does record screen processes to create visual guides, it does not record video.

However, you can easily combine Scribes with any video recording and even capture a Scribe at the same time as you record a video.

It's a great tool to teach video training with or respond to follow-up questions.

You can also merge steps in Scribes to create GIFs, or combine Scribes with videos in Scribe Pages.

Learn more about what you can do with Scribe:

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Scribe's browser screen recorder tool lets you build powerful, visual instructional content in seconds.

Ready to get started? Record your browser for free.

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