16 Best Google Chrome Screenshot Extensions [2023]

Screenshot Chrome extensions can make saving, sharing and marking up your screenshots so much easier. Here are a few of our favorites that are little-known...and free!


When's the last time you took a screenshot?

You usually need to remember:

  • The keyboard shortcut.
  • What folder the image saves to.
  • How to edit and mark up.

... and even then, your computer probably doesn't have the tools you need it to.

Screenshots should be quick and easy ways to save or share information, but whether you've never used the print screen function or are struggling to crop a screenshot of your desktop, things can easily get jumbled and confusing.

And when you’re trying to walk someone through a complicated process (like onboarding or training), that time can really add up.

Thankfully, there are a number of screenshot Chrome extensions that can make saving, editing and sharing screenshot images easier.

Here are a few of our favorites. 

Best screenshot extensions for Chrome

  1. Scribe
  2. Awesome Screenshot
  3. Nimbus Capture
  4. Paint Tool
  5. Screenshot YouTube
  6. ClickUp
  7. GoFullPage
  8. Askify
  9. Lightshot
  10. FireShot
  11. NinjaCapture
  12. Droplr
  13. Snippyly
  14. Blipshot
  15. Usersnap
  16. Pikaso

1.‎ Scribe — Auto-generate how-to guides

Scribe how-to guides — screenshot chrome extensions

Best for: AI-powered screenshot documentation

Scribe Chrome Web Store Rating: 5/5 stars

Scribe Features:

The Scribe Chrome extension does more than take screenshots — it creates visual step-by-step guides in just a few seconds. With the Chrome extension, users simply:

  • Click the extension.
  • Perform a task.
  • Stop recording and watch Scribe create a how-to guide — complete with text and annotated screenshots.

Here it is in action.

Scribe does the heavy lifting for you, but you do have the option to:

  • Edit text.
  • Upload additional screenshots.
  • Annotate screenshots (Pro and up).
  • Blur or redact sensitive information (Pro and up).
  • Combine Scribes with more images, video and more with Scribe's Pages feature.


Use Scribe to beef up your knowledge base, build SOPs and FAQs, or simply answer quick questions‚ all in one extension.

‎When your guide is all set, you can store in platform, share with just one click or embed in your favorite tool.

📌 Download Scribe

2.‎ Awesome Screenshot — 2-in-1 Capture tool

Awesome Screenshots — screenshot chrome extension for screenshots and recordings

Best for: Taking screenshots and videos at once

Awesome Screenshot Chrome Web Store Rating: 4.6/5 stars

Awesome Screenshot Features:

Awesome Screenshot is a 2-in-1 tool for capturing screenshots and recording videos. Record your Mac or Windows desktop, a specific tab, or just from your camera, including using your microphone to provide a voiceover for your video and an embedded camera view. 

Annotate your screenshot with shapes, arrows, blur options, and more, giving you full control and flexibility over how your screenshots appear. Awesome Screenshot also has collaboration integrations so you can quickly share your screenshots or screengrab videos through popular platforms like Slack, Asana, Trello, GitHub and Jira. 

📌 Download Awesome Screenshot

3.‎ Nimbus Capture — Screenshot & screen video record 

Nimbus Capture Screen Capture Tool — Screenshot Chrome extensions

Best for: Screenshot edits & conversion

Nimbus Chrome Web Store Rating: 4.6/5 stars

Nimbus Features:

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Record is another tool that lets you easily create and share both screenshot images and videos from your browser. Choose the area you want to record, including partial views of your screen or window, and edit it right within the app. Cross-platform service allows you to view your screenshots and recordings from any device and any platform. 

One major benefit of Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Record is the ability to convert your video into a gif or mp4 right within the app. You can easily convert your screenshots into more sharable content without needing to add another tool or extra process, helping you and your team move forward more productively. 

