Manage Audiences with Viewer Licenses in Scribe Enterprise

Meg Zabrowski
December 7, 2023
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December 13, 2023
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Viewer licenses provide Scribe Enterprise customers an additional guardrail to ensure business-sensitive content stays internal.


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What are viewer licenses? 

Many companies have the same priorities. They want to:

  • Easily store and access how-to content. 
  • Protect business-sensitive info.
  • Share viewer insights with the Subject Matter Expert — so that you know the work is done! 

To support these security and insight goals, Scribe customers purchase a mix of creator and viewer licenses on our Enterprise plan. 

Viewer licenses provide an additional guardrail to ensure business-sensitive content stays internal. Enterprise clients can manage audiences for content based on department or business sensitivity to ensure only the right people have access to certain Scribe content. 

Interested in learning more about Viewer licenses or our Enterprise plan? Get in touch with our sales team here

Benefits of viewer licenses 

Your team is saving hours per week documenting processes with Scribe. Viewer licenses help everyone else in your organization view guides and learn processes - without sacrificing security.

Access the right content - securely

Keep your documentation safe and ensure only the right employees and clients can securely view embedded content in your knowledge base, help center and more. 

View Scribes in-context with Sidekick 

Never search for help again. Scribe Sidekick surfaces all Scribes for the tool you have a question on. Follow the instructions in the same window as the process to avoid errors. Learn more about using Sidekick here

See who views and completes your Scribes with Insights

Know exactly who is viewing and completing Scribes, identify if and where people are getting stuck, and easily identify which guides are still relevant across your organization. Learn more about Insights here.

Get feedback on Scribes to ensure documentation is fresh

Viewers can leave comments on Scribes to flag when documentation is out-of-date, confusing, or super helpful! This ensures your documentation is always up-to-date. 

How to learn more

That’s easy! Just fill out this form to chat with a member of our Sales team about our Enterprise plan and Viewer licenses. 

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