How a Sales Operations and Enablement Leader Reduced Process Documentation Time by 93%

Meg Zabrowski
February 12, 2022
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September 19, 2023
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Crosscard's Sales Operations and Enablement team uses Scribe to automate process documentation, embedding Scribes directly into their Guru knowledge base.


“With Scribe, I can instantly create a process in a minute or less.” - Sidd Hora, Crosscard

The team

Crosscard is a fintech startup based in Luxemburg. Sidd Hora is a Sales Operations and Enablement Manager.

The challenge

Sidd spends a large portion of his time manually documenting important processes for his sales team, which is a frustratingly slow and tedious process. Additionally, their Guru knowledge base utilizes inconsistent formatting, making it harder to enable the sales team.

The solution

Sidd uses Scribe to automate process documentation, embedding Scribes directly into his Guru knowledge base.

The results

Sidd reduced time spent documenting by 93 percent and improved Crosscard’s Guru knowledge base. This access to better information increases sales enablement and productivity. Standardizing how-to formats also helps Crosscard pass through regulatory audits more quickly as the auditor can more easily understand their processes.

The story

Sidd Hora, Sales Operations and Enablement Manager, is responsible for creating processes and efficiencies across Crosscard’s sales team that:

  • Speed up onboarding time.
  • Improve sales response time.
  • Shorten sales cycles.

Sidd is a self-proclaimed productivity hacker and has automated more than 180 daily tasks for his sales team. For the processes he can’t automate, he builds out documentation with Scribe. Before discovering Scribe as a way to automate process documentation, Sidd would have to manually create and annotate documents then paste them into Confluence. Now Sidd simply turns the Scribe recorder on and completes his process. Scribe instantly produces a document with the screenshots, annotations, and text that Sidd needs.

“With Scribe, I didn’t have to take the screenshot. I didn’t have to put an arrow to tell the reader to click this button. I didn’t have to describe the process. It made my life quite easier by using the product.”

Not only is he making the process easier – he’s saving significant chunks of time for himself.

“Before Scribe, one article would have taken me 10-to-15 minutes, or even more. Scribe has literally reduced the time to one or two minutes.”

Crosscard uses Guru as their knowledge base, and with Scribe’s Smart Embed feature Sidd can build a guide with Scribe then embed the Scribe directly into a Guru card.

“My sales reps can open the Guru extension and they can see the article they need, and Scribe makes it easier for the team member who is reading it. Just press “Next” and they get to know how to do the process.”

Using a single source to create these guides also creates consistency for the knowledge base. Free from structural issues like varying styles in different documents, employees can count on a more reliable experience.

It’s also been crucial for a fintech company that has to abide by government regulations.

“Documenting our processes for regulatory compliance is really important for us. Scribe will make it easier for the auditor to understand what processes we are doing.”

Scribe enables Sidd to reduce the time it takes to document his sales org’s processes by 93 percent, and makes it easier for his team to gain access to the information they need, right where they’re already working. Sidd is in the process of implementing Scribe across other teams in the organization and also uses it to build documentation for customers.

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