How Coronis Health increased procedure compliance to 98 percent with Scribe

Meg Zabrowski
January 20, 2023
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September 19, 2023
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Coronis Health uses Scribe as a simple, scalable, and compliant process documentation solution -- while saving their team 60+hours (and counting!).


As a company helping clients in the healthcare space, processes are absolutely critical to how both Coronis and their clients do business.

Coronis Health is a revenue cycle management company serving healthcare facilities of all sizes nationwide. Conner Doyle, Vice President, Business Development & Operations, and his Operations team lead the charge on process implementation and documentation.

Coronis leverages over 50+ applications to support their 1,500+ customers. The Operations teams are responsible for completing highly specific tasks for both. Conner’s 11-person Analytics team documents these processes for the 10,000+ employees across Coronis’ client base to follow. 

To facilitate these tasks, each process was manually documented in Word or PDFs to create standard operating procedures. As you can imagine, this was extremely labor-intensive for Conner’s team — some documentation would take hours. 

“My team would sit there taking screenshots and copy/pasting images and text in Word docs. It was extremely labor intensive and manual, and would waste hours of my team’s time.” — Conner Doyle, VP, Business Development and Operations

While Conner’s team was primarily responsible for processes, others had their own expertise and ways of doing things. Without a single source of truth, they ran into a ton of discrepancies in how things were being done across Coronis and their clients. This cost Coronis employees more time and ongoing frustration. 

Coronis needed a process documentation solution that was simple, scalable, and compliant. 

That’s why when Conner discovered Scribe, he knew it’d be game-changing for Coronis and their clients.


After adopting Scribe as Coronis’ new standard for process documentation, Conner’s team kicked off an effort to map out the company’s most important processes. They used these as their baseline for building net-new Scribe content. Then, they looped in tool owners in other teams to create Scribes and add them to their library. 

The task of documenting all operational processes (previously impossible) became feasible (even enjoyable) with Scribe. 

Coronis leaders set the precedent that any time someone does something that could be replicated down the line, they should create a Scribe. This helped the company standardize the format for process documentation and save time, all while building a large library of standard operating procedures for employees.


Coronis immediately recognized the time-saving benefits for both Scribe creators and viewers, so Conner’s team decided to kick it up a notch. 

The Analytics team is responsible for responding to support tickets and analytics requests from within the organization. They quickly realized that using Scribe to answer tickets would drastically reduce the time to completion. Through analysis, they identified and mapped out the most common requests coming through the ticketing system. 

This allowed them to create a large library of Scribes for these questions. Now, rudimentary processes (such as “how to log in to Hubspot,”) can be answered quickly and thoroughly. 

They’ve since seen a decrease in the number of repetitive requests coming in as they’ve successfully taught employees to check Scribe before submitting a ticket. 

The Analytics team also supports the company’s operational teams by providing them with requested data or analysis. Now, any time a ticket comes in asking the Analytics team to run a report for an employee, they’re able to send Scribes to teach them how instead. 

By using Scribe, they’ve empowered Coronis employees to answer their own questions instead of relying on and waiting for another team. This way, Coronis can support customer needs more efficiently.


Coronis employees frequently work with offshore teams, which creates a lot of bottlenecks due to teaching and collaborating with their global peers. 

Before Scribe, it was hard to transfer tasks due to different time zones and a lack of proper explanation. 

Because Scribe is easy to use, share, and store, Coronis employees can quickly and efficiently transfer tasks to the offshore team.

"We’re able to easily transfer a complex task to an offshore team without having to have a bunch of meetings, Zooms, and back-and-forth. We’ve already been able to transfer 50-60 hours of labor using Scribe alone." - Coronis Team Member

Tasks that might previously have been considered too complex or challenging to transition can now be easily moved to the best teams, with confidence that they’ll be executed accurately.  

Approval & Validation

Because Coronis works with healthcare clients, they regularly handle a lot of PII (personally identifiable information). It’s critical that patient data never ends up in their process documentation. 

To ensure this never happens with their Scribes, they’ve set up an easy internal approval process. 

They’ve split their users into 2 teams: Collaboration and Published. Here’s how it works:

  • Employees create Scribes in the Collaboration team. 
  • Director level+ reviewers are able to use Scribe’s Review Queue to easily go in and verify the Scribes are accurate and don’t have any PII. 
  • Once verified, the Scribes are moved to the Published team, where the rest of the employees can access via the library.
“The process for verifying content gives us confidence that our employees are accessing the right procedure documentation and that it’s appropriate for the audience. Scribe is able to be our one-stop-shop for all SOP documentation, making it easy for teams to find and follow.”— Conner Doyle, VP, Business Development and Operations


The positive impact of Scribe is threefold for Coronis: 

  • 10,000 minutes of saved time for Conner and his team.
  • 18% increase in participation and compliance across all operational procedures.
  • 20% increase in accuracy for completed tasks.

Scribe allows Coronis to build a culture of process adherence – employees know to go to Scribe to find existing Scribe documentation and are confident that the documentation they find is accurate and compliant. This has reduced the number of tickets Conner’s team receives and improved overall cooperation of processes. 

“Our processes can be complicated and inconsistent, so employees were finding their own workarounds. Now that they can find all their answers in Scribe, we’ve seen participation and compliance with our stated procedures increase to 98 percent where it was previously 80 percent.” - Coronis Team Member

Coronis’ Account Managers, who are in charge of doing work for the client, can follow crystal clear instructions to ensure no mistakes happen in the clients’ systems — a high bar with 50+ platforms and highly-specific tasks for each system and process. With Scribes as guidance, Coronis has seen an increase from 75 to 95 percent accuracy in completed tasks. 

Not to mention the time saved realized by Conner, his team and all other employees who document processes.

“I have a Scribe that’s received over 2,000 views. Before Scribe, I could have spent 5 minutes teaching someone how to do that thing. That’s 10,000 minutes — or a month of my time — I’ve potentially saved myself just by using Scribe.”

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