Steal a Gong CSM’s Hacks for Giving White-Glove Service to 175+ Customers

Lauren Funaro
June 14, 2023
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November 2, 2023
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Get easy, free tips on managing several daily queries while leading a team from a Senior CSM at the 178m revenue intelligence software company.
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“White-glove service” is practically the national anthem of customer success. But when you’ve got a crammed calendar, a phone that won’t stop buzzing and an inbox that couldn’t see zero if it tried — it’s easier said than done. 

And excellent, “white-glove” experiences aren’t exclusive to Fortune 500 teams. With churn costing companies as much as 1.6 trillion per year, it’s not enough to just get by. 

These experiences are Gong’s top priority as a customer success platform with over 178m in revenue. Senior Customer Success Manager Alyssa Sanchez currently manages a book of 175 (and counting) clients, all while leading and upskilling a team of remote and hybrid employees.

You don’t need to break the bank to run a best-in-class CS function. We chatted with Alyssa to unlock the easy (and free) tricks that helped her:

  • Support the success of 175+ customers + ~3m in revenue.
  • Onboard +300 customers — fast. 
  • Maintain consistent high performance against KPIs. 
  • Mentor new CSMs for a seamless onboarding and ramp experience.

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Steal her top 4 tips today. 

Tip 1: Let AI do the work you don’t want to do.

We know, we know, AI is the buzzword of the week. I promise it’s not what you think. 

Instead of having ChatGPT talk to your customers (you know, the part of your job you probably like the most), let AI do the work that makes you want to doom-scroll on the hunt for a distraction. 

Alyssa’s tool of choice is Scribe, the extension and desktop app that builds process documents for you. Using Scribe, Alyssa has a knowledge base of resources that she can create, edit and share… in seconds. 

Each Scribe automatically comes with text and annotated screenshots, so you can focus on prepping for the call — not building the follow-up doc.  

"Creating Scribes has already saved eight days of work for one CS team member" — Alyssa Sanchez, Gong

Here's an example of a Scribe (captured in just 15 seconds)! 

Tip 2: Focus on personal touchpoints that take less than a minute.

Fielding dozens of queries a day? Speed is the name of the game.

You don’t always have to wrap up your communications in branding and a sleek pitch deck. Even the strongest email won’t mean a thing if it’s a week overdue. 

The most critical factor in any customer experience is response time. 

But don’t worry — that doesn’t mean settling for half-baked, impersonal communications. 

Alyssa uses Scribe to build user guides, templates and FAQs that she can quickly customize to match each customer’s experience, tools and brand elements. Then, instead of drafting a whole new email, she just sends a link. 

You don’t have to be glued to your inbox to give your clients exactly what they need. 

"I actually have received feedback from customers about how amazed they are with how fast I responded and solved a problem or issue."
📌 Steal Gong’s knowledge base hacks to drive customer success.

Tip 3: Stop hurting your team by doing everything.

Have you ever spent a vacation anxiously waiting for the phone to ring because no one else can Salesforce? 

As a leader, it’s easy to bear the administrative burden. But you’re not doing your team any favors by taking the brunt of the workload. Instead, you lose precious hours to repetitive tasks and keep your team from learning the skills they need to grow. 

To keep things running smoothly (so she can enjoy vacation sans screentime), Alyssa documents the daily tasks for managing operations, like:

  • How to update the CRM.
  • How to make quotes.
  • How to log simple tasks.
  • How to complete reports.
📌 Scribe tip: Get the most out of your guides! Alyssa doubles up on training by using her client-facing resources to upskill new hires on the product ins and outs. 


Tip 4: Embrace that there are probably (definitely) things you don’t know

👆And that’s great! The best part of running a talented team is that you’ll always learn something new. 

That also means your best practices will grow and change with the processes. Instead of racking your brain for every new shortcut, crowdsource from your team. 

You can do this by holding regular audits of your knowledge base. Each quarter, Alyssa sends out a Slack message that rallies the troops to: 

  • Review and resolve outdated information.
  • Fill gaps and identify opportunities for new content.
  • Provide feedback and augment their processes in real time.
"We create as many Scribes as we can, and the list is growing, which is awesome." 

Steal these white-glove service hacks to build your new strategy

Now that you’ve dug through Alyssa’s four major hacks for unmatched customer success, it’s time to take action. It’s your turn to:

  1. Let AI do the work you don’t want to do. 
  2. Focus on personalized touchpoints that take less than a minute. 
  3. Stop hurting your team by doing everything. 
  4. Embrace that there are probably (definitely) things that you don’t know! 

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