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Enhance your online privacy effortlessly with Scribe's Image Blur & Redaction Tool. Protect sensitive information, redact personally identifiable data, and share secure communication with our free screenshot blur tool.
Generate and Blur Images
Generate and Blur Images
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Try for free today!

Take Image Blurring & Redaction to The Next Level With Scribe

Tired of struggling to protect sensitive information while also working quickly?

Use Scribe's screen capture tool to build and share visual process guides while blurring sensitive information — in seconds. Scribe's enhanced privacy measures let you say goodbye to privacy concerns and hello to secure communication!

What is An Image Blur Tool?

An image blur tool can secure information and edit and enhance screen captures.

Screenshot blur tools can be used for many purposes, including:

  • Redacting personally identifiable information (PII): Use a blur screenshot tool to redact PII, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, from screenshots of documents or web pages.
  • Protect sensitive information: Blur images to protect sensitive information, such as private data, financial information, or proprietary business data, from being accidentally or intentionally exposed. You can share relevant information without compromising privacy or security by blurring out specific screenshot areas.
  • Mask faces or objects: Blurring photos to mask faces or objects in screenshots protects privacy or for creative purposes.
  • Emphasize key elements: Blurred images can draw attention to specific screenshot features by creating a visual hierarchy. By blurring out less important background details to de-emphasize content, you can guide the viewer's focus to the main point of the screenshot.

Why Use Scribe's Image Blur & Redaction Tool?

1. Effortless Privacy Enhancement

Scribe simplifies the process of blurring images and redacting sensitive details from multiple screenshots. Scribe's blurring feature is the fastest way to hide sensitive information in screenshots. Use Scribe's screenshot blur function as you work to capture and blur highly confidential data with ease.

2. Easily Capture & Blur Multiple Screenshots at Once

Scribe captures your screen as you work, taking screenshots of every action you perform. When you're done, Scribe auto-generates a step-by-step guide, complete with your blurred images and text. With Scribe's Smart Blur feature, you can auto-redact categories of information to blur all screenshots at once. You can also use the manual redaction features to blur specific details.

3. Streamlined Protection

Scribe helps ensure your private details remain hidden by turning them into protected content. With Scribe's Smart Blur tool, you can blur specific areas and redact personal information to maintain confidentiality. You no longer have to worry about unauthorized access to your images and screenshots, and you can communicate confidently, knowing that your content is secure.

How to Blur and Redact Images with Scribe

Download the Scribe desktop app, then navigate to the process you want to capture.

Download the Scribe desktop capture app - Image Blur & Redaction
Download the Scribe desktop capture app

Step 1: Capture Any Process

Click "Start Capture" to turn on Scribe and capture your screen.

Click Start Capture to capture your process - Image Blur & Redaction
Click Start Capture to capture your screen

Step 2: Click "Smart Blur"

Once your screen capture begins, the on-screen recording controls will open in the corner of your screen. To blur or redact an image, click "Smart Blur."

Click Scribe
Click Smart Blur to blur information or images

Toggle any categories of sensitive data you want to be blurred out.

You can choose between 7 types of sensitive data to blur automatically:

  • Email addresses.
  • Numbers.
  • Common names.
  • Long text.
  • Form fields.
  • Table rows.
  • Images.

Just click the toggle next to any data types you wish to blur, and you'll see a blurred effect automatically applied to your screen.

If there are additional elements that you want to blur out, select "Choose Elements" and click the elements you want to be redacted.

By blurring or pixelating the sensitive areas of the image, you can effectively redact information while still maintaining the visual integrity of your screenshots.

Then go through your process as usual. Scribe works in the background to automatically capture screenshots and create steps and images from your onscreen activity.

Step 3: Stop the Capture

Once you’re done with your process, click "Stop Capture". This will stop the Scribe recording and auto-generate the document with step-by-step processes and your blurred screenshots.

Click Stop Capture to generate your guide - Image Blur & Redaction
Click Stop Capture to generate a screenshot guide

Step 4: Use AI to Build Larger Docs

Use Scribe Pages to customize your guide by combining multiple guides with text, images, video and more. Then, let AI do the rest!

Use Scribe
Use AI to write your doc

Step 5: Share With Your Team or Clients

Share your guides in seconds. Here's how:

  • Share a quick link for easy access.
  • Export your guide in multiple formats, including video files.
  • Use Scribe's platform to distribute your guides.
  • Embed your guide into preferred platforms for seamless integration.

Share your Scribe with one click - Image Blur & Redaction
Share your guide with one click

Scribe's high-quality screen capture software redefines how you blur sensitive information. Try our screenshot blur tool and easily blur screenshots and screen captures.

Get Scribe Pro today!


What Can I Do With a Screenshot Blur Tool?

Here are a few additional ways you can use a screenshot blur tool on your screen captures:

  • Enhance clarity and focus: Enhance the clarity and direction of a screenshot by reducing visual distractions. You can make the screenshot easier to understand and navigate by blurring irrelevant or cluttered elements.
  • Improve aesthetics: The blur effect can improve the overall aesthetic of a screenshot by creating a more balanced and polished appearance. Selectively blurring certain areas can produce a more visually appealing composition.
  • Create visual effects: Add blur to create visual effects. You can blur the background of a screenshot to make the subject stand out or blur a moving object to simulate motion.

How Do You Redact An Image?

You can manually redirect sensitive information from your screenshots through the screenshot editor or automatically with Scribe's Smart Blur feature through the browser extension.

You can also manually redact information for individual screenshots through Scribe's screenshot editor.

To redact an image, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the desired Scribe. Make sure it is in edit mode.
  2. Click the "edit screenshot" shortcut.
  3. Click "Redact Forever".
  4. Press, hold, and drag over the area you would like to redact.
  5. Before you save, make sure the redacted area looks good.
  6. Click "Done" to permanently redact.

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Blur and redact sensitive details in seconds. Experience the fastest way to enhance data privacy with Scribe's intuitive Smart Blur features.