Automatically Generate Process Documents with Scribe AI

Meg Zabrowski
December 1, 2023
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December 13, 2023
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Scribe AI creates detailed SOPs, help centers, user guides and more for any business process — so you can focus on the process, not the documentation.


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What is Scribe AI? 

2023 was the year of AI. 

Largely thanks to OpenAI’s public release of ChatGPT, we all got out minds blown by using AI in our daily lives. 

We were able to leverage OpenAI’s LLM to improve our own product and help our users document processes faster and more easily than ever. 

We use AI in 3 main areas of the product:

  • AI-generated titles. 
  • AI-powered descriptions.
  • AI text in Pages. 

This guide shows you how to use Scribe’s AI to automatically generate Pages. Scribe AI creates detailed SOPs, help centers, user guides and more for any business process — so you can focus on the process, not the documentation.

How to write a Page with Scribe AI

Pages are a document type within Scribe that allows you to organize numerous Scribes in one Page with text, videos, screenshots and more. It’s perfect for those longer, complex or connected processes. You might use Pages to build a training manual, employee handbook or FAQ page. 

Now, you can use the power of AI to build your Page in seconds, creating a beautiful process document that makes you look like a superhero to your team! 

Ask AI to write your process documentation 

With Scribe AI, you can easily transform a blank page into a comprehensive and contextual process document with just one prompt.

Step 1: Write your prompt 

To get started, type / and select “Draft with AI” from the dropdown. We give you a few standard document types (SOP, onboarding guide, overview doc) to try, or you can type your own in the prompt box. 

Remember! Scribe AI works best with a strong prompt. When writing your prompt, keep these tips in mind.

  • What type of document do you want? SOP? New hire onboarding guide? Tool implementation guide? 
  • What tools are covered in this document? This is super important! We will also recommend Scribes to include based on what tool you type in. 
  • Who is this document for? A new hire on the Account Executive team? For all employees? For managers?

These answers will help our AI build the perfect process doc for your team. 

Step 2: Select your Scribes

Select the Scribes you want to include in your Page by either selecting from “Recently Created” or using the search box. Scribe AI will automatically embed the Scribes throughout your Page based on context. 

Check out this Scribe for a step-by-step guide on using the prompt box.

Ask AI to improve your process document

Once Scribe AI has created your process document, you can ask it to improve the grammar, tone and spelling. This functionality is also perfect if you want a second pair of “eyes” to edit it. 

Here are the edit capabilities you can use: 

  • Improve writing.
  • Fix grammar.
  • Make professional.
  • Make friendly.
  • Summarize.
  • Expand.

Check out this step-by-step guide for more info. 

Tips & tricks 

#1. Type / to add additional content types

Once Scribe AI has done its thing and written your Page, you can always add additional content by typing / to open up the content menu. 

From here, you can choose to add video, images, placeholder Scribes, text and more. 

#2. A better prompt = a better Page

When using LLMs, it’s really important to write a thorough prompt. So, make sure to tell Scribe AI exactly who the guide is for, what tools are included, how long you want it to be, and any other specifics you may have in mind. This will save you precious time when editing! 

#3. Pages are meant to be shared

Once you’ve used Scribe AI to help you write your Page, it’s ready to be shared! You can share via link or by embedding it into a 3rd party tool. As long as you’ve set the sharing settings to “Shareable with Link,” anyone can view and learn from your Page!

Create a Page with Scribe AI by clicking here.

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