Supporting a Global Sales Team's Successful Onboarding of 300% Team Growth

Meg Zabrowski
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September 19, 2023
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How Talon.One used Scribe to build new outbound prospecting strategy and enable new SDR onboarding program.


How a global Sales Development team uses Scribe to support successful onboarding of 300% team growth

The team

Talon.One is a promotion software selling to enterprises. The Sales Development team is tasked with prospecting and qualifying new accounts, which helps fuel revenue growth. 

The challenge

New Global SDR leader needed to ramp new hires more efficiently, despite his team spanning eight time zones. 

The solution

Used Scribe to build new outbound prospecting strategy and enable new SDR onboarding program.

The results

Before Scribe, it would take 15-20 minutes to produce written instructions, screenshots or videos for the Sales Development team's Guru collection. After Scribe, the SDR leader, Seth, and his counterparts in Revenue Operations can create a new card in minutes, freeing up valuable time to coach new reps. 

The story

Seth was hired to build Talon.One’s Global Sales Development program from the ground up - new people, technology, and processes. Within his first 90 days, he tripled his team and completely overhauled the tool stack. His next challenge: setting new team members up for success by ensuring they know what to do and how to do it. This is where Scribe came in.

“Scribe allows me to build my SDR team’s processes in 1/10th of the time it took before.”

Seth uses Scribe to create simple how-to documentation for every step of his SDRs’ outbound process. Before, he would have had to handhold each SDR through every step of their process in team meetings, 1:1s or by manually creating documentation. Now, his SDRs can follow clear step-by-step Scribes to learn how to use their CRM and prospecting tools. This is especially important in a global organization, as Asia or Europe-based SDRs would typically have to wait an entire work day to get their questions answered.

“Scribe helps me educate the team on new processes and drive consistency in a way that would have been impossible to do across a global team exclusively through live trainings.” 

SDRs are typically early in their careers and require more coaching than other roles, so Scribe helps Seth empower each member of his team to quickly onboard and become successful. Now that Seth uses Scribe to cut his process documentation time by 90 percent, he frees up more time to provide coaching and team-building activities. 

“Scribe will allow me to build a successful scaleable SDR program over the next couple of years."

Because Talon.One was already using Guru as their knowledge management system, Seth can  use Scribe’s Smart Embed functionality to embed Scribes directly into Guru cards. Scribe has not only allowed Seth to enrich what was already in Guru but further enables him to seamlessly build new content as he changes tools and processes in the future.

For Seth, Scribe has enabled him to cut his documentation time by 90 percent, freeing up necessary time to provide coaching to his team of early-career SDRs. For his SDR team, they are now able to onboard quickly and effectively, removing the delays they typically experience due to global time zones, and accelerate their path towards success at Talon.One. 

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