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Generate professional screenshots effortlessly with Scribe's AI-powered screenshot generator. Simplify process documentation and create step-by-step guides in seconds.
Generate Screenshots!
Generate Screenshots!
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Generate screenshots in seconds with Scribe
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Try for free today!

Try Scribe's Free Screenshot Generator to Document Processes

Scribe's AI-powered Screenshot Generator simplifies capturing and annotating screenshots to build step-by-step guides for process documentation.

Scribe leverages state-of-the-art technology to help you create tutorials, bug reports, user guides and more. Scribe is your trusted companion for generating informative and visually appealing screenshots. Let's explore the remarkable features that make Scribe the go-to tool for screenshot generation.

Why Use Scribe as Your Screenshot Generator?

1. Effortless Screenshot Capture

Scribe enables you to capture screenshots of your screen or specific application windows with a simple click. Use our advanced website screenshot generator to capture your workflow. Scribe automatically takes screenshots as you capture a process, illustrating the steps in your guides and making them more visually appealing. No more cumbersome manual screenshot processes.

2. Enhance Visual Clarity & Understanding

As you work, Scribe captures your screen. Use Scribe to take annotated screenshots based on your keystrokes and clicks automatically.

Scribe Pro and Pro Teams empower you to edit, annotate and highlight captured website screenshots, ensuring your audience can quickly grasp the information you want.

3. Tailored Visuals for Your Documentation

Never copy and paste another screenshot! Scribe uses AI to create step-by-step guides with text and webpage screenshots. With Scribe Pro's screenshot editor tools, you can also access a range of annotation tools, including arrows, text boxes, and shapes, allowing you to customize your screenshots and make them visually engaging.

Getting Started with Scribe’s Screenshot Generator

Generate guides with screenshots in 3 easy steps - Screenshot generator

Step 1: Capture Your Screenshots

Install Scribe and open the application or screen you want to capture. Click "Start Capture" and go through your regular workflow.

Capture your screenshots - screenshot generator
Click Scribe's extension in your browser

Scribe will automatically generate screenshots, capturing multiple screenshots and text as you navigate the process.

Click Start Capture to capture your process - screenshot generator
Click Start Capture to take screenshots

Step 2: Stop Capturing

Once you’re done with your process, click "Stop Capture". In seconds, Scribe will create a visual step-by-step guide.

Click Stop Capture to generate your guide - screenshot generator
Click Stop Capture to generate your guide

‎Step 3: Edit & Customize

Add text and additional details to your guide, such as callouts, additional steps or other resources. With Scribe Pro, you can directly edit your screenshots — use the screenshot editor tools to blur sensitive information or add visual effects to enhance screenshots.

Customize your guide in the Scribe dashboard - screenshot generator
Customize your screenshot guide

Step 4: Save & Share

Once you're satisfied with the annotated screenshot guide, save it to your workspace. You can also export as a PDF, HTML or markup. Scribes are easy to share via link or easy embed in your favorite tools.

Add Scribes into your process documentation and presentations, or share directly with your team members or clients.‍

Share your Scribe with one click - screenshot generator
Share your guide with one click

That's it! Simplify the screenshot generation process, customize visuals, and create impactful visuals with Scribe's powerful features.


How Do I Edit a Screenshot?

Scribe Pro's advanced image editing features enable you to easily edit screenshots online. With Scribe's editing options, you can:

  1. Crop or resize screenshots.
  2. Add shapes and markups to your screenshot.
  3. Annotate your screenshot by adding rectangles, arrows, drawings, or text.
  4. Move or delete the click target.
  5. Adjust your colors.
  6. Permanently redact sensitive information from screenshots.

Can I Generate and Edit Screenshots From Any Device?

Scribe offers multiple ways to use our tool: browser extensions and desktop apps. 

  • Browser extensions: All users can use our Chrome or Edge extension to capture browser-based apps and processes. 
  • Desktop apps: Capture desktop-based apps and processes with our Mac and Windows desktop apps (Scribe Pro). 

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Try Scribe's free screenshot generator and revolutionize your process documentation today!

Generate professional screenshots with Scribe's AI-powered screenshot generator