Workflow Documentation Software: Your Best Options in 2023

Got processes? Every company needs workflow documentation software to make their documentation process easy and to manage and record each employee's work effectively. 


Workflow documentation can be complicated for a company because of the huge volume of work and employees. 

But what if we said you could solve all your workflow documentation problems with the right workflow documentation software?

And we mean it! Workflow documentation software can help you keep a record of your company’s day-to-day and organize (dare we say… revolutionize?!) how you manage your team. 

Top workflow documentation software of 2023

  1. ClickUp
  3. Wrike
  4. Scribe
  5. Nifty
  7. Workflow Max

What is workflow documentation software?

Workflow documentation software is… well, a tool that helps you document your team’s workflow. 

Typically it’s a cloud-based platform where you record task data from start to end. 

Workflow documentation software helps you streamline business processes. Moreover, it also boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of working by reducing the chance of human errors. 

With the help of this amazing software, your team can manage different activities — like:

  • How you enter information.
  • How data spreads throughout the workflow.
  • Notifications for pending actions/tasks.
  • Approval checkpoints.
  • Comments/feedback loop. 

 This software records, tracks, edits, stores, retains, generates, and retrieves documents related to the business. 

What is workflow documentation?

Workflow documentation allows you to trace your business activities. It’s the tracking, recording, storing, editing and generating documents associated with your business.

In short, it helps make sure that everything goes smoothly — whether it’s a recruiting process or budgeting request. 

Several companies use the workflow documentation process to deal with their internal documents and data. It helps the team to follow up on upcoming or pending tasks and manage the documents properly. 

Features of workflow documentation software

Some of the key features of workflow documentation software are:

  • Accessible to all: Workflow documentation software will ensure that all the team members don’t struggle to find their day-to-day work and can easily access tasks.
  • Integrated Platform: Workflow documentation software creates a platform where employees can update their work status and managers can check it without using any external communication threads (saving Slack for fun GIFs!)
  • Customizable: You can easily customize the workflow in this software to meet the needs of your business and make the work more efficient. 
  • Helps In Better Documentation - A good Workflow documentation software will help your company in keeping the record of day-to-day work without asking each employee for an update. This will save time and make your company an efficient one.  

Why you need workflow documentation software 

Workflow documentation software aligns your team to ease workflow strain and streamline activities.

If you need workflow process documentation (and you probably do) you likely need workflow documentation software. Here are some major reasons why. 

Proper team alignment  

When the process is crystal clear, it’s easy to follow up and check items off. 

Workflow documentation software reduces the chance of human error. It helps team members know what to do and when to do it. 

It also keeps all the members and supervisors on the same page, so everything goes smoothly. 

Boosts the business process 

Workflow documentation software boosts the business process by standardizing business activities.

If you can record, track and document the workflow, it gets a  lot easier to know what to improve and what methods to change. It also gives clarity to various activities happening within the business. 

So, if you use this software in your business, you’ll be able to boost the working process of your business and increase its effectiveness. 

Increases efficiency 

Business is a spring, and workflow software allows you to speed up your business processes. It tracks and records the data digitally, helping the team maintain and find records. 

You’ll never need to dig through paper documents to find any data or information. Team members can easily get information with just one click. 

It also saves time and money, letting your team focus more on increasing their productivity. 

Enhances the workflow analytically 

Process documentation helps new hires understand customer needs, wants and flows. 

This way, members work effectively without wasting time trying to understand the objectives or goals. Workflow process documentation can help ensure your long-term survival and growth in the industry. 

Top workflow documentation software of 2023

Workflow documentation tools track and document all the data and information of business activities. It allows the managers and supervisors to identify necessary changes and helps team members work consistently and productively. 

Various documentation tools help the team work effectively and efficiently. These tools make the work a lot easier — and are pretty much used everywhere. 

If you’re looking for the right software for your team, check out this list of popular tools.  

1. ClickUp 

workflow documentation software

ClickUp pricing 

Apart from its free plan, ClickUp offers a wide variety of pricing options to its customers:  

  • Unlimited plan ( per member) - 9 dollars a month for the monthly plan and 5 dollars a month for the yearly package. 
  • Business plan ( per member) - 19 dollars a month for the monthly plan and 12 dollars a month for the yearly package. 
  • Business plus plan ( per member) - 29 dollars a month for the monthly plan and 19 dollars a month for the yearly.
  • Enterprise plan - To get its pricing information, you need to connect with their sales team. 

ClickUp overview 

It’s a multi-functional tool that allows you to track the process, record tasks, and improve your time management. It creates a minimap that helps you to plan the project productively. It also has a checklist feature, where you can prepare to-do lists, sub-item lists, nest lists, etc. 