📌 Download Nimbus Capture

4.‎ Paint Tool – Marker for Chrome 

Paint Tool Marker for Chrome — Screenshot Chrome extensions

Best for: Screenshot markups

Paint Tool Chrome Web Store Rating: 4.4/5 stars 

Paint Tool Features:

Paint Tool lets you draw right on top of websites before taking your screenshots. Highlight images, point out errors or showcase how a user can complete a task on a website with annotation features like shapes, lines, and text — you’ll have all the same tools as in MS Paint, just in your browser. 

Paint Tool is a lightweight, free, easy-to-use tool without too many bells and whistles — perfect for teams that don’t need a ton of features, but still want the ability to take easy screenshots. It’s a great tool for showcasing design ideas, webpage edits or inspiration, and a lot more — and it’s fun! 

📌 Download Paint Tool

5.‎ Screenshot YouTube — Video screenshot capture
Screenshot Youtube — Screenshot Chrome extensions

Best for: Building Youtube thumbnails

Screenshot YouTube Chrome Web Store Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Screenshot Youtube Features:

Screenshot YouTube is a specific feature for taking screenshots of YouTube videos. With just one click, you can grab a specific frame from a YouTube video, saving that part of the video as an image file. It’s simple, lightweight, and offered for free. 

Screenshot YouTube is a great tool for teams looking to pull images from video content and want to ensure they’re getting exactly the frame they need the first time. Unlike other Screenshot tools that require a race against the clock to get the screenshot taken at the perfect time, Screenshot YouTube gets it right immediately, cutting down on error and wasted productivity.​​

📌 Download Screenshot Youtube

6.‎ ClickUp — Tasks, screenshots, email & time 

Click Up advert — Screenshot Chrome extensions

Best for: Adding online content to tasks

ClickUp Chrome Web Store Rating: 

ClickUp Features: 

ClickUp is more than just a screenshotting tool — it’s an all-in-one task and document management solution for teams and businesses. But they’ve made this list because their Chrome extension has robust screenshotting features for capturing online content and adding it to your ClickUp documents, tasks and communications. 

The ClickUp Chrome extension only makes sense as a screenshotting tool if you use the tool’s other features — there’s no need to bog yourself down with their notepad or task manager if you’re using another platform. However, if you’re already a ClickUp user, the Chrome extension can eliminate the need for an extra tool in your tech stack and help you create more comprehensive documents and tasks. 

📌 Download ClickUp

7.‎ GoFullPage – Full page screen capture 

GoFullPage advert — Screenshot Chrome extensions

Best for: Capturing a full web page

GoFullPage Chrome Web Store Rating: 4.9/5 stars

GoFullPage Features: 

If you’ve ever tried to take a screenshot of a full website or page that is longer than your screen can view at once, you know how difficult it can be. You either need to stitch multiple images together or size down your window so small that it all fits without scrolling — neither is ideal. 

GoFullPage takes care of that problem by taking full-page screenshots of your current browser window. Once you start the screenshotting process, the extension captures each section of the page and adds it to a growing screenshot image in another tab. When you’re all done, you can download the screenshot as an image or PDF

📌 Download GoFullPage

8.‎ Askify — Screenshots & auto-notes

Askify Advert — Screenshot Chrome extensions

Best for: Note-taking

Askify Chrome Web Store Rating: 4.8/5 stars

Askify Features:

Askify is a screenshot app that makes saving images from videos, webinars or slides easy — but the tool goes one step further and adds the ability to create and add detailed notes into one document. Think of Askify more as a notetaking tool with a robust screenshot feature. 

Askify is a great tool for teams undergoing onboarding or training processes.

Team members can take notes when following along with video training materials that they can then refer back to or share with other team members.

The Askify Community also offers community notes to help get you started with templates or frequently asked questions, and you can even earn money by sharing your digital Askify notes. 

