11 Best ChatGPT Alternatives to Supercharge Your Workflow

Churchill Leonard
July 12, 2023
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September 19, 2023
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Looking for alternatives to ChatGPT? From Scribe to GitHub Copilot, these top 11 AI-powered tools will supercharge your daily workflow.
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Since it launched in 2022, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. Since its boom, a lot of other AI productivity tools have been created that offer the same benefits, if not more.

Looking for alternatives to ChatGPT? We've rounded up the 11 best ChatGPT alternatives you can use to unlock productivity, automate repetitive tasks and help you focus on creative work.

📌 What is ChatGPT? Find out everything you need to know

TL;DR: 11 best ChatGPT alternatives

Here are 11 of the most popular ChatGPT alternatives of 2023:

1. Scribe: AI-powered process documentation for growing teams

2. Bard: ChatGPT competitor from Google

3. Notion AI: Generate, summarize, explain, and improve your writing with AI, right inside Notion

4. Grammarly: AI writing assistance for drafting emails, job descriptions, messages, etc.

5. Krisp: AI-powered noise cancellation

6. Otter: Real-time transcription and AI-generated meeting notes

7. Microsoft Bing AI: ChatGPT-powered search inside Microsoft Edge

8. GitHub Copilot: AI-powered pair programmer

9. Dialogflow: Lifelike conversational AI assistants

10. Botpress: Create GPT-powered chatbots and virtual assistants

11: Tars: GPT-powered chatbots for WhatsApp, SMS and live chat

Why do you need an alternative to ChatGPT?

Since its launch, ChatGPT has acquired a dizzying amount of mindshare and racked up 100 million users in just two months.

By contrast, it took Uber, Instagram and Spotify 70, 30 and 55 months to hit those same benchmarks.

(Source: Yahoo)
But, come to think of it, why not?

ChatGPT is the most advanced generative AI model ever, and its capabilities are epic against the backdrop of AI research. With a bit of prompting, there are a ton of use cases for ChatGPT:

  • Parse an email, break down its key points into a bulleted list and suggest a reply.
  • Generate a birthday wish for your girlfriend in the style of Shakespeare.
  • Draft code snippets (in Rust, JavaScript, C#, etc.) that’d have taken you >1 hour searching for on StackOverflow (e.g., Suggest a Python code snippet for generating a grid of cells as a geodata frame).
  • Explain complex topics, create a curriculum and suggest helpful resources for learning them (e.g., Create a 30-day curriculum for learning calculus, and suggest a handful of free Coursera courses, YouTube videos and texts that can help me).
  • Craft a wide variety of written content—cover letters, product descriptions, reviews, summaries, etc.
  • Compose lyrics, jokes, puns and poetry.

But all that power can seem intimidating and you might be wondering how to gently integrate the power of generative AI into your everyday workflow. Soon, you'll also notice the outdated, klutzy interface as you spend more time using it.

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So, is there a better AI than ChatGPT?

Yes, there are many alternatives to ChatGPT that are as just as good, if not better.

Ultimately, ChatGPT is just an interface for using OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 large language models, which are the engines that power the platform's intelligence.

📌 What is ChatGPT? Everything You Need to Know

Top ChatGPT alternatives to supercharge your workflow

1.‎ Scribe

G2 Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Chrome Web Store Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Scribe Pricing: Free

Scribe Overview:

Scribe is an AI-powered process documentation tool that helps you create detailed step-by-step guides, SOPs, policy documents, training materials, and customer wikis in seconds. Whether you’re—

  • A customer success rep creating wiki resources for FAQ user queries,
  • A solopreneur creating a "how to work with me" doc for clients, or
  • A manager onboarding new hires or building a knowledge base for your department

—Scribe makes it easy to create helpful guides at scale, democratize knowledge sharing and save time documenting processes.

‎Once you click record on the extension, you can walk through and complete your processes as usual. Scribe will—
  • Capture your processes step by step.
  • Split them into bite-sized slides.
  • Annotate them with AI.
  • Highlight key actions, features or items.
  • Generate a title from scratch based on the content your Scribe doc contains.

Scribe's free ChatGPT Text Generator auto-generates step-by-step guides you can share in <1 minute by simply observing your workflow.


