21 Productivity Podcasts to Improve Your Effectiveness in 2023

Kushagra Oberoi
June 9, 2022
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September 19, 2023
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Productivity looks different for everyone and that's why we're giving you 20 ear-pleasing podcasts that'll get your foot in the door to expert conversations.
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There’s no single way to define productivity. It’s nuanced and looks different for every single one of you. However, there’s one thing we can agree upon- it’s about making the most of your time. Be it personal or professional.

But, making the most of your time sounds exotic until you realize you live in the 21st century and you have to juggle between work, career, family, personal development, health, and a lot more.

It’s not easy. But there’s a better way to learn how to be more productive than opening yet another tab on the screen you look at all day. Podcasts.

Podcasts are the sweet spot of multitasking because they don’t require your full attention and still help you learn a bunch of stuff while dissolving in your mental space.

With these productivity podcasts, you’ll learn how to be more efficient in managing your day-to-day because it’ll feel like you’re a fly on the wall in expert conversations.

We’ve done the unsexy curation work for you, and it’s time to dive straight into these 20 podcasts that promote thoughtful conversations to maximize your workflow.

1. Tim Ferris Show

You’d have to live under a rock to not know who Tim Ferris is. 

The “human guinea pig”, as Newsweek calls him, brings on world-renowned guests to deconstruct the mental models, tactics & routines that helped them achieve monumental success.

It may not be 100 percenty productivity certified, but these are the conversations you don’t want to miss.

Tim Ferris Show number of episodes: 568 

Tim Ferris Show episode length: 1-2 hours
Tim Ferris Show publishing frequency: 6-8/Month

Listen to Tim Ferris Show on:

2. Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal

The productivity wunderkind of Youtube uses his podcast to get inside the minds of creatives & entrepreneurs. 

To see how they get so much done in a day and still have time left for the “non-work” stuff.

From mindset & strategies to philosophies & stories, the podcasts uncover secrets in 5 significant areas of life; health, wealth, love, happiness & impact.

Deep Dive number of episodes: 17

Deep Dive episode length: 1-2 hours
Deep Dive publishing frequency: Weekly

Listen to Deep Dive on:

3. Beyond the To-Do List

The host, Erik Fisher, believes that the end goal of productivity is to lead a happier, more meaningful life. 

He backs it up by bringing experts that give actionable tips that you can implement as soon as you're done with the episode.

You can expect to learn how to choose the right projects, tasks, and goals in work and life.

Beyond the To-Do List number of episodes: 398

Beyond the To-Do List Episode length: 30 mins - 1 hourPublishing frequency: Weekly

Listen to Beyond the To-Do List on:

4. Back to Work

This award-winning show is hosted by Dan Benjamin & Merlin Mann. Honestly, it feels like a casual chit-chat among friends with a dollop of humor.

I like to believe that the title is sarcastic, considering this show never takes itself too seriously. But still manages to deliver introspective conversations on work barriers, communication & goal-setting.

Back to Work number of episodes: 564

Back to Work episode length: 1-2 hours
Back to Work publishing frequency: 2-3 times/Month

Listen to Back to Work on:

5. A Productive Conversation

Hosted by Mike Vardy, author of The Productivityist blog and book, this podcast is trying to teach you the value of time.

And how you can bend it to your advantage without involving astrophysics or blackholes.

He discusses tactics & tools to take your workflows to heights it has never seen. Plus, you can get a free resource for productivity if you sign up on their website today.

A Productive Conversation number of episodes: 408

A Productive Conversation episode length: 1 hour
A Productive Conversation publishing frequency: Weekly

Listen to A Productive Conversation on:

6. Hurry Slowly

I’d have to give it to this podcast; the wordplay is spot on! 

Host Jocelyn K. Glei invites designers, researchers & creative entrepreneurs to understand how they find calm, comfort & clarity. 

Even while slowing down and still being their most productive selves.

P.S The podcast is 100 percent ad-free which means it’s super listener-friendly!

