Top 10 WalkMe Alternatives That Will Work Better for Your Business in 2024

Aanchal Parmar
September 19, 2022
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March 15, 2024
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Let's find out about the 10 best digital adoption platform alternatives to WalkMe and evaluate their features and costs.


There’s been a rise in using software to improve business operations. And for good reason. 

But this investment doesn’t always pay off as planned. Why? Likely because the new software doesn’t yet fit into the company’s framework. Without training and management plans, you can’t expect anyone to be an expert on even the most intuitive tool

Digital adoption software is your answer. 

Deciding to use a DAP is a major move forward in crafting a digital adoption strategy. SaaS businesses can benefit from these digital adoption solutions in several ways,whether they’re onboarding new customers, promoting product engagement or launching brand-new features.

However, it can be hard to choose which platform is ideal for your company with so many available. 

WalkMe is a popular digital adoption platform — but it’s not without its competition. If WalkMe isn’t exactly right for you, here are ten awesome alternatives. 

We’ll run through each to highlight their strongest points and most compelling features.  

TL;DR: Top WalkMe alternatives to check out

  1. Scribe
  2. Spekit
  3. Pendo
  4. Appcues
  5. Userpilot
  6. Whatfix
  7. UserGuiding
  8. Userlane
  9. Lessonly
  10. Gainsight PX

What does WalkMe do?

WalkMe is a digital adoption platform that you can access over the cloud and use to better train and onboard new users to your software. 

Whether you need to build user onboarding routines for new clients or hold interactive seminars for your internal employee training program — tools like WalkMe can help.

WalkMe has earned the confidence of industry titans like IBM, Microsoft and Adobe thanks to its all-encompassing and secure solution.

But not every tool is for everyone. Let’s chat through why you might look elsewhere. 

Why you might want an alternative

Most of WalkMe's users are large corporations with access to spare developers who can help thefully use the platform. And it's for those users that WalkMe continues to refine its app and service.

Plus, because it's an on-premise solution, you have to install it before employing it. Since you need advanced technical skills to install WalkMe properly on your system, things can quickly get complicated. 

In short: to get started with WalkMe, you'll need to put in a lot of work.

Plus, since WalkMe’s selling to larger businesses — those companies should expect yearly costs of $9000 or more.

If you’re an SMB, solopreneur or simply a small team with a budget to match: WalkMe is probably not the tool for you. Even if you’re a larger corporation, the rollout and input might simply not align with your bottom line. 

Let’s see what does!

Top WalkMe alternatives of 2024

Now that we've discussed why WalkMe isn't the best fit for every organization, let’s turn our attention to the ten alternatives. 

1. Scribe

‎No one will use the shiny new app you rolled out if they don’t. know. how. So show them. 

Scribe is the first software of its kind for documenting processes. Simply put, it's an add-on for your web browser or desktop software that turns your work into a step-by-step guide.

How, you ask? It’s actually pretty simple. 

Scribe captures your screen, keystrokes and clicks to turn every step you took into written instructions with annotated screenshots. You can build standard operating procedures (SOPs), process documentation and desktop procedures in seconds.

As you onboard new tools, you can create, share or embed Scribes in any knowledge base.

Plus, Scribe’s newest feature, Pages, lets you combine Scribes with text, video, images and more. 

You and your team can work together, share documents and implement changes quickly and effortlessly.

You can edit and add steps, annotate screenshots and redact info, and even add some fun GIFs!

Scribe pricing

Free of charge for the Basic Plan, $29 per user per month for the Pro Plan and a customized fee for the Enterprise packages.

Why Scribe is a good alternative

  • Decrease documentation creation time by 10x. 
  • Have high-quality and consistent documentation — no matter who made it. 
  • Even for the most complex procedures, provide your employees with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Create guides, work instructions, job aids and more. 
  • Document and share best practices instantly.  
  • Keep consistency and simplicity in updating documentation.
  • Crop or redact sensitive information out of screenshots.
  • Add or embed in any content management system.

2. Spekit

walkme alternatives

With the help of Spekit, sales teams can quickly learn how to use Salesforce and other workflow-based software. 

With the app's contextual in-app training and straightforward self-guided UI, employees are able to learn as they work.

Users can access training materials on Spekit from inside the app or platform they're already using, and managers can check in on training participation with the help of Spekit's analytics. With a Spekit Premium subscription, you may import your existing training materials onto the platform.

