Learn How To Use Zendesk With Scribe Step-by-Step Guides (+ Template)

Maddy Osman, Expert Product Reviewer
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September 19, 2023
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Scribe is a fantastic tool for teams to learn how to use Zendesk effectively. Teach your customer service and support teams how with these simple Scribes.
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Zendesk is a web-based platform that helps customer service and support teams handle customer issues. Using the platform, you can streamline your support operations and improve customer satisfaction. 

Zendesk has more than 170k customers across the globe. In 2021, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant research identified Zendesk as a leader in the customer service and support space. 

The Zendesk suite offers several products, including support, chat, talk and (of course) sell. 

We’ll focus on Zendesk Support, which helps you create a simple ticketing system to improve customer experience. Zendesk Support also offers an admin center and agent interface

Keep reading to learn how to use Zendesk Support through simple step-by-step guides created using Scribe

How Scribe converts processes to step-by-step guides

Scribe is a web-based application that helps you document and share processes. The app empowers you to share knowledge in several different ways. 

  • Share your step-by-step guides with friends and family.
  • Train your team to use online tools (like Zendesk) effectively.
  • Automate process documentation
  • Create step-by-step guides for tools and tech you’ve developed.
  • Create learning material for your onboarding process.

Sounds great, right? Using Scribe is super easy, and it only takes a few minutes to create a step-by-step guide. Follow these steps to capture your processes using Scribe.

That’s all it takes. You can also fine-tune your guide by adding additional blurbs, headings, alerts and tips.

We’ve used Scribe to capture some basic Zendesk workflows. Share these workflows with your team to get them started with Zendesk and boost productivity. (Want the Zendesk template? Get it free.)

Getting started with Zendesk

Signing up for Zendesk is simple. All you need is an email address to sign up for the platform’s 14-day free trial — and you don’t even need to enter your credit card details. 

Check out our Scribe to learn how to get started with Zendesk. 

Accepting customer tickets through Zendesk

After you create a Zendesk account, the next step is to set up channels where customers can submit tickets. Zendesk lets you accept tickets through multiple channels, such as: 

  • Text.
  • Voice calls.
  • Email.
  • Social media messengers. 

Let’s see how you can set up these channels to accept service tickets. 

Assigning, merging and solving Zendesk tickets

Let’s start the Zendesk basics by learning how to manage tickets. 

Customers may open tickets through multiple channels, but you can view them all on your Zendesk dashboard. Then, you need to assign the ticket to a member of your customer support team. 

After solving tickets, the customer support agent needs to mark them as solved. In some cases, they may also need to merge two similar tickets. 

Here’s how the Zendesk ticketing solution works. 

Adding a view in Zendesk

View is a key Zendesk feature. It works by grouping customer issues or tickets based on specific criteria. A view gives the customer support agent an overview of all the tickets relevant to them.

You can create views based on:

  • The submitter.
  • Assigned date.
  • Organization.
  • Due date.

Let’s go over how you can group Zendesk tickets by creating a view. 

Customizing ticket form in Zendesk

You can customize the fields in a customer support ticket form. You’ll have a default ticket form when you first sign in to Zendesk Support, but you can change it based on your needs. 

Here’s how you can customize the ticket form in Zendesk. 

Adding agents and admins to a Zendesk account

Zendesk lets you add an unlimited number of agents and admins to your support account. You can also add a light agent and end users.

Both agents and end users can create customer support requests.

Let’s learn how to add agents and admins to a Zendesk account. 

Adding Zendesk Chat to your website

Zendesk offers a chat solution so you can communicate with your customers in real-time. You just need to log in to Zendesk Chat to create the widget code, then add that code to your website to enable customer interactions through chat. 

Here’s a Scribe that walks you through how Zendesk Chat works.

Final thoughts: Learn how to use Zendesk with Scribe step-by-step guides

Zendesk products help you curate a great customer experience while benefiting your customer service and support teams too. Zendesk Support also enables your customers to report issues through their preferred channel. 

Learning how to use Zendesk will empower your customer support team to answer customer questions and solve issues proactively. The platform can also help them streamline the ticket resolution process. 

With Scribe, you can quickly create step-by-step guides for Zendesk workflows. 

Try Scribe to save time and boost productivity on Zendesk. Did we mention it’s completely FREE? Create your first Scribe in less than 4 minutes.

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