How Gong Uses Scribe to Exceed Customer Expectations & Boost Retention

Lauren Funaro
May 31, 2023
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September 19, 2023
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Discover how Scribe helped Gong, a revenue intelligence startup, increase its customer experience and boost the team's performance


Whether you're a CSM or MSP, every client-facing team walks the tightrope between keeping customers happy and getting things done on the back end.

This is the challenge that Alyssa Sanchez, Senior Customer Support Manager at Gong, was determined to resolve. With only so many hours in a day, she struggled to give every customer the white-glove service they deserved at scale while trying to manage the day-to-day operations needed to do her job well.

So when she discovered Scribe, she launched her team full-force into a plan that enabled them to move faster, overcome scaling issues and exceed expectations to turn customer satisfaction into love.

Alyssa and her team are using Scribe to:

  • Provide tailored white-glove customer support.
  • Share documentation across her whole team.
  • Spend less time on internal tasks — and more helping customers!

Here's how Scribe helps Alyssa take her team (and her clients) to the next level.

‎The customer-facing challenge

What is Gong? 🤔 Gong is a revenue intelligence software that allows you to record customer-facing interactions, so you can stay on top of your pipeline, follow up accounts, give and receive feedback, and so much more. Gong is an expert at giving organizations a platform to record and capture customer-facing interactions, including calls, emails and web conferences. Sales teams can manage their pipelines efficiently, automate follow-ups and gather insightful feedback by utilizing the Gong platform. 

Alyssa Sanchez began her career at Gong as a Sales Development Representative (SDR). In the four years since, she's grown into a Senior Customer Success Manager (CSM) — where she now manages a book of 170 customers.

Her goal? To guarantee that every single one of the 170 achieves their unique objectives and gets the most out of the product.

But practical obstacles made it almost impossible to give each customer the care they needed.

Like Alyssa, all client-facing teams face the challenge of balancing their time and efforts across a growing book of customers. Add that to a remote workforce, where teams struggle with project silos, disjointed communication and collaboration issues.

Alyssa wanted to empower herself and her colleagues to get their time back, so they could focus on what really matters to them: creating excellent customer experiences.

That's how she found Scribe.

How Alyssa uses Scribe for customer success

Before finding Scribe, Alyssa spent hours manually writing detailed documentation, pulling and editing screenshots, and stretching herself thin, attempting to answer dozens of queries a day.

"It's pretty hard to keep track of [how-to documentation], and email screenshots are not the most visually pleasing." — Alyssa Sanchez

Here's how Alyssa and her team use Scribe to ensure customers get the service they need, speed up response time, and reduce calls back and forth.

1. Build an FAQ library

With so many queries to sift through, Alyssa's team quickly identified repeat questions, then used Scribe Pages to build a resource library.

"It's really little things that add up to a lot of impact that a CSM can have on a customer."

With easy search functionality, Alyssa can quickly find the Scribe she needs. Then, she'll share a link with customers instead of manually responding to emails with images and visuals. 

This shortened procedure ensures every customer is satisfied, giving Alyssa time to focus on more time-intensive contacts.

📌 Scribe Tip: Go beyond the help center. With Scribe, you can build individual databases of how-to guides that are custom to client needs — without all of the extra work.

2. Train internal teams

As a Senior CSM, Alyssa's responsible for upskilling new hires on internal tasks and turning them into product experts.

She's using Scribe to identify and document tasks that keep operations running, like:

  • Updating CRMs.
  • Making customer quotes.
  • Logging simple tasks.
  • Completing reports.

On top of that, she's sharing the Customer Success Library her team built for customers to show new employees the ins and outs of Gong.

"We use it just how we would externally when we're sending workflow suggestions via Scribe to our customers. We use both the internal and external Scribes with our new CSM hires, so it's a really interesting use case because it fits so many different roles."

This enables Alyssa to answer questions, cuts the need to hop on Zoom calls throughout the day and ensures that each new employee has a point of reference to use again and again.


3. Hold collective quarterly audits

Gong's processes are evolving with the tool. To make sure that she and her team are always sharing best practices, Alyssa communicates their internal and external-facing Pages via Slack once a quarter. The goal is to allow the team to resolve outdated or incorrect information, fill gaps and augment their processes in real time.

"We create as many [Scribes] as we can, and the list is growing, which is awesome."

The results: Increased productivity & customer satisfaction

"I actually have received feedback from customers about how amazed they are with how fast I responded and solved a problem or issue."

With Scribe, Alyssa and her team can quickly provide customers with tailored information while upskilling themselves. This has increased ramp-up time, broken workplace silos and enabled them to focus on meaningful customer engagements. 

📌 Scribe Tip: Instead of depending exclusively on business support pages and internal articles, which might not always deliver precise information, Scribe lets you create customized documentation to troubleshoot issues and train clients — fast. 

Now, the CSM team can handle more customer interactions and deliver better results, increasing satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

Want to use some of Alyssa's tips? Check out her free customer success template.

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