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Create quick answers with Scribe. Generate how-to guides, FAQs, and help center docs with accurate, detailed answers to any question.
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Scribe: The Best AI-Powered Tool For Rapid Answer Generation

Looking for an online AI question answerer? Scribe uses generative AI and ChatGPT to generate detailed how-to guides to answer questions, create FAQs and help center documents, and more.

No more wading through countless docs to find relevant information. No more answering the same question over and over again. At the click of a button, you can generate accurate, specific answers to your queries with Scribe.

Why Choose Scribe as Your AI Question Answerer?

  1. Accurate, relevant answers: Using Scribe's generative AI, you can generate quick visual process guides that are accurate, reliable and specific to your industry and use cases. Go through your usual process, and Scribe follows through each step to build a visual guide, complete with annotated screenshots, images, and links. Within seconds, generate accurate and relevant answers and unlock a treasure trove of knowledge at your fingertips.
  2. Auto-generate answers to common questions: With Scribe, you can provide different answers to different audiences based on their individual needs. Ask AI to write the type of document you want to create (FAQs, tutorials, overviews, how-to guides, etc.), and Scribe will generate the document in seconds.
  3. Seamless integration and ease of use: Scribe flawlessly integrates with your existing knowledge base or support system so you can retrieve and send answers in seconds. You can export and store the documentation (customer queries, help center docs, FAQs, etc.) in various formats and make it easily accessible to your team members, users, or anyone else you want.

Getting Started with Scribe’s AI Question Answerer Generator

Getting started with Scribe

Step 1: Record Your Process

Download the Scribe Chrome extension and pin it to the top of your browser. 

Pin the Scribe Chrome extension to use the AI Question Answerer

‎Once you know the questions you need to answer, go to the process you want to document and hit "Start Capture." Scribe's intuitive interface auto-captures screenshots and text as you go through the workflow.

Click Start Recording - AI Question Answerer

Step 2: Finish Capture

Once you’ve finished your process, click the "Stop Recording" button. Scribe immediately stops recording and generates a well-organized, structured document based on your on-screen actions.

Click Stop Recording - AI Question Answerer

Step 3: Use AI to Build a Question Answerer

If you’re starting from scratch, Scribe’s AI features to write your entire document—automatically. Just input a few instructions and let Scribe's AI do the rest.

Along with the text, Scribe's AI suggests title ideas, meta descriptions, and provides additional context if needed.

Use AI to build your guide - AI Question Answerer

‎You can also use Scribe Pages to create rich, in-depth guides. Combine multiple Scribes—including videos and images—to build a repository you can pull information from and share with anyone—your team, clients or community (and even family members).

Step 4: Review and Refine

Once the first draft is ready, take a moment to review and ensure it has everything you need. Best part? If you’re a pro user, you can add custom branding, redact sensitive information, edit screenshots, and do much more at the click of a button.

Before finalizing the documentation, ask for inputs from your team members, subject matter experts, and stakeholders to ensure accuracy and compliance. Update or revise any steps if needed. 

Customize your guide - Scribe AI Question Answerer

Step 5: Publish & make it accessible to everyone!

Share your guide with a click, export it to PDF, HTML, or Markdown, or embed it in any of your favorite tools. You can use Scribe to document your instructions, FAQ repository, and workflows in your knowledge base or support system.

Continuously adapt and improve your processes to generate the most recent, relevant and authoritative answers.

Share your Scribe guide to answer questions - AI Question Answerer

‎If you want to answer questions fast, Scribe can help you document your processes and workflows in a well-organized, efficient manner. Once that's done, use the AI-powered tool to instantly generate accurate, high-quality answers and easily find and share information.

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