📌 Download Askify

9. L‎ightshot — Easy capture & edits

Lightshot Advert — Screenshot Chrome extensions

Best for: Standard cropping & edits

Lightshot Chrome Web Store Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Lightshot Features:

Lightshot is a lightweight screenshot Chrome extension that focuses on basic functions and features. Just choose the area of your browser, Windows or Mac screen that you want to screenshot, capture it and edit the image to your liking. You can then save the screenshot directly to your computer or to cloud storage. 

Where Lightshot stands out is in allowing users to search for similar screenshots. Find similar images based on something in your photo to discover what else is out there. You can also upload your screenshots to the Lightshot server and get a short link to the image immediately. 

📌 Download Lightshot

10‎. FireShot — Full page screenshots

Fireshot full page screenshots — Screenshot chrome extensions

Best for: Capturing & annotating full pages

FireShot Chrome Web Store Rating: 4.7/5 stars

FireShot Features: 

FireShot takes full webpage screenshots that you can edit, save, send, upload or print. In addition to capturing a full-page screenshot, you can annotate screenshot content to highlight important areas, point to sections that should be updated or changed or draw attention to the most important content. 

FireShot saves your screenshots locally on your PC so you don’t have to worry about privacy or security issues. FireShot will even work when you’re not connected to the internet. You can also capture screenshots of full web pages en masse in just one click with the “capture all open tabs” feature.  

📌 Download Fireshot

11‎. NinjaCapture — Quick & easy screenshots

Best for: Communication

NinjaCapture Chrome Web Store Rating: 4.5/5 stars

NinjaCapture Features:

NinjaCapture is a powerful tool to grab screenshots, annotate, and make notes. It’s intended for communication, and it facilitates so through easy screen capture and sharing.

NinjaCapture allows you to record webcam and screen in different formats according to your need. And the recordings and screenshots are saved to your preferred cloud storage instantly.

📌 Download NinjaCapture

12‎. Droplr — All-in-one screenshots

Best for: Simultaneous recordings & screenshots

Droplr Chrome Web Store Rating: 4/5 stars

Droplr features:

Droplr is an easy-to-use Chrome extension for screen capture and recording on Mac. It can capture part of your screen, a browser tab or the entire screen, or the full webpage and edit it. You no longer have to worry about how to crop a screenshot on Mac.

📌 Here’s a list of few more screenshot software for Mac to capture and share with ease

Droplr captures and saves screenshots online instantly for easy sharing. And it also comes with basic tools for text/graphic annotations.

📌 Download Droplr

13‎. Snippyly — Easy markup

Best for: Building webpages

Snippyly Chrome Web Store Rating: 5/5 stars

Snippyly features:

Snippyly is a visual collaboration tool with easy markup and annotation for collaborating on any webpage. It’s an ideal tool for visual feedback, bug reports and idea sketches. It saves all the screenshots online for easy access.

Snippyly has features like comment and audio chat for quick in-context communication. The team can see mouse movements and changes in real-time and huddle like in a meeting.

📌 Download Snippyly

14‎. Blipshot — Full-page capture

Best for: Single click full-page screenshots

Blipshot Chrome Web Store Rating: 4/5 stars

Blipshot extension does one thing: full-page screenshots. And it does it fast, (really fast) in one click.

It allows you to screenshot a full webpage (and not only the visible area) with a click. Then, you can drag and drop the screenshot to an open canvas or save it as an image.

Blipshot is the easiest extension to take full-page captures. And it saves the screenshot with the page name, date and time, and not just a cryptic name.

📌 Download Blipshot

15.‎ Usersnap — Collect feedback

Best for: Visual feedback & bugs

Usersnap Chrome Web Store Rating: 4.9/5

Usersnap features:

Usersnap is another Chrome extension to capture visual feedback and report bugs. It enables taking screenshots and annotations directly in the browser. It can help collect user feedback on any website, prototype or application.

Usersnap is a must-have tool for digital product teams. It’s built to communicate design and development feedback easily to the intended team.