You can customize the features as needed. It doesn’t include any charges to provide its unlimited features and templates. ClickUp is a cloud-based tool that prevents task repetition and is supported on every device.


workflow documentation software pricing 

All of the plans offered by, apart from the free plan, are billed annually. The plans offered by are: 

  • Basic plan (per member) —  8 dollars a month. 
  • Standard plan (per member) — 10 dollars a month 
  • Pro plan (per member) — 16 dollars a month
  • Enterprise - Get in touch with their sales team for the pricing. overview 

This is a highly customizable workflow management tool. It includes calendars, reminders, messaging, sync, tracking, and forms and delivers insights through graphs and diagrams. also allows you to track and follow up on the task process and assign tasks to your team. The interface is straightforward and contains great cooperation features. 

3. Wrike 

Wrike pricing 

Wrike offers a free plan for a small team, but if one needs it for a big team, here’s the pricing:

  • Professional plan (per member) — 9.8 dollars a month
  • Business plan (per member) — 24.8 dollars a month 
  • Enterprise and Pinnacle plan - To get the price of these plans, you need to contact Wrike.  

Wrike overview 

Wrike is a tool that manages the project and tasks ongoing within an organization. It allows you to assign tasks and create a deadline automatically as per the availability of the time. You can edit the document only in the online mode. 

Wrike manages your time, tracks the progress, and sees the team's performance. The best part of using this tool is that it can easily be deployed with Dropbox, Adobe creative cloud, Slack, etc., as it offers the open API. However, it is a little expensive and has a complicated interface. 

4. Scribe 

Scribe pricing 

Scribe has a free basic plan with unlimited guides, along with these paid plans:  

  • Pro plan (per user) — 29 dollars per month.
  • Enterprise plan — This plan has custom pricing, and to get the exact price, get in touch with Scribe.  

Scribe overview 

Scribe is one of the best tools for workflow documentation. It’s a step-by-step guide generator that captures on-screen work to create visual instructions — fast.

Scribe increases process documentation time by 15x, so that team members can focus on the tasks at hand — all while documenting at the same time. Your teammates can’t do the process if they don’t know how… so show them! 

And once you make a Scribe, you can easily find in your workspace, share or embed in any other tool, including content management, knowledge management or learning management software. Take advantage of this user-friendly, fast and FREE tool today. 

 5. Nifty 

Nifty pricing 

Nifty offers a free plan for up to 2 projects to its users, and to do more than that, you need to choose among its pricing options. Each of these plans is billed annually: 

  • Starter pack — 39 dollars per month.
  • Pro pack — 79 dollars per month
  • Business pack — 124 dollars per month
  • Unlimited pack — 399 dollars per month

Nifty overview 

Nifty is the best workspace that allows you to plan your projects with your team and automates your performance reporting. Moreover, NiftyPM perfectly balances the monthly roadmap and daily grinds. It also has a group chat feature so you can discuss projects. 

The interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. Though it is quite expensive, it is worth using. The plans it includes are unlimited projects, portfolio management, time management, workloads, progress reporting, etc. 

6. pricing 

The pricing plans of apart from free plans are as follows:

  • Personal plan - 9.99 dollars a month
  • Professional plan - 29 dollars a month 
  • Startup plan - 49 dollars a month overview is one of the best workflow documentation tools. It automates payments, marketing sales and other workflow processes. The interface is intuitive and simple to use. It offers audit logs and data retention controls. supports applications like CRM, e-commerce, payments, collaborations, marketing, etc. If you have this documentation tool, you won't need any IT help for the integrations. 

7. Workflow Max 

workflow max

Workflow Max pricing 

Workflow max gives two plans to its users: Standard and premium. The pricing of these plans is as follows:

  • Standard plan (for 3 users) -—  45 dollars a month
  • Premium plan (for 3 users) — 95 dollars a month. 

You can get an idea of the price for more than 3 users by visiting their pricing page

Workflow Max overview 

If your business is small or medium-sized, you can use the Workflow Max tool, a great cloud-based solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It has different features, such as timesheets, project management, business management, and progress reporting. It’s reliable and easy. 

Workflow Max offers a timer function that will help you to track the task and efficiency of the team. This tool is supported on iOS and windows. 

Start documenting your workflows today. 

Now that you know all about the Workflow documentation tools, it's time to choose what works for your business.

Run through our list and see what features stand out. Ask yourself: 

  • What are your process needs? 
  • What is your budget?
  • What features do you value the most (speed? ease-of-use?)
  • What’s the best way you can get your team on board.

You’ll soon be managing and tracking your processes like a pro. 

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