Hurry Slowly number of episodes: 73

Hurry Slowly episode length: 1 Hour
Hurry Slowly publishing frequency: Monthly

Listen to Hurry Slowly on:

7. Before Breakfast

This podcast is the pre-breakfast meal you never knew you needed. 

It’s dripping in actionable insights on time management because it sees productivity as a way to get more done in less time.

You can easily blend this podcast with your morning routine because each episode is just 5 minutes.

Before Breakfast number of episodes: 952

Before Breakfast episode length: 5 minutes
Before Breakfast publishing frequency: Daily

Listen to Before Breakfast on:

8. The Accidental Creative

Todd Henry takes you on an intellectual trip with creative business owners to talk about productivity-thriving elements.

If you’re a creative, you can learn how to build systems for creativity rather than believing in a “work on it as it comes” phenomenon from this podcast.

It hasn’t been downloaded 10 million times since 2005 for nothing.

The Accidental Creative number of episodes: 200

The Accidental Creative episode length: 15-30 mins
The Accidental Creative publishing frequency: Bi-weekly

Listen to The Accidental Creative on:

9. Getting Things Done

The podcast expands on the 5-step personal productivity method by David Allen. 

He talks to productivity champs who have successfully implemented the GTD method in their lives and its impact on them.

The podcast doesn’t just focus on professional but also personal productivity, so your work-life balance stays intact.

Getting Things Done number of episodes: 140

Getting Things Done episode length: 15 mins - 1 hour
Getting Things Done publishing frequency: Weekly

Listen to Getting Things Done on:

10. The Action Catalyst

This podcast is the one that gets you fired up to get out of bed and achieve your goals. Be it starting a podcast, business, sales, or life in general.

Each episode features Dan Moore interviewing the nation’s top thought leaders. The goal is to extract real & actionable strategies that can be implemented sustainably.

The Action Catalyst number of episodes: 266

The Action Catalyst episode length: 15-30 mins
The Action Catalyst publishing frequency: 2-3 times/month

Listen to The Action Catalyst on:

11. Mindful Productivity Podcast with Sarah Steckler

Host Sarah Steckler effortlessly blends mindfulness & productivity as she discusses goal-setting, habits, entrepreneurial mindset & productivity skills.

With 250,000+ downloads and many workbooks, guides and templates to bank on, Sarah has created a complete productivity ecosystem to help you get the best out of your time.

Mindful Productivity number of episodes: 180

Mindful Productivity episode length: 15-30mins
Mindful Productivity publishing frequency: Weekly-Mondays

Listen to Mindful Productivity on:

12. The Paul Minors Podcast

With more than 200 bite-sized snackable episodes, Paul talks about bringing more meaning into your work rather than “being busy” all the time.

Having consulted major SaaS brands like Asana & Zapier, Paul brings you the best tricks to optimize your time with system-building. But still managing to squeeze out the minutes to focus on what matters most-Life.

Paul Minors number of episodes: 238 

Paul minors episode length: 15-20 mins
Paul Minors publishing frequency: Weekly

Listen to Paul Minors on:

13. The Productivity Show

Hosted by Forbes-featured Thanh Pham & Brooks Duncan, the productivity show focuses on the most critical aspect of the game: Time management.

With notable guests like James Clear & Cal Newport, you’ll be learning productivity from literal experts.

To double down, you can also check out their active blog and products to manage your time wisely.

The Productivity Show number of episodes: 298

The Productivity Show episode length: 30 mins-1 hour
The Productivity Show publishing frequency: Weekly

Listen to The Productivity Show on:

14. The Creative Productive Podcast

Sarah Boyle wants you to take care of yourself and do more while still feeling positive about your progress. 

She describes productivity as being in control of your time to do essential tasks more thoughtfully without sacrificing everything.

Plus, she brings creative entrepreneurs on the show to talk about their pursuit of productivity.