📌 Download Usersnap

16‎. Pikaso — Screenshots of Tweets

Best for: Sharing Twitter screenshots

Pikaso Google Chrome Web Store Rating: 4.8/5

Pikaso features:

Pikaso is a Chrome browser extension with one simple task: to take clutter-free screenshots of tweets. It does so with one click. It gets you a clean snap of a tweet that you can post on Instagram, a website or any other platform.

Pikaso allows you to choose a design template that goes with your brand to automatically style each tweet. It also resizes the screenshots to fit different platforms.

📌 Download Pikaso

Screenshot extension FAQ

1. What is a screenshot Chrome extension? 

A screenshot Chrome extension is a tool that allows users to take screenshots of web pages within the Chrome browser.

2. How do I install a screenshot Chrome extension? 

To install a screenshot Chrome extension, open the Chrome Web Store and search for "screenshot" to find a variety of options. Click "Add to Chrome" on the extension you want to install, and it will be added to your browser.

3. How do I take a screenshot with a Chrome extension? 

The process for taking a screenshot with a Chrome extension may vary depending on the specific extension you are using. However, most extensions will have a button or icon that you can click to initiate the screenshot.

4. Can I edit or annotate screenshots taken with a Chrome extension? 

Many screenshot Chrome extensions include editing and annotation tools, so you can edit and annotate the screenshot after it's been taken.

5. How do I save a screenshot taken with a Chrome extension? 

The process for saving a screenshot taken with a Chrome extension may vary depending on the specific extension you are using. However, most extensions will automatically save the screenshot to your computer or allow you to save it to your preferred location.

Why you need a screenshot Chrome extension

Chrome extensions are great for customizing your online experience in ways that work for you. There are productivity extensions, social media extensions, security extensions, SEO extensions and more. Adding a screenshot tool to the mix makes it easier to save, store and share information right from your Chrome browser. 

If you’re frequently taking screenshots either for work or for your own personal knowledge storage, the right Chrome extension can help you save and mark up the information you need without the added headache or hassle. A Chrome extension can also make sharing and storing screenshots easier, so you can easily send them to coworkers, clients or friends. 

But all screenshot Chrome extensions aren’t created equal. While some streamline the basics of taking and saving a quick screengrab, others focus on things like sharing, storing and markups. The tool you choose will depend on your unique needs and goals. 

We’ll get into the best tools to consider in a second, but first here are a few key features to keep an eye out for: 

  1. Ease of use. There's no point in using a Chrome extension that doesn’t make your life easier. Choose a tool that gets the job done in an easy, intuitive way. This includes making it easy to take screenshots, but save and share them as well.
  2. Saving and storing options. Do you need a database to save the screenshots you take, or do you simply want to drag and drop them to another location (like a document, slides or instant messaging conversation)? Look for a Chrome extension that aligns with your storage needs (or lack thereof).
  3. Markup and documentation. Choose a Chrome extension that allows you to add the context you need to your screenshots right within the tool. These features might include the ability to circle or point to specific parts of your screenshot, or add captions or explanations that go alongside your image.
  4. Video or GIF options. When we think about screenshots, we usually just think about static images — but sometimes a video or GIF is really necessary. A tool that includes these functions (as well as the ability to take static image screenshots) can make it easier for you to save and store the right information.

Choosing the right screenshot Chrome extension for you 

Screenshot tools do more or less the same thing — but those extra features can really make a difference in team productivity. You just need to choose tool features that align with and support your goals. 

When choosing a screenshot Chrome extension, think about how you or your team will be using the tool. What do you need to accomplish? Where are you currently struggling? What does the end goal look like? 

For some teams, a no-frills way to take screenshots of web pages or videos is all that’s needed. But if you’re looking for a screenshot tool to help aid in educating, training or supporting your team, you might need something that provides additional context or features. 

Luckily, these Chrome extensions offer free versions or trials, so you can try out a few and see what works best for you. Chrome extensions are easy to install and remove, so play around with a few different tools to get familiar with the features and functions you need to be as productive as possible.

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