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Generate online courses!
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Scribe: Your Dynamic Learning Resource Builder

Scribe turns any process into easy-to-use training content. Stop wasting your time and effort on manual documentation. Scribe revolutionizes the way you develop online courses and learning resources.

Scribe's Image Blur and Smart Redaction

  1. Effortless Content Building: Scribe simplifies the process of constructing online learning resources. Use AI to create informative guides with annotated screenshots and text.
  2. Dynamic Learning Modules: Use Scribe Pages to combine individual guides into comprehensive learning modules that you can transform into a cohesive learning experience.
  3. Streamlined Learning Design: Scribe empowers you to create engaging content without the complexities of traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS). Enjoy the benefits — without all of the upfront work.

Getting Started with Scribe's Online Training Creator

Annotation Generator


Step 1: Build Learning Guides

Download the Scribe desktop app, click "Start Capture" then navigate through any process. Scribe's intuitive interface will build guides for each workflow.

cpa document generator


Step 2: Stop the Capture

Once you’re done your process, click ‘Stop Capture.’ This will stop the Scribe recording and auto-generate the document.

cpa document generator


‎Step 3. Combine into Modules

With Scribe Pages, seamlessly combine your individual guides into comprehensive learning modules. These modules act as building blocks for your online course. Add video, images and more — then let AI do the rest!

chatpt training manual


Step 4: Share your resources


Share your dynamic learning resources with ease:

  • Provide links to individual guides or modules.
  • Export your content for distribution.
  • Deliver valuable knowledge to your audience without the constraints of a traditional LMS.

Scribe empowers you to create online learning resources without the hassle of manual course creation.

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All the success of an LMS, without the upfront work. It's time to transform your online education journey!