2.‎ Bard

G2 Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Chrome Web Store Rating: N/A

Bard Pricing:  Free

Bard Overview:

Google has been an AI pioneer long before OpenAI, going as far back as 2011 when Jeff Dean and Greg S. Corrado launched the Brain deep learning project that created TensorFlow and DeepMind. But, a lot of their inertia around releasing functional language models to the public wore off after ChatGPT launched, and the conversation started shifting to how it could displace Google as a better search engine, etc.

Five months later, Google launched Bard, a conversational interface on top of their LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) that can engage in open-ended conversations on every topic and in over 1,000 languages.

It’s trained on over 137 billion parameters, compared to GPT-4’s 170 trillion parameters.

Among others, Google Bard can:

  • Provide up-to-date replies; Bard has real-time access to the internet and can use it to comment on emergent situations.
  • Generate code snippets and scripts in 20+ languages, including Python, Rust, Kotlin, HTML, TypeScript, etc.
  • Draft creative texts such as poems, emails, letters, and musical pieces.
  • Accept voice and visual prompts.

Bard’s integrates with Google Workspace, helping 3 billion users generate, translate and reword text and bring AI productivity into their daily workflow.

3.‎ Notion AI

Chrome Web Store Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars

Notion AI Pricing: Free; paid tier starts at $8/month

Notion AI Overview:

Notion is an all-in-one productivity application for taking notes, managing projects and building flexible databases—combining Evernote, Airtable and Trello, but with a cult following and a vibrant community.

On November 17, Notion announced Notion AI, a generative assistant that lives inside their product and acts as a second brain that helps users:

  • Summarize notes, meeting briefs and policy documents—identify the key ideas in your content, survey results, etc.
  • Translate content into 34+ languages, such as Mandarin, French and Swahili.
  • Generate briefs to help kickstart your productivity instead of staring at a blank page.
  • Improve, reword and eliminate industry-specific jargon from your content.

Notion AI is extremely helpful if you already do most of your work inside the platform and you’re comfortable with its UI, design choices and technical limitations. Unlike ChatGPT, Notion offers the tightest integration of GPT-4 around with the functionality it adds to an extremely powerful productivity and collaboration suite.

4.‎ Grammarly

G2 Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Chrome Web Store Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Grammarly Pricing: Free; Paid tier starts at $12/month

Grammarly Overview:

If you stream YouTube frequently, you’re probably already familiar with Grammarly (Ad voice: Grammarly can help 😁) and all the memes and pop culture references to their paid campaigns help you clean up your grammar, write clearly and avoid plagiarism.

Like Notion, Grammarly is another established brand that’s been making a pivot into AI-generated content along the lines of ChatGPT. While it’s still in beta, GrammarlyGo is an AI content production platform that promises to help you—

  • Compose emails, articles, speeches, project briefs, or just an outline with a single prompt.
  • Rewrite emails to sound more personable, casual, or in any formality or tone you prefer.
  • Reply to emails quickly using context-specific prompts—GrammarlyGO can scan a thread to determine the best reply to the latest email.

GrammarlyGO brings GPT-4’s generative capabilities into the places where their customers already write with Grammarly, including email, Microsoft Word, Chromium browsers, LinkedIn, etc.—wherever you want to sound professional.

5.‎ Krisp

G2 Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Chrome Web Store Rating: N/A

Krisp Pricing:  Free; Paid tier starts at $8/month

Krisp Overview:

During COVID-19, everyone welcomed the work-from-home trend with eager enthusiasm. But, if you’ve ever joined a Zoom meeting from home, you understand background noise can be a buzz killer—whether it’s your kids playing, a dog barking, or the weird neighbor that starts blasting Freddie Mercury on a Thursday by 10 AM.

That’s where Krisp comes in: Krisp is a free AI-powered noise-canceling software that eliminates background noise from your calls, whether you’re meeting on Zoom, Webex or Google Meet.

Krisp routes your microphone’s audio through their software, collects a sample of your voice and uses artificial intelligence to strip away any other intruding sound interrupting—a hassle-free conversation without disturbance.

