Introducing the Gong & Scribe Integration. Sales Training That (Basically) Builds Itself 😎

Meg Zabrowski
September 28, 2022
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September 19, 2023
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Gong & Scribe: the best duo since peanut butter & jelly! The Scribe + Gong integration helps sales teams build easy-to-follow sales training documents — now enhanced with Gong recordings of customer calls and internal trainings.


We’re so excited to announce our integration with Gong, a leading revenue intelligence platform 🎉

Gong’s platform autonomously captures and analyzes customer interactions (phone, email, etc.), delivering insights and guidance so sales teams can upskill and hit their targets.

If you’ve used Gong (like we do, pretty much every day), you’ll know how powerful it is for:

  • Training sales reps.
  • Ramping up new hires.
  • Executing on deals.

And if you’re new to Scribe: Scribe builds training materials and documentation by turning any process into a step-by-step guide — instantly. 

Sounds like a match-made in heaven? It is! Pair Scribe and Gong together, and you get magic. 

“It’s no secret remote sales teams are here to stay. As a result, effective virtual training has become a critical piece of generating revenue and until now, piecing together training documentation has been a thankless, time consuming task. With the Scribe and Gong integration, Enablement and Rev Ops teams can now create engaging and easy-to-follow sales tutorials in a matter of minutes.” — Jennifer Smith | CEO, Scribe

Gong + Scribe = happy sales teams

Now, with the new Scribe + Gong integration, you can embed Gong recordings and snippets directly into Pages (which are custom training documents you can make with Scribe) to build powerful sales training materials.

Top performing sales teams are using the Scribe + Gong integration to build easy-to-follow sales training documents — enhanced with Gong recordings of customer calls, enablement sessions, internal trainings and more.

“We are so excited about the value this integration will bring to customers. Pairing Scribe’s training guides with Gong’s reality-based coaching is a home run for Sales leaders, Rev Ops and Enablement teams. My own go-to-market teams have witnessed how powerful these tools are in building more effective enablement for our reps.” — Bryan Bayless | VP, GTM Operations

This integration is a HUGE productivity win for everyone across the Sales org.

A few use cases we’re most excited about:

  • Product training: Need to train new reps on your product? Create a Page outlining how to use your product and add a Gong video of a top rep demoing the product. 
  • Tool training: Dreading explaining a new process change in Salesforce to your Sales team? Create a Page with Scribes on how to do the process change and include a Gong video from Sales Ops explaining the change.

Sounds great, right? Let’s talk benefits.

Benefits of the Gong + Scribe integration

Benefit #1: Maximize sales training effectiveness 

Whether your team is full of newly hired reps or tenured salespeople, it’s critical they stay up to date on the newest training and product releases. 

Scribe’s step-by-step guides help sales reps quickly and easily get up to speed. 

Add in Gong videos with real-life examples of customer calls and training sessions and… voila! You get highly effective, easy-to-follow training in one place. 

Benefit #2: Build training in minutes, not days 

Sales leaders and enablement teams have more important things to do than spend hours copying and pasting screenshots into training docs. The problem? It’s still up to you to get that documentation done. 

It’s time to get your time back and work faster than ever. 

Scribe automatically creates visual step-by-step guides for any process. Bring Scribes to life by incorporating Gong calls and snippets in your training guides. Add examples of real customer calls, enablement sessions, team meetings and more — all in one place.

Kick off your sales training now with Gong + Scribe

Training new reps is hard, and ramp time is precious. 

Now you can embed Gong call recordings into Scribe’s training guides to onboard and train reps faster and more effectively than ever. 

With the Gong + Scribe integration, embed Gong calls directly in Scribe to 

  • Maximize sales training effectiveness
  • Decrease ramp time AND
  • Drive major revenue.

So what are you waiting for? Check out this Scribe on how to add a Gong call to a Page.

Wanna make the most out of Gong? Here's a Scribe Page with some major tips!

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