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MSP Templates: 6 MSP Documentation Templates for Your Business

Putting MSP documentation into practice, there are MSP templates to help you create a program brief and plan an outline for the business case.


Managed service providers (MSPs) often have engineers and technicians who manage and maintain various internal and external operations. They ensure internally and clients' systems run seamlessly and are the company's point of contact when problems arise.

But what if a key employee is unavailable or leaves your MSP with Information only they know? This happens! How do you avoid such a predicament? 

This is where MSP documentation templates come in.

This blog post will provide MSP templates and examples to help your MSP and teams. 

This article includes free MSP templates made with Scribe for:

What is an MSP?

A Managed service provider (MSP) is a business that helps its clients (other businesses) with their IT operations, infrastructure and end-user computing needs, from a remote location. These services may include network and infrastructure implementation, management, network security and monitoring, patch management and more.

MSPs often perform daily management and maintenance services, relieving their clients of worry about system downtimes or service disruptions. 

Some of the MSPs functions include:

  • Handling management/maintenance of IT infrastructure.
  • Providing technical support to staff.
  • Manage company user access accounts.
  • Adding cybersecurity software to company IT.
  • Handle company contract management.
  • Provide company compliance and risk management. 
  • Manage/provide payroll services.
  • And more.

Some MSPs specialize in specific IT segments, such as cloud data storage, while others focus on particular vertical markets, such as financial services, legal services, healthcare, etc. 

What is MSP documentation?

MSP documentation is creating and keeping written document records describing an MSP organization's internal and external processes. The MSP documents classify and streamline MSP operations, unify approaches, set up company operating standards and a framework for resolving clients' issues.

Benefits of MSP documentation

Creating MSP documentation can be a time and labor-intensive process, but it is a worthy investment in the long term in two ways.

  • Save your technicians/engineers hours spent trying to understand, recreate or invent particular processes for daily tasks. Instead, they'll search for the information they want from the organization's knowledge base and use it as a reference guide
  • Boost your customer service. To maintain your customer's loyalty, give them all relevant information, so they only contact your support team if there's a small issue. Provide comprehensive MSP documentation through knowledge base articles like how-tos, troubleshooting guides, FAQs, etc., to help them deal with basic repairs themselves. 

Categories of MSP documentation 

There are two categories of documentation — internal and external.  

Internal MSP documentation 

These are documents consumed by MSP staff and teams to perform their MSP roles and functions. A smooth-running MSP means providing better service to your clients. Internal MSP documentation gives all MSP team members a unified knowledge base and access to efficiently support your customers. 

 Examples of internal MSP documentation

  • MSA (master service agreement).
  • Internal SOPs.
  • Reference Guides.
  • Onboarding checklist and plans.
  • Passwords & Credentials.
  • Code of conduct.
  • Managed client assets and locations.

External MSP documentation 

External or customer-specific documentation are MSP documents that provide MSP customers with basic support and solutions that reduce their reliance on your technicians.

Examples of external MSP documentation include:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • SSL certificates and website information for clients.
  • Customer facing SOPs.
  • Instructional Materials (How-to Articles, Step-by-Step Guides, etc.).
  • Policies and procedures.
  • Client backup configurations.
  • Security and network overview.
  • Technical Support guides.
  • Old and existing projects.

What is an MSP documentation template?

An MSP document template is a blueprint for generating MSP documents, whether internal or external. The template defines and outlines what Information is to be included in the document and how this information is formatted in the output. 

MSP Document templates are self-contained archive files that provide references for creating a particular MSP document.

The template can have both static and dynamic content. Static MSP document content often includes the guiding text (and sometimes images) provided during template design. Dynamic content is Information that can be added or deleted about different topics and areas. The documentation template may also define formatting information for the output content.

6 Examples of MSP documentation templates to maintain

These MSP documentation templates give your internal and external paperwork a consistent and organized layout — making it easy to present information in a clear and professional manner.

These templates also save your team time by providing a starting point for the creation of the article, allowing users to focus on the content rather than the format. It's also a great way to make sure team members follow a standard format and structure, so that your readers understand and follow the outline provided.

Here are some MSP documentation templates that your org can use today.

Internal documentation
#1‎. App licensing, passwords, login credentials & details of internal infrastructure template 

Keep records of applications and services such as Active Directory, licenses of the line of business applications, email configurations, system backups, file sharing and collaboration tools. You can also include records of Internet/WAN and LAN/VLAN providers, wireless details and more.

In the same record, you can include passwords and login credentials required to manage the apps and services, their host assets and devices, and their vendors and support. See this Scribe Page that we created to show "How to change your password."