As far as Spekit is concerned, adoption shouldn't be your end objective. When you focus on helping your staff and users succeed in their processes, you'll increase the likelihood that they'll embrace your solution.

Spekit pricing

$20/user month

Why Spekit is a good alternative

  • Salesforce integration with one click.
  • Simple to set up and use; no need for a code
  • Interactive tutorials and assistance elements that may be customized. 
  • Compatibility with many applications, operating systems, and web browsers (no need to install extensions).
  • Text, PDFs, videos and gifs are just some of the training content forms available.
  • A collapsible sidebar called Spekit Search accompanies users through their workflow in any program, centralizes information, and enables them to do searches whenever they need to.

3. Pendo

Walkme alternatives

Product Cloud of Pendo is their flagship service. The primary objective is to centralize user onboarding, product analytics, and user feedback.

Pendo is an excellent tool for analyzing products and dividing up audiences. In addition, notable companies like Zendesk, BMC, and Sprinklr have relied on Pendo to better comprehend and direct their respective users.

But there isn't a lot of customization, and there aren't many onboarding features. You can't make an easy transition into using the service. Pendo's various features and applications might make learning to use it challenging.

Pendo also has an above-average market price.

Pendo pricing

At this time, Pendo is unable to give a specific price. It allows users to set their own pricing based on the items they purchase.

Why Pendo is a good alternative

  • Data retention for seven years.
  • Countless seats.
  • Adaptable reports.
  • Organize ordering and scheduling.
  • Version control both inside and outside.
  • Live chat assistance (Enterprise version only).

Read about Pendo alternatives here.

4. Appcues

walkme alternatives

Appcues outranks WalkMe on Capterra, receiving superior marks for overall quality, user-friendliness, customer service, features and cost-effectiveness.

In contrast to Pendo, Appcues focuses on the customer experience and provides more tools for product creation and customer onboarding than it does for internal team education.

Appcues, a company that specializes in facilitating the transition to a product-led business model, can help you with all of your clients' digital adoption demands.

However, their “no-code” approach doesn’t represent the technical understanding that the product needs. 

Creating, organizing and implementing guidelines in Appcues is more complicated than the other companies on the list. Also, it’s advisable to remember that they charge over the market average.

Appcues pricing

The Essentials plan of Appcues costs $249 per month. Payment plans start at $879/month for the Growth plan.

Why Appcues is a good alternative:

  • Walkthrough builder that works through dragging and dropping.
  • Individually tailored templates.
  • Integration with HubSpot.
  • Alerts for newly added features.
  • NPS surveys.

5. Userpilot

walkme alternatives

For SaaS product managers, product marketers, and customer success managers who need to create fully-customizable, interactive user onboarding processes without writing a single line of code, Userpilot is a fantastic alternative to WalkMe.

It is an online adoption platform that requires no coding and has interactive, adaptable tutorials. Although it lacks trigger-based logic processes for surveys, it does provide powerful consumer sentiment capabilities.

Even though Userpilot performs better than WalkMe in revealing user sentiment and engagement, it does not permit consumers to arrange NPS surveys by rating.

Userpilot pricing:

Traction plan: $249/month

Growth plan: $499/month

Enterprise pricing: Starts at $1,000/month

Why Userpilot is a good alternative:

  • Checkpoints and bar graphs of progress.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Small scale research.
  • Chrome add-on or extension.
  • Individualized responsibilities and access levels (enterprise plan only).
  • Localizes up to five different languages.
  • User segmentation without limits.

See more Userpilot alternatives and competitors here.

6. Whatfix

walkme alternatives

Whatfix is a service that facilitates your team's adoption of new technologies and tools, emphasizing onboarding and training new members.

Make integrated, detailed guides at your leisure. If you already have a knowledge base with useful articles, you may add those to the app's self-help menu. In both cases, you may monitor user behavior within the program with the help of analytics.

However, some might think Whatfix is too expensive for startups and medium-sized businesses — though its an overall easier tool to use. 

Whatfix pricing

Since Whatfix doesn't publish its prices publicly, schedule a demo to get an accurate quote. 

Why Whatfix is a good alternative:

  • Help in filling out forms.
  • Auditing the data.
  • Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS).
  • Automating procedures.
  • Easy-to-use content editor. 

Learn more about Whatfix Alternatives here.

7. UserGuiding

walkme alternatives

UserGuiding might be the answer for SaaS businesses that want to onboard new clients but lack extensive training resources. Hotspots, or static assistance information that pops up at strategic points in the training process, are included in this platform to guide users through the initial setup.

