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Simplify training with Scribe's on-demand training generator. Save time and create engaging, customized training materials in seconds. Try it now!
Create On-Demand Training
Create On-Demand Training
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Simplify on-demand training creation with AI
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Try for free today!

Generate On-Demand Training with AI

We need On-Demand training to be ready, available and versatile. But that takes time and a lot of labor — not to mention it can be nearly impossible to update.

Let Scribe do it for you.

Scribe’s on-demand training generator transforms how you create training documents and how-to guides. 

Use Scribe's on-demand training generator to simplify the creation of effective training materials. Create on-demand training in seconds to train your team. Save time and resources so you can focus on more critical tasks. 

How to Use Scribe's On-Demand Training Generator

On-demand training includes all the necessary information and step-by-step guidance to help staff perform tasks efficiently. Build comprehensive training documents in seconds just by walking through your processes.

Scribe allows you to create step-by-step guides with text links and screenshots, working in the background to auto-generate training guides. Say goodbye to hours of building training documents manually.

Why Scribe to Create Your On-Demand Training?

  1. Save Time: Scribe uses AI to create detailed on-demand training for your team in seconds. With Scribe, you can effortlessly transform your knowledge into step-by-step guides that will help train new employees faster.
  2. Customizable Training: With Scribe, you can customize your training documents to meet the exact requirements of your team. Include relevant examples, use cases, interactive elements, screenshots, and practical exercises to engage your audience and help them learn faster.
  3. Clear and Easy to Understand: Create step-by-step processes, how-to guides, and more that are easy to follow, even for new team members. With Scribe, you can break down complex concepts into easy-to-digest training and ditch long, boring training manuals.

Getting Started with Scribe’s On-Demand Training Generator‍

Getting Started with Scribe’s On-Demand Training Generator‍
Open Scribe

Step 1: Capture Your Processes

If you’re using Scribe for the first time, install it in your system. If you already have an existing account, log in to your account.

Navigate to the training process you want to document. Click the Scribe icon in your Chrome toolbar to get started. 

Open the Scribe Chrome extension to use the On-Demand Training Generator‍
Click on the Scribe button on Chrome

Then, click "Start Capture." Scribe will automatically capture screenshots and text as you navigate through the process.

Start Recording with Scribe
Start recording on Scribe

Step 2: Stop Capturing

Once you’re done with your process, click "Stop Recording". Scribe will stop capturing your training and auto-generate your document in seconds.

Stop Recording with Scribe
Stop Recording

Step 3: Build Your On-Demand Training with AI

Use Scribe's AI to start building your on-demand training. Scribe will provide clear and concise instructions for each step at the click of a button.

You can edit steps, insert steps, add tips, customize screenshots, and redact sensitive information.

With Scribe Pages, you can seamlessly combine your individual training guides into comprehensive lessons or programs. Add video, images and more — then let AI do the rest!

Use AI to Build Your Training - On-Demand Training Generator‍

Step 4: Review & Refine

Review your training once you've finished the process to ensure clarity and completeness. Before you share with the whole team, get feedback from your subject matter experts. Scribe makes it easy to revise and refine your training.

Customize Your Training with Scribe
Select customization to personalize your training

Step 5: Share With Your Team

Voila! Your first on-demand training is ready to be shared with your team!

You can add your team to your Scribe workspace, share the guide via a link, or embed Scribes directly into other tools like wikis or knowledge bases.

You can also export your training to PDF, HTML or Markdown.

Share your training - Scribe
Share it with your team

Quickly and easily create engaging, impactful training documents with Scribe's on-demand training generator. Simplify your training process and empower your team's knowledge with Scribe's powerful features.

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Try Scribe’s on-demand training generator today and transform how you create training documents!

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