6.‎ Otter

Chrome Web Store Rating: 2.7 out of 5 stars

Otter Pricing:  Free; Paid tier starts at $8.33/month

Otter Overview:

Otter is an AI meeting assistant that records audio, transcribes your conversations, captures slides shared on your calls and generates bite-sized summaries—within minutes after your call ends. Using Otter, you can:

  • Generate transcripts with speakers tagged at every stage of your dialogue.
  • Collaborate with teammates on editing your meeting notes, highlight key points and assign action items to specific individuals.
  • Automatically capture slides and insert them in your meeting transcripts.
  • Summarize meetings into briefs with key information for every participant.

Otter’s AI-powered assistant joins your calls separately to transcribe your conversations in real time, simplifies meeting recaps and makes it easy to internalize feedback from calls at a glance.

7.‎ Microsoft Bing AI

G2 Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (As Bing Chat)

Chrome Web Store Rating: N/A

Microsoft Bing AI Pricing:  Free

Microsoft Bing AI Overview:

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, has been around for 14 years, but it’s never taken off with users. But, after ChatGPT’s explosive launch, Microsoft partnered with OpenAI to bring GPT-4’s capabilities to their search engine through a chat interface.

The new AI-powered Bing is limited to users of Microsoft’s Edge browser. It has enough firepower to:

  • Communicate in multiple languages.
  • Generate essays, songs, and stories.
  • Rewrite and improve your writing.
  • Keep a thread alive by suggesting the next best prompt for you to query it with.

Bing AI includes sources and citations of the online content it quotes and is thoroughly baked into Microsoft's Bing search experience to recommend relevant results and let users interact with AI in multiple interfaces.

8.‎ GitHub Copilot

G2 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Chrome Web Store Rating: N/A

GitHub Copilot Pricing: 30-day free trial; $10 per month

GitHub Copilot Overview:

GitHub CoPilot is an AI-powered pair programming tool that suggests code and functions in real time as you code. It’s trained on billions of lines of code across multiple languages, including C#, C++ and Python. GitHub works alongside coders as an AI pair programmer that generates autocomplete-style suggestions to help you write accurate code faster.

9.‎ Dialogflow

G2 Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Chrome Web Store Rating: N/A

Dialogflow Pricing: Usage-based billing; more detailed here

Dialogflow Overview:

Dialogflow is a lifelike conversational AI platform for building voice assistants inside Google Cloud. Dialogflow simplifies the development process with a visual sequence designer, unlimited integrations (so you can build once and deploy to platforms like Genesys, Avaya, and Cisco), and end-to-end CI/CD so you can scale your virtual agents quickly.

10‎. Botpress

G2 Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Chrome Web Store Rating: N/A

Botpress Pricing: Limited free tier; paid plan starts at $10/month per 1k messages

Botpress Overview:

Botpress is a next-generation chatbot builder powered by OpenAI. Botpress works similarly to most common chatbot platforms, but the platform combines conversations with AI help instructions. It can capture personal information in a live chat interface, check a database to confirm customer status and more.

The platform offers a visual WYSIWYG editor to manipulate chatbot sequences with a drag-and-drop interface, pre-built templates for different use cases and dozens of integrations with third-party applications you already use, such as Airtable, Asana, Github, and HubSpot.

11‎. Tars

Chrome Web Store Rating: N/A

Tars Pricing: Limited free tier; paid plan starts at $19 per month

Tars Overview:

Tars is a conversational AI platform that powers business and customer interactions. Tars helps you build chatbot sequences with if/then workflows and train them (chatbots) on your help library to instantly reply to support queries, engage users, and capture leads via live chat, WhatsApp, SMS, and mobile apps.

Transform your productivity with AI

The beauty of AI is that there’s essentially no limit to its power—as long as researchers can teach models on a bigger set of data, we'll see more powerful models that can do more tasks and even make creative decisions, with some prompting.

But you can’t always rely on chatbots for your daily workflow. When you start to scale, you need more knowledgeable team members who understand your systems and processes and can efficiently use the tools at their disposal.

That's why it's essential to explore chatGPT alternatives like Scribe, which uses ChatGPT to create reusable guides, SOPs, and learning materials you can use to train teams of five or 500—all in minutes.

‎Or, like Sidd Hora, a former sales enablement manager at Crosscard puts it,

With Scribe, I didn’t have to take the screenshot. I didn’t have to put an arrow to tell the reader to click this button. I didn’t have to describe the process. It made my life quite easier by using the product.

Best of all, it’s completely free to get started. Try our free ChatGPT Documentation Generator today!

Ready to try Scribe?

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