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Mehedi Hasan Shoab
April 5, 2023
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September 24, 2023
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A to-do list template can relieve the stress of organizing tasks and missing deadlines. Scribe’s template and platform help do all that and more for you.
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Your average workweek can often feel overwhelming – lots of duties to fulfill and keeping track of all the to-do. In such times, listing everything down with a to-do list template is ideal for eliminating your piling workload. 

In this article, we'll introduce you to Scribe's to-do list template – a tool to help you keep organized and on top of your responsibilities. This process documentation software generates step-by-step tutorials complete with text and annotated screenshots.

To-do lists give you a headstart when figuring out what to tackle next.

4 Guaranteed benefits of using a to-do list

Keeping organized is one of the most important reasons to utilize a to-do list. When you list out all your duties, they become more manageable. It's easier to keep focused when you have a clear overview of the tasks you need to perform and those you've already completed. 

But that’s not all a list can offer. It can also:

  • Prioritize tasks: A to-do list helps you prioritize and according to project best practices. This can also help manage your time better because they outline your tasks in advance. You can make more informed decisions about what to do after completing a task and moving on to the next list item.
  • Reduce stress: Organizing your life by planning the tasks can eliminate the feeling that there’s too much to do. You can ensure not to schedule too much in a single day and how much you can complete. Keeping your lists short and moderate is ideal because adding too many things to your to-do list can cause stress from the ongoing reminder of the pending tasks.
  • Boost productivity: Your to-do list makes it simple to evaluate and rank your responsibilities in order of importance. When there are major issues requiring your attention, why waste time on unimportant tasks? 
  • Provide a sense of accomplishment: After finishing chores, doing something tangible, like crossing items off a list, can create a sense of success. This promotes morale and production. When you make a daily to-do list, you hold yourself accountable. So once you complete everything on your list, treating yourself is an excellent way to keep your motivation up. 

A to-do list is the ultimate method of boosting productivity. Unlike many other tools available, this can be used in numerous ways. Plus, it delves further by utilizing a variety of approaches and building blocks to transform it into something to help us develop and accomplish so much.

Different Types of To-Do Lists

A to-do list – as the name suggests – is just a list of tasks that must be completed. That means anything and everything can be on it. But just because you listed them down doesn't guarantee their utility. 

Unfortunately, to-do lists are frequently unstructured and detached from your actual work, resulting in less clarity and more work about work. That’s why we handpicked some formats of to-do lists you can use:

  • Daily / weekly to-do list: A simple daily to-do list captures the main everyday tasks you intend to complete. It lets you schedule what you must complete and the time to complete it. You can plan how to finish them by ranking them according to priority.
  • Quarterly to-do list: This takes the bigger picture into account – not just the goals you're attempting to complete but also the reasons you're undertaking them in the first place. These tasks could be classified according to various components of the company's vision or your professional goals.
  • Calendar to-do list: This format is useful for those who want to block out time to have dedicated time for each task. It lets you easily schedule and map out the day.
  • Checklist to-do list: We know there’s a sense of progress when you finish a task and cross it off your list. Such lists help you from continuously racing from one project to the next. Plus, you’re aware of what you’ve already completed.
  • Multiple lists to-do list: This is a master list of all the tasks you need to complete throughout time alongside a daily list for each day. In case the tasks aren’t completed, you can put them on the list for tomorrow or pass them on to someone else.

Sure, there are many other types you can come up with per your requirements. Select the method that works best for you. No one can remember everything we need, so write it down and get it done!

Introducing Scribe's To-Do List Templates — The Perfect Tool to Create Your List

A digital to-do list template is one of the most straightforward methods for boosting productivity and completing tasks on schedule. And we have one to make your work life much easier!

Scribe’s to-do list template let you add additional information to the description. Each to-do contains a potential description where you can add or change any relevant task details, working documents or critical information. 

You can even make multiple lists for personal work, teamwork or even professional development, for example. Even with different list options, Scribe helps you track all tasks in one location and how far along you’ve come in completing them. 

The list is also a work in progress, so you can regularly update and alter it to reflect shifting priorities and current responsibilities. You can reassess your list and determine what's holding you from getting things done.

