How To Create FAQ Pages for Your Website Using Scribe

Rana Bano
June 28, 2022
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December 21, 2023
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You need to create an FAQ page for your products and services to help your customers. Scribe helps you create effective website FAQs in just a few minutes.


How To Use Scribe To Create FAQ Pages for Your Business Website

Gone are the times when customers would wait for days to get an answer to their questions. According to HubSpot, 90 percent of customers rated an immediate response to customer service as very important — and 60 percent defined “immediate” as 10 minutes or less. 

Customers are only getting busier, which means you may have less than 10 minutes to respond to a query. You could achieve that by increasing the number of members on your customer support team. 

But here’s a better way:

Provide self-service options for your customers. 

The frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on a website is an excellent self-service method and can be easily added using awebsite builder.

FAQ pages help your customers or prospects quickly find answers to their questions. And according to Microsoft’s Global State of Customer Service report, 86 percent of customers expect an organization to offer online self-service support.

Let’s see how FAQ pages help you win and retain customers, once you already mastered how to create a website for your online business. We’ll also go over how to create an FAQ page for your website using Scribe. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Major uses of website FAQs
  • What makes a good FAQ page
  • Benefits of a good FAQ page
  • How to use Scribe to build website FAQs
  • Scribe: A perfect tool to build website FAQs
  • Final thoughts: How to create FAQ pages for your website using Scribe

Major uses of website FAQs

FAQ pages have many uses in addition to answering website visitors’ top questions.

You might have come across many website FAQs that just address the basic customer questions. 

But you can create an FAQ page that does much more than that. 

Here are a few ways to use FAQs to serve your customers better.

Offer product awareness

Your website FAQ page is great for introducing your products to potential customers. When people search for solutions, they’ll have many questions about how a product works and if it’s worth their money. 

An effective FAQ page can improve product awareness by answering questions related to:

  • Product features.
  • Product pricing.
  • Important use cases.

Creating an FAQ page for your products will help convert prospects into customers.

Address sales objections 

People often compare two or more products while searching for a solution. They may have many reasons why they shouldn’t buy a product — those are known as sales objections. A skilled sales rep can address most of those objections, and so can your FAQ page. 

Wondering how? 

You just need to collect all the common sales objections for your product or service and create an FAQ page to answer them. That will help improve conversions and revenue. 

Solve customer concerns

Customers often feel post-purchase anxiety as they evaluate whether their purchase was really worth it. That post-purchase stress might result in many questions and concerns, especially soon after purchase. 

You can alleviate your customers’ post-purchase anxiety by creating a super helpful FAQ page that addresses their concerns — how to set up or assemble the product, how to use it and how to solve simple issues. 

An FAQ page that handles these common questions will take the load off your customer service teams. Companies across the globe are relying on self-service tools like knowledge bases and FAQ pages to do that. For example, Zendesk used self-service to reduce ticket volume in 2020. 

Explain basic product use cases

Your products may have versatile use cases that customers might not know about. An FAQ page will help you touch upon all the use cases beneficial for a customer. You can also record product demos and embed them in the FAQ section. 

The FAQ page design and content are crucial to address these use cases. 

Now, let’s go over the features of a great FAQ page.

What makes a good FAQ page

A great FAQ page should offer clear and up-to-date answers to all possible customer questions. Organizing related questions into groups with dropdown menus will make FAQ page navigation easier. A search bar on top of the page will help customers find answers quickly. The support team contact is often found at the bottom of the page.

If you follow best design practices for your FAQ page, you’ll soon start seeing its benefits. 

Benefits of a good FAQ page

Create an FAQ page that provides clear answers — it will benefit both your business and customers.

An excellent website FAQ page helps both your business and customers. Here are the advantages of creating an FAQ page for your website. 

Take the load off the support team

An FAQ page is an important self-service tool. Customers may not want to spend time with the support team if they can find answers right on the webpage. So, an FAQ page helps reduce support tickets and takes the load off your customer help desk

Industry news shows that customers are leaning towards self-service options. For example, according to Zendesk’s COVID-19 benchmark data, there was a 140 percent increase in visits to self-service pages during the pandemic.

