Top 5 Customer Success Chrome Extensions

Lauren Funaro
February 1, 2023
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December 27, 2023
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Discover the top 5 customer success Chrome extensions for personalized support, automation, and valuable analytics. Improve efficiency with customer success Chrome extensions.


Customer success is an important part of any business, as it involves ensuring that customers are satisfied with the products or services they have received. This can be achieved using various tools and software, including customer success software with Chrome extensions. These tools can help customer success managers provide personalized and proactive support to customers while also automating repetitive tasks and reducing the time spent on context-switching and searching for missing information.

In this blog, we will look at the top 5 customer success software with Chrome extensions that can help your team deliver a high level of support to your customers.

TL;DR: Customer success Chrome extensions in 2024

  1. Scribe
  2. Front
  3. ChurnZero
  4. Rocketlane
  5. Help Scout

Why do you need a Chrome extension for customer success?

As a customer success manager, your primary goal is to help customers succeed with our products and services. You work closely with customers to understand their needs and provide personalized support to ensure they get the most out of our solutions. You also proactively identify and address potential issues before they become problems, helping keep our customers satisfied and loyal.

Customer success Chrome extensions can:

  • Save time and work more efficiently by automating repetitive tasks and reducing the need for manual data entry.
  • Deliver personalized and proactive support to your customers, reducing the likelihood of churn and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Customer success Chrome extensions can provide valuable data and analytics, allowing you to track customer behavior and engagement and identify potential issues before they arise.
  • With the right customer success Chrome extensions, you can reduce the time lost to context-switching and searching for missing information, allowing you to focus on what's most important: building strong customer relationships.
  • These tools can help you to improve the customer experience by providing easy access to helpful resources, such as help center articles and product tutorials.

Overall, your job as a customer success manager is to support your company by ensuring customers are happy and successful — and these Chrome extensions can help.

Top 5 customer success Chrome extensions for 2024

1. Sc‎ribe

Scribe - customer success chrome extension

‎The Scribe customer success Google Chrome extension is an effective tool that helps businesses improve customer onboarding and adoption.

‎Scribe auto-generates step-by-step guides as you work, using annotated screenshots and text to help even your least tech-savvy customers master your products. This can save you time and reduce the amount of one-on-one customer training that you need to do. With Scribe, your team can:

  • Boost customer onboarding & adoption.
  • Increase the effectiveness of customer training.
  • Reduce the number of ad hoc customer questions you need to answer, freeing up time for other tasks.
  • Replace or support live training with on-demand how-to guides and training content.
  • Offer instant access to training guides made by your team and subject matter experts.

2. Fr‎ont

Front - customer success chrome extension
(Source: Front)

‎The Front customer support extension for Google Chrome is a powerful tool that helps teams manage customer communication and deliver high support. With Front, you can easily collaborate with your team and access important information to keep everyone focused on building strong customer relationships.

Front offers a range of organizational tools, such as shared inboxes, labels, and filters, making it an excellent choice for virtual communication teams. Additionally, Front offers team and customer analytics so you can track the performance of your customer success team and measure customer engagement.

3. Ch‎urnZero

ChurnZero - customer success chrome extension
(Source: ChurnZero)

ChurnZero is a customer success platform that helps subscription businesses prevent customer churn. With real-time data and analytics, ChurnZero allows businesses to understand how their customers interact with their products, evaluate their health and likelihood to renew and tailor the customer experience with targeted and relevant touchpoints.

The ChurnZero platform offers a variety of features to help businesses retain customers and reduce churn, including customer health tracking, engagement analytics, and the ability to create help center articles. In addition, ChurnZero offers workflow automation and alerts so you can stay on top of customer issues and respond quickly.

4. Ro‎cketlane

Rocketlane - customer success chrome extension
(Source: Rocketlane)

‎The Rocketlane customer onboarding Chrome extension is a valuable tool that helps businesses to streamline their implementation projects and improve the customer experience. Rocketlane offers a range of features that combine project management, live document collaboration, and communication capabilities into a single platform, allowing you to reduce time-to-value and enhance your onboarding CX.

With Rocketlane, you can manage your onboarding projects more efficiently, collaborate with your team in real time, and communicate with customers in a more organized and effective way.

5. He‎lp Scout

Help Scout - customer success chrome extension
(Source: Help Scout)

Help Scout helps businesses of all sizes to provide excellent customer service. Help Scout is a help desk platform that is easy to use and free of ticket numbers and portals. With Help Scout, you can quickly get your team up and running with customer service software that is intuitive and efficient. Help Scout offers a range of features to help you manage customer communication, including workflows to filter emails, custom folders, and automated actions.

Additionally, Help Scout offers 75+ keyboard shortcuts and canned responses so you can respond to customers quickly and efficiently. Help Scout also integrates seamlessly with Gmail, allowing you to use it from your email interface.

Conclusion: customer success Chrome extensions

Customer success teams today are product champions that help businesses drive user adoption rates, reduce churn, and grow revenue. Customer success software helps teams save time, work smarter, and meet customer expectations faster. Some common features of customer success tools include customer relationship management, customer health tracking and monitoring, engagement analytics, and the ability to create help center articles.

Customer success Chrome extensions can help teams deliver a high level of customer support while also automating repetitive tasks and reducing the time spent on context-switching and searching for missing information.

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