The Creative Productive number of episodes: 44

The Creative Productive episode length: 15-45 mins
The Creative Productive publishing frequency: 2-3 times/month 

Listen to The Creative Productive on:

15. Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Don’t judge this podcast by its name. 

Ex-Vice President of Twitter and your host, Bruce Daisley, interviews workplace experts, psychologists & neuroscientists to chase the burning question, “How to make work better?”

This chart-topping #1 Apple podcast will help you modify your outlook to make work & professional environment better.

Eat Sleep Work Repeat number of episodes: 136

Eat Sleep Work Repeat episode length: 45 mins - 1 hour
Eat Sleep Work Repeat publishing frequency: 2-3 times/month

Listen to Eat Sleep Work Repeat on:

16. Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod

From motivation & inspiration to actionable strategies, Hal Elrod will teach you how to set and smash those big goals that intimidate but also keeps you going.

The acclaimed author of The Miracle Morning & two-time near-death experience survivor brings on guests and draws from personal inspiration to maximize your potential and help you achieve the impossible.

Achieve Your Goals number of episodes: 338

Achieve Your Goals episode length: 1 Hour
Achieve Your Goals publishing frequency: Weekly

Listen to Achieve Your Goals on:

17. It’s About Time

A chart-climbing podcast by host & time management coach Anna Dearmon Kornick focuses on keeping work + life + balance abreast.

From personal struggles to successes, staying focused to taking care of thy self & family, Anna shares deeply intimate insights. 

Plus, interviews go-getters who successfully juggle a career, work, family & their personal development.

It's About Time number of episodes: 100

It's About Time episode length: 15 mins - 1 hour
It's About Time publishing frequency: 2-3 times/month

Listen to It's About Time on:

18. The 5 AM Miracle Podcast

The host Jeff Miller wants you to capture the early morning with productivity tips, healthy habits & a whole lot of enthusiasm to bounce out of bed.

Plus, the podcast has been nominated for 7 awards with 11 million downloads and going strong for 8 long years, so it’s safe to say Jeff’s not waking up at dawn for nothing. 

The 5 AM Miracle Number of episodes: 467

The 5 AM Miracle episode length: 15-45 mins
The 5 AM Miracle publishing frequency: Weekly

Listen to the 5 AM Miracle on:

19. The Intentional Advantage

With 2.5 million downloads & 530+ five-star reviews, Tanya Dalton’s podcast takes you on a journey of self-improvement through productivity.

Drawing from deeply personal experiences that led her to a 7-figure business in 18 months, Tanya talks about actionable productivity strategies that help you thrive not only in the workplace but in your personal space too.

The Intentional Advantage number of episodes: 295

The Intentional Advantage episode length: 30-45 mins
The Intentional Advantage publishing frequency: Weekly

Listen to The Intentional Advantage on:

20. Getting Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Habits, happiness, productivity, books & everything in between form the basis of this podcast.

The #1 bestselling author of The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin, believes that we can only make our lives better when we know ourselves completely.

She runs the podcast with her co-host & sister, Elizabeth, and the two sisters dissect complex topics into delightful episodes with pop culture references, clarity & humor.

Getting Happier number of episodes: 690

Getting Happier episode length: 15-30 mins
Getting Happier publishing frequency: Tri-weekly

Listen to Getting Happier on:

21. Vantage Fit Corporate Wellness Podcast

This podcast takes you on a journey filled with health and wellness. It features well-renowned speakers working towards establishing a healthier corporate world. From talking about following a healthy regimen to focusing on your mental health, you will learn a lot from them. The sessions are deeply inspiring, providing you with ways to ensure healthy living at work and at home.

Vantage Fit Corporate Wellness number of episodes: 20

Vantage Fit Corporate Wellness episode length: 20 minutes- 1 hour

Vantage Fit Corporate Wellness publishing frequency: 2-3/month

Listed to Vantage Fit Corporate Wellness on:

In Conclusion

Whether you're looking for motivation, inspiration or just something to laugh along with while you get s$%^ done, these podcasts are your partner in crime.

Let's get listening and then get started!

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