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Full-page screen capture to create visual guides
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Go Beyond Full Page Screen Capture with Scribe

Take full-page screenshots to create visual step-by-step guides in seconds.

Scribe is a browser extension and desktop app that lets you scroll and capture a full-size screenshot guide with text, links and annotations.

Full Page Screen Capture Guide Generated with Scribe

Do more than take a screenshot. Capture your whole page to build powerful visual documentation.

Why Use Scribe for Your Full Page Screen Capture?

This full-page screen capture tool is the best way to document processes on any web page or application.

Here's why millions of teams are choosing Scribe on Google Chrome or Edge as their favorite screenshot tool.

1. Capture Full-Page Screenshots and More

Unlike other Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions like GoFullPage, Scribe does more than take screenshots of a web app.

Scribe follows your workflow as you scroll the page, select, and right-click, to generate a visual guide of any process.

Each guide automatically includes:

  • AI-generated titles and text.
  • Clickable links to every web page you select.
  • Full size screenshots with annotations.

AI-generated text and screenshot with annotations

‎2. Customize with templates and AI

This versatile screenshot tool includes several ways to edit or annotate your guides based on your needs.

customize your full-page screen capture in several ways
Customize your screen capture guide with the edit tools

There are two different ways to do this with Scribe:

1. The Edge and Google Chrome extension
2. The desktop full-page screenshot app

Let's dig into both.

Edge and Google Chrome Extension

This free browser extension captures processes on any web app.

Just open the web page you want to capture and turn on the extension. Once you're done, take advantage of these build-in functions:

  • Add text and generate descriptions with AI.
  • Merge screenshots to create moving GIFs.
  • Combine guides and add video, images and more with Scribe Pages.

Scribe Pages lets you combine your how-to guides with the power of AI to instantly create personalized process documentation, including:

... and so much more. Check out our template gallery for 100+ free step-by-step guide templates you can use today.

Scribe's template gallery has 100+ free templates

‎Desktop full-page screenshot app

This advanced screen recording function and editing tool offers everything in the Chrome extension and more.

Pro and Teams Pro users get to download Scribe directly to their device toolbar. This lets them:

  • Take screenshots of a whole page.
  • Capture processes on build-in tools.
  • Take a screenshot across third-party apps.
  • Switch windows and even screens.

After you've captured a guide in full-screen mode, there are so many more ways to edit or annotate, including:

  • Adding highlights, icons and annotations to screenshots.
  • Redacting private data with Smart Blur.
  • Adding your company colors and logos.
  • Resizing a full page screenshot.

Here's how it works.

Getting Started with Scribe's Full Page Screen Capture

Capture full page screenshots on the whole page

Step 1: Start the Screen Capture

Sign up for Scribe and get the Chrome extension or desktop application.

Scribe extension to start the Full Page Screen Capture
Download the application or Chrome extension

Log in and click "Start Capture." Then go through your process as usual.

Click Start Capture to capture your process - Full Page Screen Capture
Click "Start Capture," in the upper toolbar

The app or Chrome extension will follow along as you:

  • Scroll the page.
  • Select any element and drag the cursor.
  • Add text or any combination of key strokes.

Step 2: Stop the Screen Capture

Click "Stop Capture," in the menu bar.

Click Stop Capture to generate your guide - Full Page Screen Capture

‎ Scribe will automatically save step-by-step guide, complete with text and annotated screenshots.

Step 3: Review and Make Updates

Personalize any element with our editing functions. Use the side button to:

  • Add or duplicate a full screenshot.
  • Merge regular screenshots to crate GIFs.
  • Insert tips, alerts or a table of contents.

Click the save button or share with teammates to collaborate.

Edit yourFull Page Screen Capture with Scribe

With Pro Teams, you can use Scribe's collaborative tools to let teammates:

  • Make their own screen recording.
  • Use the edit tools.
  • Download full-page screenshots as a PNG file.
  • Add comments and request updates.

Step 4: Share With Your Team 

There are several easy ways to share a Scribe with teammates, including:

  • Having them log in and access guides through the team workspace.
  • Creating a shareable link.
  • Embedding in a third-party app or knowledge base software.
  • Exporting to HTML, PDF or Markdown (Pro and Pro Teams)

Share your Scribe with one click - Full Page Screen Capture
Share your full-page screen capture

All team members with login credentials can open the reader view on Scribe Sidekick, which immediately gives them access to any guide for the web page open on Edge or Google Chrome.

Use Scribe Sidekick to share guides with teammates
Scribe Sidekick's reader view offers is an easy way to access guides for any web page

This way users can scroll screenshot guides to find and automatically save a guide for any process.

Full-Page Screen Capture FAQs

What is the shortcut for capturing a full page?

To capture a full page screenshot, you can use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + P on Windows or Command + Shift + P on Mac.

This shortcut allows you to take a screenshot of the entire webpage, capturing everything from top to bottom.

How do I enable full screen screenshots?

To enable full screen screenshots, follow these steps:

  1. On Windows, press the PrtScn (Print Screen) button on your keyboard. This will capture the entire screen and save it to your clipboard.
  2. Open a program that allows you to insert images, such as Paint, Microsoft Word, or PowerPoint.
  3. Paste the screenshot by pressing Ctrl-V. The full screen screenshot will be inserted into the program.
  4. Save the screenshot to your desired location by clicking on the "Save" or "Save As" option in the program's menu.

Or use Scribe to capture full page screenshots and more.

Can I download screenshots in a Scribe?

Yes! After using the screen recording function in the Chrome extension or desktop application, you can easily grab a screenshot to save to your desktop.

Click "Edit" in the top right corner of your Scribe. Then, scroll to the screenshot you want to save.

Right-click to save the image. It will give you the option to save only the visible part or full size screenshot.

Is Scribe a secure way to capture images?

Scribe prioritizes data security. We use the OpenAI LLM APIs, which have a strict set of limitations on how data can be used.

We do not allow OpenAI to use your data to train our or their models. All data is discarded after 30 days, so it is processed but not stored by OpenAI and is only used for purposes of service provision.

Finally, OpenAI has a signed data protection agreement with Scribe that binds the vendor to the same or more rigorous security controls that Scribe implements (e.g., data encryption, backups and retention measures, etc.).

Learn more about what you can do with Scribe:

Looking for free templates and examples to get you started? We've got you covered!

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With this developer tool, full page screen captures are quick and easy — and more useful than ever.

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