UserGuiding, like WalkMe, may be used for user onboarding or employee training. It's a simple way to increase digital adoption on any platform and engage consumers without needing custom coding.

UserGuiding's robust Segmentation tool allows you to divide your audience into subsets and target them with specific messages.

Your can monitor your content's success and users' progress through the onboarding process thanks to the system's In-Depth Analytics and a wide variety of connectors.

To our knowledge, UserGuiding doesn’t offer a specific Salesforce connector like some of the other WalkMe alternatives on our list.

UserGuiding pricing:

Basic Plan: $99/month

Professional Plan: $399/month

Corporate Plan: Starts at $699/month

Why UserGuiding is a good alternative:

  • Help via chat and email.
  • Asking for feedback in the form of the NPS.
  • Checklists for new employees.
  • Attribute-based categorization.
  • Unique layouts.
  • Integrating Google Analytics.

💡 Want more UserGuiding alternatives? Check out our list of the best solutions.

8. Userlane

walkme alternatives

Userlane is a reliable digital adoption platform that you can use to design engaging onboarding procedures for both new employees and new users.

Userlane, a company that teaches employees how to use online applications, offers such interactive UX features.

Userlane is helpful for both new staff members and new clients. Since WalkMe is so concerned with getting new users up and running, we'll focus solely on that service aspect in this post. Userlane is a stripped-down version of the more complex WalkMe. 

In contrast to WalkMe, Userlane can integrate with your app with no effort. You can use this feature with only one line of JavaScript code that you can copy and paste into your application.

Although customization and capabilities are restricted, Userlane includes everything necessary for the standard user onboarding process.

If you need anything more sophisticated than the basic tools, try out some of the others on the list.

Userlane pricing:

Available upon request

Why Userlane is a good alternative:

  • Click-stream recording in real time.
  • Target audience and page breakdown.
  • Measuring engagement.
  • The ability to use animated GIFs and other images.

9. Lessonly

walkme alternatives

Lessonly's main function is to serve as an internal training management system (LMS). 

Teams and individuals may tailor their training experience by selecting from various available modules, pathways, and on-demand training. 

The potential to hone soft skills like sales presentations, reactions to customer service, and more is a huge plus. Employees' performance may be graded and improved with the aid of evaluations.

Although its most beneficial capabilities aren't available in the base plan, this platform is a serious contender to WalkMe for in-house training. Further, as Lessonly does not provide just-in-time (JIT) information, it may be inefficient for users to divert time from their current tasks in order to sign up.

Lessonly pricing:

Available upon request

Why Lessonly is a good alternative:

  • Easy-to-use, drop-and-drag instructional tools.
  • Quizzes.
  • Pre-made layouts for email communications.
  • Digital repositories of content.
  • Devices for Evaluating Performance.
  • User permissions.

10. Gainsight 

walkme alternatives

When it comes to renewing and keeping SaaS customers, Gainsight is an excellent digital adoption platform to use.

Knowledge center bots assist support customer care teams by handling basic queries, while in-depth analytics show consumer involvement and inform client success representatives when clients are at risk of non-renewal.

In order to set up your Gainsight account, you will need to use Salesforce, as the two platforms are tightly intertwined. Gainsight requires minimal technical knowledge to set up, although it can be a hassle without a Salesforce account.

You'll be able to use Gainsight's various tools, such as its task management, email management, automated email notifications, and comprehensive analytics.

Gainsight's powerful platform makes it a top choice for monitoring client success, but it isn't perfect for designing exceptional onboarding processes or in-app interactions.

Gainsight pricing:

Available upon request

Why Gainsight is a good alternative:

  • Scores for measuring the health of a company's clients.
  • Integrating CRM.
  • Integration with ticketing systems for support.
  • Customer sentiment research.
  • In-app survey.

Finding the right WalkMe alternative

WalkMe and other tech adoption solutions can significantly increase both the efficiency of internal procedures and the onboarding of new customers. 

The majority of these systems have similarities. But run through this list to see which one fits your use case. 

And don’t forget to try Scribe — an excellent WalkMe alternative for high-performing ops, teams and long-term digital transformation. Get started using Scribe to overcome digital adoption obstacles. 

Scribe can help you create captivating and eye-catching documents in minutes. Try it out now for free.

Ready to try Scribe?

Scribe automatically generates how-to guides and serves them to your team when they need them most. Save time, stay focused, help others.