Setting due dates, reminders, and notifications is important for any to-do list. These become meaningless if you don't complete your tasks on time.

Once your to-do list is organized and your objectives are clear, you can contribute more effectively. Sharing the list across your team means they can participate more effectively to group projects and efforts. The better organized you are, the easier it becomes to collaborate with your colleagues.

This template can be customized to create the ideal format for your list. To keep all essential information in one place, you can embed files such as images, videos and documents there.

Using Scribe & Pages to enhance your to-do list template

Only having the words written down somewhere doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to visualize, simplify and adapt your to-do list according to the task or objective at hand.

One of the reasons to-do lists get so burdensome is that they contain a haphazard jumble of everything. It's no surprise you feel overloaded at work if you work on many projects. 

Using Scribe to develop a visual to-do list might help you identify high-priority chores. You might want to do it when you feel overwhelmed or need creativity. The ideal approach to visual to-do lists is to use the various choices only when they make sense.

Generating multiple steps to gain control of your to-do list and complete your best work. Pages let you create process documents that include Scribes, videos, texts, lists and more. 

Using Pages, you can easily design your next training guide, onboarding plan, or SOP. Or, better yet, start with one of these templates! For example, here’s a template for assembly work instruction breaking down all that you need to do.

This way, you can focus on what’s relevant to the task you're doing right now and what has to be done.  

Apart from the Pages function, the Scribe tool offers a step-by-step guide for any project. It offers an all-in-one solution, complete with texts and screenshots. 

These to-do lists let you declutter your mind and give you a clear direction of what you need to do, one job at a time. More importantly –, you can make the most out of Scribe’s convenient template – it aims to make your life easier!

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6 Promising benefits of using Scribe's to-do list template

A McKinsey report states that one-third of the tasks in two-thirds of current jobs can be automated. That means using Scribe can let you completely manage all your tasks. This means working on projects with your team will be easier. Plus, it’s a free to-do list template, that can be used across your team and on a personal level.

On top of that, there are many other advantages to having Scribe’s to-do list template ready to go.

  • Saves valuable time: According to a University of California research study, it takes over 30 minutes to refocus after being distracted. Along with these 30 minutes, a variety of distractions throughout the day can add up to several hours of lost time. Scribe’s to-do list template lets you focus on the task at hand by having all your priorities in one place.
  • Increases efficiency: ​​Reorganizing your to-do list every day is a waste of time. A fantastic to-do list framework means you can easily sort work by project or priority, as desired. Consider creating sections for different types of work in your template as well. The faster you can list what you need to do, the more you can get done.
  • Reduces stress: A to-do list template can decrease stress by removing uncertainty and allowing you to see everything you intend to complete during the day. Higher self-esteem can improve your overall mental health and give you a more positive outlook.
  • Easily editable: Scribe lets you go into further detail. You can remove and adapt any sensitive information from screenshots and add text, notes and unique branding.
  • Shareable on multiple platforms: You may need to do several things on your phone or computer these days to save valuable time in your day. Scribe lets you sync between different platforms to pass on information to whoever you want.
  • Effortlessly embedded anywhere: Scribe can embed your to-do list onto any tool to make them more actionable for you. You'll be more productive in no time as it allows you to delegate tasks to the best person for the job.
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You know how you can make your own to-do list using Scribe. Begin by choosing the To-Do List template. If you already have a physical list, digitalize it and get started on entering all your tasks into the template.

Get your to-do list set up in seconds with this template

Gone are the days you would create a list with pen and paper.

Scribe writes how-to guides in seconds, so that you can beef up any list with actionable steps and processes. On top of that, you can use Scribe Pages to integrate your to-do list with additional visual aids to create full visual process documentation. Check our our templates gallery to see what other docs are in store for you.

So you can use Scribe to make your own guides and template or use its predefined to-do list template to get started on your tasks immediately.

There are many approaches to getting your list started. But none saves you time like Scribe.


You won't even need to try out other tools. Here’s a review from our trusted users, who consider Scribe as the gateway tool to getting everything organized.

You'll never forget an important task again, so try Scribe's to-do list template today and see how it can boost your productivity!

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