Why I Almost Didn’t Announce Our $25M Series B

Jennifer Smith, CEO
February 15, 2024
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June 27, 2024
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We're thrilled to announce our $25 million Series B round. Here's what that means and why it matters. (Spoiler alert: we want to unleash the best ways of working — for anyone, on any team.)


I debated not writing this announcement. 

When a company announces fundraising, the round becomes the whole story. You read the funding announcement. Maybe you remember the dollar amount they raised. And that’s about it. 

I don’t want that to be our story at Scribe. 

Instead, I hope that you’ll remember what we’re building, who we’re building it for, and most importantly, why it matters. 

We didn’t raise this round because we needed the money. We did it because Scribe is solving a problem that can’t wait, and we were ready to move faster. 

THAT’S why I’m sharing this news.  

We see a future where everyone has access to the knowledge they need to do their jobs automatically.

Here’s our game plan for making it a reality.

A problem hiding in plain sight

Some of you have been with us from the beginning and some of you may have just found us moments ago 👋. 

So, TL;DR: We are solving a very big, very real problem that’s been hiding in plain sight. 

Here it is: the best ways of doing work are stuck in people’s heads. 

Knowledge is siloed. There’s no easy way to get it out, written down, and available for everyone else to access.

Yet every well-functioning organization has to be good at sharing and knowing how things are done. It’s how we ensure people do the right things, the right way, every time. 

But that’s been nearly impossible. Whether you’re a startup or a global enterprise, documenting processes is incredibly manual and time-intensive. Anyone who has ever created a how-to guide knows it can take hours or even days.

➡️ That’s where Scribe comes in. 

Scribe automatically creates visual step-by-step guides. Simply turn Scribe on and do the process. Scribe will automatically create beautiful documentation you can share with colleagues or clients. 

This is a huge unlock not just for that person (“I saved 8 hours of copy/pasting screenshots!”), but also for their teams. By making it easy to capture and share how-to, everyone can access the info they need to do their jobs well.  

And without that info… well, they're kind of stuck.

We’ve already helped over 1 million teams uplevel their work — from scaling startups to over 97% of the Fortune 100. Companies like New York Life and Intel are using Scribe to help unleash the best ways of working across their teams. Our user base and business have grown by over 400% this year alone.

What gets us out of bed every morning

We dream of a world where the best ways of working aren’t trapped in someone’s head or siloed in one part of an org — but rather are available to anyone, at any moment, anywhere they need it. 

💡Imagine: anyone, on any team, can work as well as an expert. With nothing more than a click of a button. Without ever leaving the flow of work.

Leveraging AI is a huge way we’re doing that. We all know that 2023 was a massive year for AI, and we were one of the first companies to use generative AI to make knowledge sharing even faster and easier. Our release of Scribe AI last May meant users could automatically generate all kinds of content in guides. 

We also released Sidekick last year. This feature makes guides available to anyone in the flow of work. Now, if you have a question, just click the Scribe extension and we’ll surface the guide you need. And we have tons of upgrades planned for Sidekick to make it even more powerful.

We’re not stopping there. We envision new ways to share knowledge even faster, surface how-to expertise more intelligently, automatically flag out-of-date content, and more. 

With these updates, we can help unlock MASSIVE productivity gains for our users. And that’s what we care about the most. 

My Co-Founder, Aaron, and I got together to talk more about our vision for Scribe. Check out the video!

Accelerating our vision 

When I shared our 5-year plan with the folks at Redpoint Ventures, they responded: “Great, but what if you could do all that in less than 5 years?” I immediately knew we had found the right partner.

When solving a problem this important, why would we wait?

Here’s Logan Bartlett’s (Managing Director at Redpoint) take on Scribe: 

“Scribe has established itself as a crucial tool in any modern organization. As companies seek ways to bridge the gap between in-person, remote and hybrid work, easily and accurately sharing information on how to get things done is more crucial than ever. Scribe breathes new life into the knowledge management category by providing a delightful experience to the infamously manual, time-intensive process of sharing how to do something.” 

Thank you to Redpoint Ventures for leading our Series B, and to Amplify Partners, Tiger Global and XYZ Ventures for their continued partnership in this round. New York Life, an existing Scribe customer, also became an investor with this round.

Let's do this together

Our big ambitions mean we need a world-class team. We strive to be the place where exceptional people come to do the best work of their careers. And I’m proud to say our employees exemplify that goal every single day.   

We’re hiring across virtually every team — so if this sounds exciting to you, check out our open jobs and get in touch! (And if you don’t see something now, don’t worry, there are more to come.)

If you read this and are thinking, “Gosh, we struggle to share knowledge too!” you can sign up your team here — in less than four minutes. If you want to learn more about our Enterprise solution, please get in touch. Finally, if you’re a reporter interested in learning more, you can contact us at [email protected]

Onwards and upwards,


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