Scribe User Spotlight: Danim Ahmed, Beacon Benefits, Inc.

Lauren Funaro
September 29, 2022
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September 19, 2023
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Our friend and Scribe expert Danim Ahmed, Principal at Beacon Benefits, talks about how he and his team are transforming their documentation, training and collaborative learning culture — with Scribe!


"I'm using Scribe day-to-day for all our documentation and company standard operating procedures. Across the board — from employee onboarding all the way to complex documentation, compliance and tax procedures." — Danim Ahmed, Beacon Benefits, Principal.

Our Content Editor, Lauren, sat down with Danim Ahmed, Principal at Beacon Benefits, Inc.

And the purpose of our chat? To dig into the amazing ways that Danim and his team are using Scribe.

And let me tell you, he didn't disappoint! 🥳

Here's how the self-proclaimed "Attorney, Architect and Accountant of Retirement" is building a stronger team — the Scribe way!

But first...

All about Beacon Benefits, Inc.


Retirement plan compliance experts, so you don't have to be.

Here's what they have to say!

Beacon Benefits, Inc. is a small professional service provider serving small and micro businesses.

​We partner with national investment service providers and local tax and financial professionals to provide our clients state of the art retirement programs. Our expertise allows us to create a retirement plan right for your business. Combined with tools our partners in payroll and Section 125 administration provide, we can custom design a total HR and Benefits package with world class benefits for your staff.

Our staff includes retirement plan experts with more than 20 years of experience in the field working with small to mid-size businesses. Our local support creates a continuity of service to ensure long term success.

How Danim and his team use Scribe

Danim and his team are using Scribe to pioneer two major efforts:

  1. Formal training.
  2. Collaborative learning efforts.

For formal training, Danim and his team are creating Scribes to quickly and efficiently roll out training programs.

This top-down education gets all employees on the same page for even their most difficult processes.

They're building and organizing company documentation, SOPs and other training documentation.

And as for collaborative learning, Danim's paving the way for everyone to be an expert.

Since everyone on the team has access to Scribe, anyone can:

  • Answer quick questions.
  • Collaborate and learn new processes.
  • Contribute to team growth!

Check out our chat with Danim

Learn all about:

  • Why Danim chooses Scribe over any other solution.
  • The tools he's integrating Scribe with.
  • How he's transforming work for the better!

Watch Danim's interview or read the (abridged) transcript below!

Hi Danim! I'm so excited to chat with you. Tell us a bit about yourself. 

My name is Danim and I'm from Beacon Benefits, Inc. 

We’re out here in Boston Massachusetts and we are in the 401K Market. Think of us like the:

  • Architect
  • Attorney
  • … and Accountant of a retirement plan. 

We put all three hats on and help our clients make sure that they're in compliance and able to take the tax deductions on their taxes.

What was your reaction when you created your first Scribe?

My reaction was amazement. I couldn't believe how simple it was to create a step-by-step guide and document procedures for something — just absolutely blown away and amazed.

Why you would choose Scribe vs. a different option?

I would choose Scribe for simplicity. You guys make it so simple. 

✔️ It’s a click to start the procedure documentation.

✔️ It's clicks to create the steps.

I have not seen another software that simplifies things as much as Scribe has. 

How would you say you're using scribe in your day-to-day?

I'm using Scribe day-to-day for all our documentation and company standard operating procedures. 

Across the board from the simplest things from employee onboarding all the way to complex documentation, compliance and tax procedures. 

What specific problem would you say Scribe is solving for you?

The problem Scribe has solved for us is the documentation process and how simple and easy it is to organize the steps of a procedure.

In the past, it just would be extremely time-consuming, but I think that it is just extremely simple to create the step-by-step procedures for any task that we need to do. 

And it's a huge upgrade for how we've done it in the past to how we're doing it now and will continue to do it

And in the field you're in, I could imagine it being incredibly important to be organized and reliable for your audience. 

Yes! I think organization is key to everything, but [my industry is] just another level, and Scribe has definitely helped with that.

What tools would you say you're using with Scribe?

The tools I'm using with Scribe are:

  • Loom.
  • Miro.
  • Monday CRM.
  • and Journey.

As each day goes by I'm seeing more ways how to integrate and connect multiple softwares with Scribe.

At first, it was Scribe on its own, and then I was like oh let me connect it with this app and we connect it with this app.

And you guys have the tools that really do simplify sharing and how to connect the Scribes to multiple softwares. 

So cool it sounds like you've created a really comprehensive program. Who are you using Scribe with?

We are using Scribe with internal team members only at this moment and eventually I think what we'll do is once we have completed all our documentation — of all our procedures internally — then we'll start looking at it externally and to answer those questions that we get from our clients that are just repeatable questions where we could just create a Scribe and say here you go.

What are you able to accomplish together as as team?

As a team, we're able to accomplish a couple of things.

The first thing is training. 

And what I mean by that is we're able to be much more efficient on how we use our time on training. 

The other aspect of how we're able to accomplish things together is just collaborative learning. 

It’s extremely important that team members learn from each other.

There’s always that hierarchy of training up and down, and I think there's been studies that that's not the best approach. It's always peer-to-peer and being able to learn together. 

So collaborative learning is the other piece that has definitely allowed us to accomplish our goals. 

That's such an important facet of what Scribe can do. I think that it absolutely supports formal training programs, but using it for that peer-to-peer collaborative learning is really another piece of the puzzle and it works with our idea that everyone is an expert at something. 

It’s something we're really passionate about seeing go forward so it's awesome to hear that you're using it internally for that.


Is there anyone else you're sharing Scribe with? 

I am sharing Scribe mainly with other business owners and anyone who's in a management position. 

That’s mainly because I think that group has a responsibility to continuously look for efficient ways to document procedures and communicate with their team members and make sure that they're training their staff properly and efficiently. 

So as of this moment that's the core group that I've shared Scribes with

When you tell others about Scribe, what do you say?

I keep it really simple. I just say check this out. I don't say anything and when I show them or they see it — they're just — their mind is blown.

What would your life be like without Scribe?

What would my life be like if I didn't have Scribe? It would be miserable. It would not be fun.

It would be a lot of documentation that would take me hours to do — where now it takes me minutes

You know, I’ve created a 170 step process and it takes 30 minutes where that would have taken me probably an entire day to do. 

No more manual documentation ever! Do you have any features that you find the most valuable with Scribe?

The most valuable feature I find is editing a Scribe. If I do a Scribe on a procedure, and let's say that there's a software update for that specific software and it updates. One step has to change.

I can go change that one step and leave everything else alone. And the simplicity on editing that screenshot is also extremely useful. 

I find that after I complete and edit the steps, Scribe still has it very nice and neat, organized steps that I can share with the team. And it's not co-mingled and it doesn't shift around. 

I don't have to spend a ton of time making a ton of edits. So I believe that, for me, editing is a very valuable feature. 

How would you describe Scribe in one word?

I'd have to say unbelievable. I can't believe that a software like this exists and it's this simple. And I can't believe that I think the founder started this only in 2019 — that it only started a couple of years ago. 

It has definitely changed the way I and my team members work, so it's an unbelievable software.

I love hearing that I completely agree. It’s been a pleasure talking with you — I hope I get to talk with you soon. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and your experiences. And thanks for being a Scribe power user. 

Absolutely thank you.

Thank you, Danim! 😉

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