Introducing Scribe AI: Process Documentation That Writes Itself

Jennifer Smith, CEO
May 10, 2023
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November 27, 2023
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Scribe AI takes care of the most dreaded part of your job — documenting processes. Scribe AI automatically creates SOPs, help centers, new user guides and more for any business process.


Why we started Scribe

Very few things in life make you step back and question everything. 

For me, that was ChatGPT (... second only to becoming a parent 😂). When Aaron and I saw it, we dropped everything, huddled at my house and dreamed. 

We built Scribe because sharing what you know should be easy and automatic. And now, we had this incredible technology that could make it even better than we'd ever hoped.

One of our core values at Scribe is “no limiting beliefs.” So, we asked ourselves: what if we blew the lid off and forgot every constraint we thought we had?

Well, with no limiting beliefs, Scribe looks like process documentation that completely writes itself. Where you tell it what you’re trying to explain, and it takes care of the rest. 

So that’s what we built!

Today, I’m thrilled to share Scribe AI. ✨ 

And since we want to bring this to the entire world, for a limited time, we’re making it FREE to everyone.

How we got here

The Scribe that 500,000+ organizations know and love today automatically creates step-by-step guides for any process. 

For years you’ve told us that Scribe brings magic to a dreaded task: process documentation.

We’ve heard that Scribe changed your life so that you no longer have to:

  • Copy/paste screenshots into a Word doc.
  • Type out endless instructions.
  • Hop on a "quick" Zoom just as you get into the flow of work.

Scribe turns a process that once took hours (sometimes days) into just a few seconds or minutes.

As you started using Scribe daily, you told us some of your processes are too meaty for a simple how-to guide. You might have 20+ different processes that fuel a single procedure (just think about how many things a salesperson at your company needs to know how to do in your CRM). 

Last year we released Pages to give your complicated processes a home. Pages allow you to create a single document with multiple Scribes, text, videos, screenshots and more.

Users love Pages for those longer procedures — whether you're onboarding new hires, implementing software or helping a client get up and running on your product.

But writing those longer process documents takes time. And remember, Aaron and I started Scribe because we wanted to make it EASY to share what you know. 

We only dreamed it could get THIS easy until the release of ChatGPT.

Introducing Scribe AI

I believe AI will change the way we work. If the internet and mobile were about connecting everywhere, AI is about supercharging each of us.  

While much has been said about AI, I care deeply about one question in particular: how can we use it to help make people’s day-to-day lives better? After all, that’s the whole point of technology: to make us more efficient and effective in pursuit of our goals. 

So Aaron and I asked: what would be even more magical and automatic for Scribe users? What would it feel like to be supercharged?

Our answer: process documentation that writes itself.

So we rallied the team, put our heads down, and started building.

Now you'll never have to write another SOP, getting-started guide — you name it — again. Scribe AI does the work for you, so you can get back to doing what you love.

This is so much more than another step-by-step guide. Scribe AI includes everything you need to explain a process: not just how, but who, what, when, where and why.

Never start with a blank screen again. Watch your process automatically appear for you.

During our limited beta, we’ve been so surprised by the creativity that we've already seen come out of Scribe AI. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Create an SOP for an Account Executive to find hot prospects using LinkedIn.
  • Create a document with all the things my Marketing team needs to cover while I’m on vacation.
  • Write an overview of filing your taxes using Turbo Tax after the tax deadline (yikes!)

And now that we're opening up to the world? That's what I call limitless.

How to use Scribe AI 

Scribe AI helps you write process documentation in two ways. 

First, it’ll write your entire document automatically. It’s great if you’re starting from scratch on any type of process document: SOPs, onboarding guides, training manuals, tool implementation guides, etc.

Just type a prompt and select the Scribes you want to include in order. Scribe AI will use auto-magic to place them throughout your doc.

📌 This is where Scribe AI stands out from generic AI tools: it automatically pulls how-to guides for your company-specific processes.

Screenshot of Scribe AI with the "Ask AI" prompt

If you already have some existing documentation, Scribe AI can also be an editing buddy.

Certain processes are so specialized and company-specific that AI could never write them as well as you. In these instances, you might choose to create your own process document and have AI edit it for grammar, length and tone. 

Think of it as your personal copywriter, who can do as much or as little as you’d like.

Screenshot of Scribe AI edit recommendations, such as improve writing, fix grammar and make professional.

Road ahead

We started Scribe so you could focus on doing what you love and let software take care of the rest. 

With Scribe AI, you can now fully automate documentation and focus on what matters most to you — whether that’s hitting revenue goals, improving operational efficiency or getting more time with your family.

I’m still amazed by what it’s able to do (and that's not even my bias talking)! We’re truly entering a new world and a new way of working. 

It’s you, supercharged.

I’m fired up and can't wait to see what you'll create with Scribe AI. And we’re just getting started…expect to hear more from us soon.

Here's to human progress,


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Scribe AI FAQs

How do I activate Scribe AI?

Scribe AI is available for all users. Just go to and click "Create Page with AI" to get started.

What should I use Scribe AI for?

Scribe AI is generative AI that writes process documents, such as tool overviews, onboarding guides and help centers. Most processes are complex and include multiple Scribes (step-by-step guides), so Scribe AI saves you time by writing the additional context (the who, what, when, where and why). If you need to create a single document for multiple processes, then we'd recommend using Scribe AI to help generate the text. 

How will my data be used?

We use the OpenAI LLM APIs, which have a strict set of limitations on how data can be used. We do not allow OpenAI to use your data to train our or their models. All data is discarded after 30 days, so it is processed but not stored by OpenAI and is only used for purposes of service provision. Finally, OpenAI has a signed data protection agreement with Scribe that binds the vendor to the same or more rigorous security controls that Scribe implements (e.g., data encryption, backups and retention measures, etc.).

Why should I use Scribe AI vs ChatGPT or another AI tool?

While Scribe AI can create a document with just text (like ChatGPT and other ChatGPT Chrome extensions can), the main benefit of using Scribe AI is that you can ask it to add numerous how-to guides that you've created. Scribe AI is the first AI platform that pairs generative text with company-specific processes — just select the Scribes you want it to include in order to make your process document specific to your company's processes and tools. 

Ready to try Scribe?

Scribe automatically generates how-to guides and serves them to your team when they need them most. Save time, stay focused, help others.