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Generate Processes!
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Try for free today!

Introducing Scribe—Your Process AI Generator

Let AI do the work you don't want to do.

Scribe effortlessly creates, captures and documents processes—in seconds. With Scribe’s AI-powered capabilities, you can automate and document complex workflows across enterprise functions like HR, IT, finance, legal, customer success and sales.

Why Choose Scribe for Process AI?

  1. Quick, Effortless Documentation: Scribe leverages intelligent automation to generate process workflows. Simply go through your process, and Scribe transforms your actions into a comprehensive, detailed workflow you can share and use to collaborate with your team. Or, use AI to build a new workflow for you.
  2. Pre-Built Templates: With thousands of customizable templates for various industries and use cases, Scribe eliminates the need for manual documentation. Create stunning visual process docs with ease—while saving time and boosting efficiency and productivity.
  3. Easy Feedback and Collaboration: Empower your team to contribute to workflow development, gather feedback, and continuously review and update the processes to meet industry standards and best practices.

Get Started with Scribe's Process AI Generator

Step 1: Capture Your Process

Sign up for Scribe Pro and download the application. Once it’s up and running, navigate to the process you want to document and hit the Scribe icon in the Chrome toolbar. 

Click "Start Capture" and let Scribe get to its job. While you go through the process, Scribe automatically captures screenshots and text, transforming your actions into an engaging, visual step-by-step guide.

Start Capture button - Scribe

Step 2: Hit "Stop Capture" — Your First Draft is Ready!

Stop Capture button - Scribe

After you've executed the process, click on "Stop Capture". Scribe will instantly stop recording, generating a well-organized, structured document based on your actions.

Generate your process - Scribe

Step 3: Let AI Build Your Process Workflows

Use Scribe’s built-in template library to create process documentation from scratch. Enter a prompt in the text field, and Scribe will generate a workflow aligned with your industry standards and best practices.

You can also combine multiple Scribes—including videos and documents—and let AI auto-generate a customized workflow as per your specific needs.

Build Process Workflows with AI - Scribe

Step 4: Edit & Customize

Once you've finished the process, thoroughly review the document and ensure it accurately reflects the steps. Edit or modify content as needed.

With Scribe Pro, you can customize your documents as you like and make them truly stand out.

  • Customize with your logo and brand colors.
  • Annotate screenshots or update steps.
  • Redact sensitive information.
  • Incorporate tips & tricks, headers, alerts, and even GIFs.

Customize Process Workflows - Scribe

Step 5: Share The Process With Your Team!

Sharing the process documentation with your team is easy. You can:

  • Send a quick link.
  • Export your guide into multiple formats, such as PDF, HTML, and Markdown.
  • Share the link via the Scribe workspace.
  • Embed the guide into your preferred channels for seamless integration.

Share Process Workflows - Scribe

If you plan to use process AI to improve your business processes, start by documenting your processes with Scribe. Create a solid foundation for using process AI to improve the accuracy and insights of your process documentation.

Learn more about what you can do with Scribe:

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Unlock the power of AI to capture, document, and share your processes with Scribe. Try Scribe's free Process AI generator today!

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