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February 1, 2023
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September 19, 2023
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Did you know how giant companies like Intel and Google drive performance and build improved customer relationships? They have a business leadership and objective planning process to help identify the Key Performance Indicators. The Quarterly Business Review (QBR) meeting serves as a delivery platform to understand customer expectations and their end goals. It also helps determine how to enhance their value and bridge the gap between their desires and results. 

QBR can add significant value to your customer success team. It helps understand the customers’ outlook on what works for them and is not. This enables you to determine how to improve customer value, boost satisfaction, and drive your business forward. Quarterly Business Reviews will allow you to stay in line with customers to understand their goals consistently. It is an effective tool to know the value your products or services add to accomplishing the goals. 

A QBR template provides you with an effective customer success plan. You can use this to understand customer experiences and deliver improved value in the future. 

What is a QBR Template? 

A QBR template is typically a planner clearly showing how to do a quarterly business review. Through the template, you get an idea of questions to ask or how to pilot the session to have customers’ perspectives. This will enable you to offer more value and delight your customers.                

It is a powerful tool for customer-facing business managers to build positive customer relationships. The template can help you upsell new solutions and improve your ROI. An excellent quarterly business review planner should help you: 

  • Create an action plan that highlights a line of discussion and questions for the session 
  • Engage your customers meaningfully to understand their standpoint 
  • Get valuable insights to analyze in your reviews 
  • Provide a snapshot of your business performance for you and your customers to analyze 
  • Know the bottlenecks you should fix 

Business managers do not have the time to have 1:1 meetings with customers and get their feedback. A QBR helps address this challenge and enables you to delve deeper into customer problems and expectations. Using your solutions, you can understand their future strategies and provide ways to achieve their desired outcomes. 

A QBR template functions like a business improvement plan that outlines what and how to fix it. It also gives an idea of how to identify customer satisfaction opportunities and delight them in the future.

Different types of QBR templates you can start using right away 

Now you know what is a QBR and how it can add value to your business. You’d say, “Oh, it seems to be a great idea!” But do you have an idea of how to start one? 

A QBR template is the answer. 

Check out different QBR templates you can use to kickstart your quarterly business reviews. 

  • QBR email templates: A great way to introduce your QBR process to your customers. You can customize it to meet your individual goals.
  • QBR PowerPoint templates An excellent option for creating a compelling and engaging QBR presentation. 

What’s included in a QBR template?

The critical elements of a QBR template may vary, but typically it includes the following: 

Program alignment 

The template must review your customers’ fast-evolving objectives and align your solutions with those. It should enable you to review the challenges that can be resolved through customer education. The template should also include the scope for success metrics and objectives the customers are tracking. Or perhaps the integrations or features they use. 

Once you review the above factors, align your solutions with customers’ objectives.  

Program goals & milestones

Quarterly business reviews are all about championing great customer relationships. Therefore, you should dedicate a session segment to acknowledging their achievements and importance. It should help them discover meaningful opportunities to engage with your business and achieve growth. 

The conversations of the QBR should revolve around these milestones. This also gives the option to brainstorm future milestones. Talk to the customers about their future expectations about your products or services. Do not forget to upsell your solutions to help them achieve their goals.  


The template should include key QBR metrics related to the customers' individual goals. A segment of the meeting should cover discussing and reviewing these metrics. This will give your customers an overview of their goals and an option to realign if required. The metrics may vary depending on each customer’s use case and the structure of your business. 

Reviewing QBR metrics enables customers to understand which solutions are performing well and which areas need improvement. Spark genuine conversations with your customers to know how these metrics can add value to them. Also, you can determine what action plan you can take to achieve the desired results.  

Features review 

The next section of the QBR template should discuss new feature launches, if any. Bringing up the latest features will help your customers understand how to use them and get the best value. You can also discuss features that your customers might find beneficial. Use the template to devise detailed insights into how to use the elements to realize the full potential of the products or services.   

Roadmap review 

The final section of the template should cover the product roadmap. This will give your customers an overview of new feature launches. It is a great way to spark excitement and start a conversation on any features your customers would want to see. Gather their feedback for your team to improve the features. 

You can also use the product roadmap section to get back to their customers’ future objectives and goals.   

A QBR template with the above elements will help you conduct the session successfully and get valuable insights. 

Best tools to create actionable QBR templates

Quarterly business reviews are essential for effective customer success management. However, it might be challenging for you to devise a meeting plan. Numerous elements should go into a QBR meeting. Creating a template based on these elements can be intimidating. To ease the task for customer success managers, some popular tools help streamline the process.

Let’s check it out here. 

1. Pages 

It is a robust word processor tool that enables you to curate eye-catching documents and templates. The software comes with most Apple devices and allows real-time collaboration. You can use the tool from anywhere and on any device. Pages allow you to select from 90+ stunning designs, so you can seamlessly customize and create powerful QBR templates.    

To enhance the usability of the template, the tool allows you to add images, audio clips, galleries, equations, videos, charts, and customizable shapes. 

2. Scribe 

Scribe is an excellent tool for creating QBR templates step-by-step, instantly. The device is entirely free to use. Its features make it simple and quick to curate creative templates for your QBR meeting. It automatically creates a template, including clicks, screenshots, and instructions. You can even use the Scribe recorder to capture and share the QBR process with your customers and teams. 

Numerous customization features are available with the tool. You can edit the Scribe and add any text, sensitive information, custom branding, and annotations. Another essential part is you can easily share the templates with your customers with one click. You can export it as a PDF, send it as an URL link, copy it into a document, or embed it in your customer’s existing tools. 

Using a tool like Scribe can help save significant time. At the same time, it can help create QBR templates that add value to the meetings. Here is a Scribe that will give you an idea of how to develop QBR templates in just seconds. It has a 4.9 rating on Capterra. Here is a genuine review from a client: 

“My overall experience with Scribe is top-notch. I started benefiting from it from the first day I tried it. And EVERY time I make one for my team, someone says how much they love it. What I like most about Scribe is that it's easy for me to use to create a Scribe and my team to use when learning from a Scribe.” 

How to use a QBR template on Scribe?   

Scribe is easy to use and offers excellent customization options. 

  • Sign up to get Scribe for free 
  • Visit Scribe Gallery to pick a template, or you can also capture a process using screen recording 
  • Scribe will automatically create a template with screenshots and instructions  
  • You can easily add edits or customize the templates based on your unique needs 
  • Share the Scribe with your customers via URL link, email template, PDF document, or PowerPoint presentation.


An annual business review, a QBR, is a meeting between a company and its customers to discuss the previous quarter's performance and set expectations for the next quarter. It is an opportunity for the company to demonstrate its value to the customer and ensure that the customer is satisfied with the product or service. The QBR template can scale business success by measuring customer satisfaction levels and identifying areas of improvement. The QBR template should include the following:

  • An overview of the company's performance.
  • A review of the customer's satisfaction levels.
  • A discussion of any areas of improvement.

The template should also allow for open dialogue between the company and the customer so that expectations can be set for the next quarter. Businesses can use a QBR template to ensure that they provide their customers with the best possible experience and scale their success accordingly.

Do you want to scale customer success and drive business growth? Quarterly business reviews can provide valuable insights to understand customer expectations and improve solutions. Use a powerful tool to create a QBR template to help devise an action plan for the meeting.

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