Enhance customer satisfaction 

Getting quick answers to their specific questions is crucial for customer satisfaction. With a well-built FAQ page, you’ll be able to address all those customer questions. 

Not to mention, the attention to detail on your FAQ pages will result in a better customer experience. 

Improve search engine rankings

A website FAQ page is perfect for creating search engine optimized (SEO) content. From the FAQ page, you can link back to your homepage or product pages. These internal links will improve your search rankings.

Popular answers on your FAQ pages may also appear as featured snippets in search engine results, boosting website traffic. 

Establish yourself as an expert

Your FAQ page doesn’t need to be just about your products. Many companies offer industry-specific know-how in their FAQs. Answering generic customer queries will help you establish yourself as an industry expert and build customer trust.

How to use Scribe to build website FAQs

Scribe is a perfect tool to create website FAQs quickly. It empowers you to record processes and turn them into step-by-step guides. With Scribe, you don’t need to spend hours capturing screenshots or writing down directions. 

Scribe helps you record steps that show how to use a product or troubleshoot an issue. After recording those steps, the tool will convert them into clear step-by-step guides. Scribe also has a new feature, Pages, to elevate a basic FAQ page by embedding links and videos. 

Scribe Pages will help you create visual answers for customer questions. Let’s look at a few FAQ page examples. 

Create product FAQs using Scribe

You can easily create great product FAQ pages using Scribe. The tool helps you introduce your products to your target audience — all you need to do is walk through the product features once and let Scribe record it.

After you demonstrate the product features, you can add many elements to convert into a detailed answer on your FAQ page, such as:  

  • Headings for each product feature.
  • Blurbs to explain the feature.
  • Tips on the product or feature.
  • Alerts to remind the user about limitations or prerequisites. 

If you have multiple feature recordings, you can combine them on Scribe Pages. 

We’ve created a simple Scribe that offers a product overview of the customer support platform Zendesk. You can use it as a reference to create your own FAQ pages. 

Create process-related FAQs using Scribe 

Scribe is an excellent tool for creating step-by-step guides. You can create Scribes to walk your customer through processes such as: 

  • Product installation/setup.
  • Refund and returns policy.
  • Canceling a subscription. 

Once you’ve created Scribes for the most commonly used processes, you can collect them into a process FAQ page. We’ve created a simple Scribe on Zendesk ticketing process to show you how easy it is to create process FAQs with Scribe. 

Troubleshooting FAQs through Scribes

A large chunk of the frequently asked questions by customers revolves around how to solve an issue. Using Scribe, you can show the step-by-step process of solving a customer issue, which will help your customers save time. You can then collect these answers and create end-user documentation

You can also create complex troubleshooting procedures using Scribe. As an example, we’ve created a Scribe to show you a simple troubleshooting procedure: finding missing files in Google Drive. 

Scribe: A perfect tool to build website FAQs 

Scribe has multiple features that help you create effective FAQ pages which are different from your other landing pages. Here’s how Scribe fits your requirements perfectly. 

  • Ease of use: Using Scribe, it’s super simple to document processes and convert them to step-by-step guides.
  • Easy edits: You can edit your Scribe any time, so you can keep your FAQs relevant and up to date. 
  • Copying steps: You’ll have a lot of repetition in FAQs. You just need to create one Scribe and copy your steps. 
  • Moving and deleting steps: Scribe empowers you to easily move or delete single or multiple steps in your FAQ. You can answer new questions simply by rearranging the steps in your Scribes. 
  • Collaboration: Your team members can easily collaborate on a Scribe to create online FAQs.
  • Scribe Pages: Enhance your help centers and FAQs with branded visual guides.

Final thoughts: How to create FAQ pages for your website using Scribe

You need to address your customers’ questions quickly to improve customer satisfaction. But a customer support team may not be able to handle all those questions. That’s when self-service options like knowledge bases and FAQ pages come in handy.

An FAQ page doesn't just answer basic questions. It helps you:

  • Boost sales.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Improve organic search rankings.
  • Reduce the burden on customer support.

You need time and resources to create an effective FAQ page — and Scribe can help. Using Scribe, you'll be able to create FAQ pages that offer personal and fast (and we mean FAST) responses to customer questions.

Are you ready to create an FAQ page for your website? Try Scribe Pages. It’s absolutely free!

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