Also, include details on the internal hardware infrastructure, such as Internal IP addresses, server DNS settings, routers, switches and more. Here's an "App Licensing, Passwords, Login Credentials & Details of Internal Infrastructure" template to get you started.

#2. On‎boarding checklist & plans template 

This client onboarding checklist and planning template will streamline your client onboarding process and make sure you have everything you need in one place.

It covers everything from sending onboarding documents and client intake forms, to legal agreements, financial setup, communication channels, project management, and file sharing.

In the planning template, each section has a spot for step-by-step instructions and tasks to be completed, making it easy for you to stay organized and on track. This way, you can ensure that all aspects of onboarding are covered and that nothing is left to chance.

For more, see: Customer Onboarding Guide: Process, Methods & Examples

#3. St‎andard operating procedure (SOP) template 

Say goodbye to disorganized procedures and hello to streamlined, easy-to-follow SOPs with this comprehensive template.

This SOP template is designed to help streamline and organize your company's procedures. Make it easier for all stakeholders to understand any procedure, leaving nothing to chance. You'll help increase efficiency, consistency and compliance within your organization.

Learn more about how to build an SOP template, or visit our SOP examples article with a larger process doc made up of smaller SOPs, made with Scribe Pages.

External documentation
#1. MSP customer documentation & instructional materials

MSP customer documentation is instructional materials you provide to clients to help them understand your tech processes and network layout, troubleshoot issues, resolve problems and more. These instructional documents increase customer satisfaction levels and minimize support requests.

Typical MSP customer documentation information includes:

  • Service guides, manuals and instructions.
  • Informative articles (e.g., Security measures Information, scripts, Network map, overviews, etc.).
  • How-to articles.
  • Troubleshooting articles.
  • Customer support, onboarding flow and support contact details.
  • Support FAQs.

Read more about MSPs here: The 10 Best MSP Documentation Software in 2023

In‎formational article template

An informational article is a type of document that provides detailed information about a specific topic or process.

It's typically used to educate or inform the reader about a particular subject. An informational article typically includes a clear introduction, a body section that includes all the necessary information, and a conclusion.

Here's an informational article template to get you started.

Ho‎w-to articles template 

This template is for creating a "how-to" article that guides readers through a specific task or function, it includes sections for title, introduction, task, prerequisites, how to instructions, outcome, conclusion, and further reading.

Overall, this how-to article template helps to create clear and easy-to-follow articles that help readers understand and complete specific tasks or functions.

To learn more, see this Scribe: How to create step-by-step guides with Scribe

#2. Client network documentation template

Client networks are often complicated, requiring a record of everything for easier troubleshooting and identification of network assets. A network documentation should have:

  • A network map: Use a mapping software to draw diagrams of the entire network layout, showing how and where everything connects. Also, label all things using logical identifiers such as IP addresses and PC names.
  • A Complete inventory: A detailed record of all client hardware and software assets within the network, this includes serial numbers, technical specifications, vendor details, end-of-life (EOL) dates and more.
  • Security practices: A record of all the security measures and assets within the client's network, and the practices technicians and end users should maintain to protect the system.

Here is a network Scribe: Setup Office 365 backup from the web portal.

#3. Cu‎stomer tickets & resolution template 

Never fall down on your customer ticket and resolution documentation. It's an important way to quickly solve a customer issue. One simple Wi-Fi router fix might be connected to a larger problem a customer shortly experience if not fixed. 

Use an automated ticket creation system and resolution that documents all customer interactions and your team to easily type in the resolution notes and create a knowledge base.

This customer tickets and resolution template is for managing customer support tickets and resolving issues. It includes several sections to help organize the process and ensure that customers receive prompt and efficient service

Here's a customer ticket and resolution email script for acknowledging a ticket reception.

Hi [NAME],

Thank you for reaching out to [company]. This is to inform you that we received your message and have already started working on resolving your issue [Ticket ID: (Number) dated (Date)].

Please let us know any other further questions or concerns you may have. We are available round-the-clock and happy to help. 

Thanks for being part of us and being a loyal [COMPANY] customer.

Take care,


Customer service team

Start making your own MSP documentation templates

There's much more to MSP documentation than contracts, SOPs or troubleshooting guides. An MSP documentation is a key element defining the company and offers value. Implementing MSP documentation templates can initially be overwhelming but has long-term investment benefits. 

Tools like Scribe making it easier than ever. Use the extension or desktop app to record step-by-step guides in seconds, then, you can combine those guides with video, images and more to make your own templates using Scribe Pages.

These MSP documentation templates are only meant to get you started. Use Scribe to create your MSP documents with ease. Turn on the Scribe extension, and Scribe documents your online process document into a beautiful, easy-to-follow step-by-step guide with text and screenshots. Try it now here for free.

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