From New Hire to Process Prodigy: A Marketing Operations Manager's Secret Weapon

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November 16, 2023
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November 30, 2023
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From cutting-edge visual workflows to creating a library of FAQs, learn how Lynne's strategic use of Scribe helped her get an instant win and transformed the team's approach to documentation.


If you’ve ever started at a new company, you know how critical it is to make a good first impression. Lynne Miller, a brand new Marketing Operations Manager, knew Scribe would help her do just that. 

Lynne was hired to help establish processes and increase efficiency across the Marketing organization. She had used Scribe in her previous company and knew it would be her secret weapon for documenting and sharing processes. 

In her first few days, she identified an everyday process that needed to be optimized. Instead of recording herself or building a doc on her own, she turned to Scribe. 

In a matter of minutes, she had created and shared a Scribe with her team. The result? Total awe. 

"I had so many messages asking "What was that tool you used for documenting the process? How do you do that?”" — Lynne Miller

With her first win at her new company under her belt, Lynne was determined to:

  • Scale her process documentation efforts.
  • Create a knowledge library for repeatable questions.
  • Help everybody – regardless of technical aptitude – learn processes.

And she did all of this with Scribe. Let's dive into the details.

What is eXp Realty?

eXp Realty is the largest independent real estate company in the world with more than 89,000 agents. 

The documentation challenge 

When Lynne joined eXp Realty and saw her teammates manually documenting processes with Google Docs, she knew she could make a massive impact by introducing Scribe. 

"Each process within our team was documented in Google Docs and didn't feel standard for a global team. Screenshots were just shared in a document that didn’t have any branding."

Without a single source of truth, the team lost time and ran into process discrepancies. They needed a documentation solution that was simple, reliable, and scalable. 

That's when Lynne introduced her team to Scribe.

How does eXp Realty use Scribe?

Here's how Lynne used Scribe to help her team learn even the most complicated processes. 

Creating a library of guides for repeat questions 

As the go-to person for Marketing processes at eXp, Lynne quickly realized that manually answering her teammate's questions would be extremely time-consuming. 

Because she has Scribe, she can automatically create a step-by-step guide with editable screenshots and text, then add her company's branding for an extra-professional look. 

Once you create a guide, you can share it infinite times. This lets Lynne answer repeat questions in seconds instead of re-typing instructions. 

"When somebody asks me a question, I default to capturing it in Scribe so that the next time anyone asks me that, I just have to send them the link. Prior to using Scribe, I would have re-explained myself or re-typed something into Google Docs again and again which is a waste of time."

Lynne and her teammates love how professional and on-brand Scribes look. Before, they created guides in Google Docs with no branding or standardization, leading to a fragmented and confusing employee experience. With Scribe, every guide follows the same structure and has the eXp brand. 

"When I share something in Scribe, it feels very official. I love that Scribe has that kind of elevated professionalism about it."

Building a visual workflow for larger processes 

eXp has several larger, interconnected procedures that require following a specific order. 

Because Scribe guides take so little time to create, Lynne can explain these complicated procedures by: 

  • Breaking out the procedure into smaller processes. 
  • Creating visual workflows in Canva.
  • Adding Scribes for each process so team members can follow each step. 
"Everyone can see the overall process of how things are done. Scribe is my nitty gritty on how to do something within a system or a tool and then the visual workflow is for a higher level organizational perspective."

Finding a simple, scalable documentation system for a company’s hairiest procedures is a tall task. Armed with Scribe, Lynne delivered this system in her first few months at the company. 

Answering questions quickly and comprehensively 

Being the go-to person for processes can cost you a lot of time. Constant interruptions by colleagues asking for help take away from your actual work. If your colleagues have a tough time keeping up with changes in tools and systems, the interruptions can really stack up. 

Go-to people must be able to answer questions quickly and comprehensively to avoid wasting precious time in continuous back-and-forth and handholding. Scribe lets Lynne break this communication barrier by generating step-by-step guides, including screenshots and text, that make it easy for anyone to follow and learn quickly. 

"Scribe helps with the back-and-forth with colleagues because it minimizes the point of frustration and removes the barrier between me and the person because I can just share a Scribe with easy-to-follow instructions."

The results: A major impact and a shift in process management

"Scribe just makes it so easy. I feel like I have this secret weapon in my tool kit – it takes me five minutes or less to capture any process."- Lynne Miller, the Marketing Operations Manager at eXP Realty.

Scribe enabled Lynne to impact her team immediately in her first few days at the company – and it didn’t stop there. Lynne has simplified communicating processes across a large number of people, and built up a library of resources to help onboard new employees. 

Lynne utilizes almost all Scribe features for documenting processes at eXp, but she truly loves how:

  • Scribe AI automatically titles all Scribes and pulls in the tool icon.
  • Scribe customizes the look and feel of each Scribe according to the brand style. 
  • Scribe Chrome extension allows you to record your browser's actions without going through the tool. 

With Scribe, Lynne could reduce her documentation time, track processes, and create a visual workflow for larger teams to access. 

Whether you’re brand new or tenured at your company, you can make a big impression today with Scribe.

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